Gaddafi rebels overpowered

Gaddafi rebels winTroops loyal to Gaddafi, complete the operation to restore "constitutional order" in the country. The scion of Muammar Gaddafi announced that within 48 hours of the government troops will return control of the city of Benghazi — the last major stronghold of the opposition.

After that the separatists would have to run in Egypt, Gaddafi called the rebels lay down their weapon, promising amnesty. Separatists call for the West to intervene immediately.

The final victory of the Libyan colonel makes a few problems.

— First: a substantial number of states have broken with Gaddafi business, and some even hastily recognized the separatists "legitimate government" obviously overestimated the rebel forces, which were only capable of shooting in the air and pose for the cameras. For example, President Sarkozy of France first recognized the legitimate government of the separatists, and even called to fight Gaddafi.

In response, Gaddafi called him a fool, and his son said that Libya funded Sarkozy's election campaign, promising more details on the financing of "clown" — so he called the president of France. "Let Sarkozy initially give the money he took from Libya to finance his own campaign, are we funded his campaign. We all have a confirmation and we are ready to provide them. First, that we demand of this clown — let refund the Libyan people. We assist him, so he helped the Libyan people. He disappointed us, so let him give our money. We all have a confirmation — bank accounts, documents for bank transfers. All this we will announce soon, "- said Saif al-Islam.

Colonel spends enough information campaign, putting infoudary western enemies, the former countries "partners". So, he has torn the requirements of Western states to abdicate, calling favorites France, England and the United States by the "leave their post to give real freedom of their people." In addition, the proposed China, India and the Russian Federation to take the place of Western companies, which will now be expelled from Libya.

The Western media apparently zalgalis during the "dust-Libyan" — in messages from the field said that the government army in the occupied towns crowd of local residents welcome the return of legitimate power and greenish waving flags that reads the passivity of most of the population, they are for the firm power in the country, rather than a full-scale war on civilian clothes.

— 2nd hitch — Gaddafi is legitimized by the return of full power over Libya. U.S., EU, Arab League countries broke with the Libyan case. Here are probable options — you can become a state "outcast" (North Korea lives and not depressed, the good, and the resources available). Well, part of him will maintain these or other matters. Gaddafi may transfer power offspring, and he will go into honorable retirement — age already.

— 3rd hitch: The West can still dare to intervene militarily.

— Fourth hitch, it is, rather, the problem of the Russian Federation: How to explain such misbehavior and return the position in the field of military-technical and economic cooperation.

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