Gaddafi started using Russian tactical missiles

Gaddafi began using Soviet tactical missilesTroops loyal to the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, for the first time during the civilian war with the rebels fired on the enemy ballistic missile R-17 Russian development. This was said by the U.S. Defense Department. Rocket deviated from the target by almost 80 km and landed in the desert.

P-17 meant the town of Brega, second naikrupneyshemu oil-exporting port of Libya, which at the moment are kept under the control of the rebels. As they say the U.S. Armed Forces, August 16 Tracking System 1st American warships recorded launch missiles from Sirte. But for unknown reasons, deviated from the line of projectile motion and fell in 80 km from the target in the desert. The explosion no one was hurt.

"Tactical Missile Systems, working with P-17, Libya has bought from Russian Union. This technique is very outdated, and its accuracy is not high — said "MN" the director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade Igor Korotchenko tool. — But a severe deviation in the line of movement is usually associated with an error crews. "

Prior to the war, civilian aircraft at the disposal of the Libyan Jamahiriya, there were about 200 pieces of ordnance P-17 and 45 tactical missile launchers "Moon". After Libyan rebels supported by NATO air captured the eastern part of the country, Gaddafi's forces have lost a large part of the military warehouses. Of course, in the district of Tripoli, the head of the citadel dictator — there were warehouses with tactical missiles that policy has now started to use it.

According to the views of a professional start-missile forces Gaddafi proves that, despite the territorial gains rebels priklnnye military dictator could keep the main operational and tactical systems. "It would be possible severe miscalculation for the forces fighting Gaddafi"- Said Korochenko.

Start P-17 by rebel forces can clarify nedavneshnimi successes of Gaddafi's enemies. Last week they announced the capture of Gharyan, Sorman and Tigi. If this is indeed so, means Gaddafi lost major routes linking Tripoli with Sabha, a major transportation hub of Libya, and Zaviey, the only priklnnym his city, where oil is produced.

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