Gaddafi: NATO wiped out the quarter of Bab al-Azizia in Tripoli

Gaddafi: NATO wiped out the quarter of Bab al-Azizia in TripoliQuarter of Bab ale-Aziz Tripoli no longer exists. He wiped out 64 NATO air strikes. This was stated by Colonel Muammar now Gaddafi, Speaking on a local radio station.

The sudden disappearance of his supporters from the Bab ale-Aziziyah he called "tactical move." "In the fight against the aggressors can only be death or victory," — he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Transitional Council of State, three day or fighting for Tripoli died more 400 people above the 2-thousand injured. Meanwhile, according to other sources, the number of deaths as a result of NATO bombing and fighting in the capital were more thousands of people, according to ITAR-TASS.

The main governing body of the Libyan rebels transitional national council (NTC) will move from Benghazi Tripoli for 2-days. This was stated today representative of the command of the armed opposition, Ahmed Bani.

On Tuesday, the rebel forces broke through the defenses fortified residence of Muammar Gaddafi Bab al-Azizia and went to her area. The revolutionaries have taken control of Libyan house and raised over him a red, black and green flag of the revolution.

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