Gaddafi was left without a missile defense

Gaddafi was left without a missile defenseNow the third day the European Union and the U.S. operations in Libya. NIGHT MODE that coalition forces fired on Tripoli. According to the command, to have been the objects of air defense. But the agency France-Presse, one hundred percent destroyed one of the buildings residence of Muammar Gaddafi. Libyan official media report that are hit civilian targets in Tripoli, Benghazi and Zuwarah, and also storage facilities in Misrata. Killed more than 60 people.
This dawn — the second in the "Odyssey" — the inhabitants of Tripoli met again the crash of air strikes. Intense shelling of the Libyan capital by coalition forces lasted for several hours. Massive explosions followed one another. Above the seat of Gaddafi's rise up clouds of black smoke. France-Presse reported, one hundred percent of the buildings destroyed, it is placed just 50 meters from the very tent where Colonel loved to take their own guests.
The South American command here stated that the U.S. Air Force to this air strike is not implicated.
"I can guarantee that the list of targets it (Gaddafi) No. We could have hurt his case if he went to check the rocket launchers, but strikes at his residence, we were not going to be applied, "- said vice-admiral, Chief of Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces of the United States William Gortney.
At a specially convened press briefing by Vice Admiral also said that in the general difficulty of targets in Libya were fired 124 missiles "Tomahawk" podymali in the air and combat aircraft. Losses from fire Libyan air defense system was not. By order of the Gaddafi government — to finish fire on all fronts — South American command is very skeptical and did not want to admit it.
"I have cast doubt any words Gaddafi ceasefire since that time, as he once declared a truce and immediately moved his forces to Benghazi," — said William Gortney.
Available Gaddafi are about three thousand armored vehicles, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles — a little more than 2-thousand artillery pieces, small and outdated facilities at the main air defense, the two most likely not active submarines, three warships and a half 10 Single patrol boats and nearly 400 combat aircraft. Much of it was destroyed in a few weeks, civilian war, and that this captured the rebels — is unclear.
Coalition sent to the banks Libya more than 10-ka submarines. In the skies over the Mediterranean fly, "Mirages", "Rafa", "Typhoon", "Tornado" and F-16. Total military targets in Libya have already released over 120 missiles "Tomahawk". According to the estimates of U.S. media for the first few hours of the military operation allies izderzhali on "Tomahawk" about 75 million dollars. Military in one voice assured: the Gaddafi regime was left without a missile defense and air support. At the moment, the coalition fundamentally reject any sample supply weapons to Libya and to arrange a naval blockade. Then Gaddafi will not be able to use their warships against the coastal cities under rebel control.
According to the municipal television Libya, victims of coalition air strikes were more than 60 people. At the funeral in Tripoli came thousands of people. They are all supporters of Gaddafi.
"Whole Libyan people willing to die for their own favorite. At the moment, Muammar Gaddafi for the West as a reddish rag. But neither the United States nor France nor England did not get it. Our favorite is with us, he lives in each of our house, "- says the supporter Gaddafi.
Meanwhile in Benghazi — the main stronghold of the rebels — are fights. Every now and then heard the firing of rifles, there was an explosion. Around the town there are tanks.
Member of the opposition told: "They surrounded us in the sunset, all who were in school and in college. At night they started firing. They were shooting and we were shooting."
At the moment, the Libyan operation is headed by Africa Command of the armed forces of the United States. But starring States is unwilling. Washington does not need lishnii analogy. March 19 — a day early not only Libya, and Iraq campaign. According to the Pentagon chief, recently control of the operation take over England and France or NATO.

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