Gaddafi finished fire, the coalition continues to bombard

Gaddafi ceased fire, the coalition continues to bomb
International coalition forces caused by new attacks Tripoli. In command of the claim that the target of the attack were the objects of air defense. Meanwhile, the Libyan official media report that civilian facilities were affected. Killed more than 60 people. The other day, Libya claimed the immediate convening of the UN Security Council to discuss the Western anger. According to Gaddafi, Libya feels entitled to use for their self-defense military aviation.
The second night of the operation "Odyssey" has brought new air strikes and for the first time — on urban targets in Tripoli. Although the Pentagon has made clear that the residence Gaddafi is not in the list of objectives, one of the missiles hit the building within the palace complex of colonel. Argued that it was military object.
Libyan anti-aircraft guns that fired through the night sky over the capital, failed to thwart the coalition. Reports of a cloud of smoke rising in the home of Colonel Gaddafi confirmed when journalists accredited in Tripoli, woke up before dawn and took the place of an air strike.
"It's an office building, in which people were working, — said the representative of the Libyan authorities, Ibrahim Musa. — He was killed two hours back. As you can see for yourself and be able to capture on camera, civilian family, ladies and kids are there to protect object. The rocket exploded 50 meters away from them. "
Gaddafi's supporters who gathered near the ruins really do not refute that came to perform the function of a human shield, and say they are doing so of their own free will. True, the administration acknowledged that the victims in the middle of a civilian population is now not there. Although the death toll updated: yesterday it was 48, now — 64.
The Pentagon claims that the victim is only the middle of Gaddafi's military. To establish their precise number at this point is unrealistic. The first step of the operation "Odyssey" in the South American military command acknowledged success.
"We have been no new Libyan aircraft flights, air defense facilities and idle, — said the representative of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces of the United States, Vice Admiral Bill Gortney. — In general, left a significant drop of Libyan radar. Currently they are acting solely in Tripoli Sirte. So we can not rule out if it will be necessary, the application of new missile strikes on Libya. "
Also, the Pentagon said that would be destroyed by any military purpose, approaching the rebel positions, it came out with a column of armored vehicles at Benghazi.
Gaddafi ceased fire, the coalition continues to bomb

Meanwhile, the Libyan war command recently announced a brand new evening ceasefire (already the second in two days). First appointed on Saturday, was broken after a few hours of shelling Benghazi. The other day on countless testimonies of witnesses, the troops Gaddafi continued to storm the city of Misurata. Reciprocal ceasefire by the Western powers did not follow.
In Washington said: we will judge Gaddafi by deeds and not by words. It has joined an international coalition of 10 states. For the initial 5 — USA, Canada, England, France and Italy — added Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Spain and Qatar. Command of the operation as before producing South American generals, but in recent years should be formed coalition command structures. Management of NATO's "Odyssey" has no direct relationship.

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