Gaddafi found in the desert, but not in a hurry to arrest

Gaddafi found in the desert, but not in a hurry to arrest

The transition state council Fictions is a good method to find Muammar Gaddafi. In general, creates a feeling that the revolutionaries are in reality very willing to make it harder for yourself by solving puzzles capturing the elusive colonel.

Transition council was incriminated individual tribes that those harboring Gaddafi at home. That is nothing to do but start by looking. The Tuareg have distinguished greater zeal.

It turned out that all of the latest search engine separately taken person just nothing compared with the primitive tribal ways surveillance. Do not believe it, but paid specialists just jump on the Tuareg tribe.

In any case, the representatives of the Transitional National Council, they said that they knew where Gaddafi is hiding. No, not at them. Although it is in this new Tuareg accused the Libyan authorities. It turned out that elusive Colonel entrenched in the desert in the south-west of the country.

In all this is a mystery that still today prevent the revolutionaries or their winged assistants of NATO as soon as possible twist Gaddafi and give him under an international tribunal. If Tuareg fooled, they are also publicly accused of heresy. But revolutionaries are silent. In other words, the data is correct. Silent and NATO.

It is not hard to imagine that they themselves have long known where exactly lies Gaddafi. But it was not arrested. Maybe the new authorities in Tripoli on the advice of the West is not specifically touch Gaddafi. But they are trying to calm the situation in the country. After all, the arrest they colonel in Libya inevitably would have started the second wave of civilian war, in which the tribes hitherto sympathetic Gaddafi, will avenge the revolutionaries. Massacre definitely will strshnoy.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the transition state council Libya find a way to get ahead of the entire planet. Libyan rebels first to recognize the Syrian opposition to legitimate authority. After that, it was decided to close the Syrian Embassy in Tripoli. Apparently, one hundred percent of the destroyed civilian war-torn country in the new Libyan authorities have more important problems than finding an answer to the question: who do they reach out to the far Damascus?

Of course, the solution of internal problems (and there are unlimited, from the arrival of the population lack food and ending all pharmaceuticals wounded in crowded local clinics) Libyans are going to pass on to the shoulders of the EU. Yesterday it became clear that the EU office in Tripoli in recent times will be converted into the present embassy.

The bureaucrats in the EU does not hide the fact that fully satisfied with the developments in Libya, and confirm "their commitment to support the emergence of the modern, measured, prosperous, sovereign and democratic country." This, as it is said in the resolution adopted on Mon Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Council of the European Union. Indeed, as not to be satisfied with the fact that one of the most energy-rich government lost its sovereignty and practically ran across the full control of euros of business?

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