Gaddafi Jr. as a compromise figure for modern Libya

Gaddafi Jr. as a compromise figure for new LibyaThe colonel was killed — long live the Colonel Specifically because, to paraphrase the well-known expression, it is possible to describe a situation that is brewing or already had time to mature in the current Libya. Plainclothes war between those who overthrew Muammar Gaddafi, and those who stood behind their own favorite to the last, gaining momentum, that is, in principle, it was predicted earlier.
First severe blow to the new Libyan authorities, which, of course, can not keep the situation under control in the country, was struck in the town of Bani Walid last week. The city, located in the north-west of the country, was captured by the people who opened fire on the forces PNC not only of small guns, and the guns of the type of languid. To somehow mitigate the situation, favorites PNS rushed to declare that Bani Walid was attacked by supporters of slain was not the colonel, and some members of the local tribe varfalla who are not going to return city greenish under the banner of the Jamahiriya. But after a while it turned out that the representatives of the Libyan authorities to radically wrong. Yes — city really was in the hands of the people of the tribe varfalla, but on the streets of Bani Walid's all the same there were the same flags greenish color, which feared the PNS. Not enough of the French and Israeli correspondents have documented how the people who were able to knock out so called government troops of Bani Walid, wrote on the walls of city buildings phrase that was listed as a classic for the reign of Gaddafi, "God, Muammar, Libya and all!"

After representatives of the Transitional National Council tried to click on the elders from the same tribe varfalla, the last declared that from now cease all contact with people who plunder their land and plunge the country into chaos. It was even announced that the town of Bani Walid and Sirte which, Incidentally, all the longer resisted PNS now forms the own government. After the "close contact" with the elders varfally, Mubarak al-Fatami, which is the head of the city council of the new Libyan authorities had to declare that Bani Walid is really in the hands of Gaddafi, and that as long as knock them from their own position does not seem likely.

Meanwhile, apart from the PNS and supporters of ousted and killed Gaddafi to intervene in the situation in a hurry and the third force. This force is the title of a specific Islamism represented by representatives of various groups trying to build on district government of Libya, it is devoid of the secular status. On the coming summer in Libya scheduled elections for a new parliament and the adoption of the latest Libyan constitution. But in order to proceed to the use of democratic instruments, we need at least some stability. In Libya, it does not smell. Each city for the near future turned into a citadel of forces of the occupants and are not willing to listen to reasons of their own neighbors. In such a situation forces the Libyan scenario will probably far more worse than even the Egyptian script. Recall that in Egypt, in the end not so long ago held parliamentary elections landslide victory was celebrated by the Islamists, and the situation on the streets of Cairo began to boil again. There are reports that the involvement of the attack with a fatal ending for foreign tourists. But in Egypt, speaking of the people's anger, referred to in the main only to the capital. In Libya a red hot to the max almost every city. Pretty little sparks fly situation broke a stunning pillar of flame.

Despite the fact that the NTC say that about any revenge Gaddafi should not be read, the tendency to seize the city fully could spill over all Libya. After the capture of Bani Walid situation and heated up to a maximum in Tripoli. Within a few days do not stop fighting in the Libyan capital sectors such as Islami, Al-sions Haddaba and Sidi al-Msiri. Entire blocks are painted in green color.

In Ben Dowd, on the testimony of witnesses, the fighting broke out between supporters did not mind the Jamahiriya and the new government forces, and between the individual battalions of troops PNS. This led to the fact that they were urgently closed local schools, stopped working outlets. The peaceful inhabitants do not understand what they do in such a situation, because the representatives of the new name which the authorities have begun to open the case to find out among themselves. This is explained by the fact that now a part of the so-called rebels being intensively introduced Islamic militants, who will do everything to prevent today's management PNS remain in power.

But, in all probability, many of today's Libyan administration and burning desire to lead the country, consumed by internal contradictions. Voluntarily left the post of mayor of your own town of Benghazi, resigned and the vice-president of PNC Abdel Hafiz Goga, who explained to his decision aimed at supporting the will of the people. In other words, the leaders of the revolution understand that fierce gin, which they let out of the bottle now do everything to wreak great havoc in the country. In fact, they themselves acknowledge our own weakness.

But if the weakness of the favorites of the PNS yavna as course and the reluctance of the Libyan people get as a new power design Islamists, who can become the favorite of a compromise Libya? How paradoxically, but such a person would have to be completely dead son of Colonel — Seif al-Islam. After the Hague court almost ordered a new Libyan (of course, temporary) power to the younger Gaddafi was judged not in Libya, it can be concluded that this figure may be completely very important to draw a large Libyan party.

If we analyze the situation in which the younger Gadhafi would be worth to consider as a possible new favorite Libya, it does not look like this is really unacceptable. In 1-x, Seif al-Islam is seen by many tribal elders direct heir of Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed pained death, in-2, Gaddafi Jr. may be those who will stop the expansion of constructive Islam in North Africa, in the third, Seif Al-Islam can fully satisfy the West, if you accept its terms. But there is one significant "but." To Gaddafi Jr. became the head of Libya, the West would force him to confess much for the "crime" of his father. So Makar, the West led by the United States will be able to claim that their own democratization have gained the main goal — an appeal to democratic standards, even those who are a member of the family of Muammar Gaddafi. And if so, then let him, he says, fixes bugs Gaddafi senior. Likely to accept offers of the West itself, Seif al-Islam — the question. If you accept, you can imagine that the Libyan people will be willing to accept a new favorite just meekly, as imposed from the outside and took a revolution against his father. The fact that Libyans are willing to at least what changes regarding mandatory structures, the world has seen. Since the emergence of the "new" at the head of the Libyan Gaddafi country should not reject, if, of course, thirst is not a redistribution of power will lead Libya in the final impasse.

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