Gaddafi — who he is: a terrorist or a victim?

Gaddafi - who he is: a terrorist or a victim?Figure Libyan Muammar favorite Gaddafi in the last three months has been on the lanes leading newspapers around the world. People all the planet virtually divided into two camps: the first support President Libya, a second call it almost the main messenger of the devil, and terrorist in the world. And even despite the fact that since the beginning of military operations in Libya has been a long time, people did not come to the same views.

For the beginning of the reason for the war. It is quite obvious — the overthrow of the Western democracies (NATO), the dictatorial regime Gaddafi. According to the views of the United States and other NATO countries, the Libyan president — a despot who kills all its own opposition, tortures of peaceful inhabitants, and so on. He poses a danger not only for its own residents, but also for other sovereign countries. In other words, blame him for all the deadly sins. It's hard to judge who is right and who povinet. In Libya, there are specific opponents of Gaddafi, and there are those who have little lust to get up the mountain today for your own favorite. Vpribavok must be stressed that the country was already plain clothes war between government forces and the opposition, who yearned to seize power in Libya. And NATO troops are unwelcome in the fields of battle.

In this war, which came to a standstill (and by the aggressor countries), there will be the right and responsible. Our homeland and China condemned the intervention NATO in the sovereign affairs of a third country, but to help the Libyan favorite, obviously not in a hurry. Switzerland and just decided to freeze bank deposits Libya. Very debatable whether it was made by a legitimate? Other countries are also limited to statements.

Now there is more the brakes on the figure of Gaddafi, so contradictory man. Nothing could better describe the head man in the country, than, in fact, the situation in this country: the financial, cultural and social. Many zabugornye media voiced a number of articles in which faithfully describes all the positive aspects of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

Refers to the fact that the country has very highest GDP per capita, slightly nedotyagivaet to the level of fifteen thousand dollars. The country has the highest wages and low taxes. Moreover, the intensity of the development of various financial aid system population. Since ¸ for example, to open their own business the government allocates funds severe. At this point, the standard of living in Libya's supreme among all African states.

All these numbers are right they say that the regime of dictatorship and despotism of a priori could not give such results. As well as any of the 1st dictator can not support the countless army of people gathering in the main square of the capital, where over the sky dive bombers.

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