Gaddafi was late with the creation of the modern Air Force and Air Defense

After the first days of the war of the West against Libya, it can be concluded that Tripoli has not had time to do a modern air defense system and modernize the air force.

This has made the country virtually defenseless against air strikes and cruise missile strikes class "ship-to-surface". Air Force and Navy Western coalition virtually unchecked strikes at the whole infrastructure of the armed forces Libya — Air Force, Army, Navy.

Since the 1980s, the armed forces of Libya degraded, are obsolete weapons and bad logistics services. Aviation Air Force Libya, as well as air defense systems, hopelessly outdated and can not even marginally confront the fighters of the coalition forces.

Gaddafi was late with the creation of the modern Air Force and Air Defense

Since March 20, Admiral Mike Mullen (Mike Mullen) in an interview to CNN said that after the coordinated attacks allied ships and planes fly zone over Libya "is actually in force," and more recently the coalition forces begin to "limit the logistics" (supply chain) of ground forces Gaddafi with the continuation of strikes to destroy the air defenses Libya. Mullen also said that at the current time, Libyan Air Force are held firmly on the ground. "Over the last 2-days Gaddafi could not take off the ground no plane," — said the admiral. He estimated that the first blows of destruction of the Libyan air defense and air force were "very effective."

And after all Gaddafi not had a little — Libya first in the world was going to sign a contract for the purchase of Russian Su-35, Su-30MK also. Libya's air defenses for Teran was going to buy several battalions of air defense missile systems S-distant acts 300PMU-2 and up to 20 short-range air defense system "Tor-M1". Only these weapons, with no other aircraft (Yak-130) and air defense systems ("Buk-M1-2"), would provide more reliable protection of areas of Libya. In this case, the heavy losses of the coalition could be imminent. It is possible that in the long term "unacceptable" losses from military operations in general would have to turn away at the stage of diplomacy.

At the same time, the Western countries for the period from the date of lifting the embargo until early 2011, Libya supplied weapons systems that are not essential for the defense of the country. This is partly explained by the fact that the sun Libya very selective approach to the procurement of arms and "caution" began to modernize with "minor" weapons systems. It ruined them.

Naturally, only the presence of modern air defense and air force Libya would not help out, we need more qualified staff. But Gaddafi did not suffer a lack of funds could hire military experts in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. As Georgia, which used the 2008 mercenaries from Ukraine. Then the Westerners would just blitzkrieg failed.

The only thing able to Gaddafi until the ground operation began, and it may not begin — to respond asymmetrically — sabotage on civilian sites in Europe.

Findings from the initial step of the operation "Odyssey. Dawn "for Russia

Army, even with a huge number of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, can not survive without a reliable air force and air defense systems, missile defense.

In view of the fighting in Libya, to do even more emphasis within the SAP for 2011-2020. for the purchase of Russian army advanced air defense systems, missile defense, the modernization of the Air Force, the purchase of new aircraft and launch a series of fighter 5 th generation.

The war in Libya is a good reason to maintain the country's strong air defense systems, missile defense, aerospace defense. In addition, other countries got a nice lesson in the importance of the sovereignty of modern air defense and air force.

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