Germany and Poland have condemned the violence in Minsk

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and Poland's Radoslaw Sikorski and issued a joint statement condemning the crackdown demonstration in Minsk and detention of presidential candidates.

"We strongly condemn the acts of violence that went after presidential election in Belarus, and in particular the beating and detention of several opposition leaders, including in including and Presidential candidates"- Said in a ministerial statement posted on the Foreign Ministry website of Poland.

Law enforcement authorities in Minsk, according to the Foreign Ministers of the European states, "ignored in a democracy citizens' rights to free expression and assembly." Sikorski and Westerwelle called "Belarusian authorities to immediately release all prisoners and begin a dialogue with the opposition."

Ministers recalled that when visiting Minsk in November, they called on the Belarusian authorities to hold elections in accordance with international standards.

"With regret, that the results of the election assessment OSCE election did not become more free and fair. This means regression, a setback in the pursuit of democracy to the people of Belarus," — the document says.

Westerwelle and Sikorski recalled that "respect for democracy and Human Rights, and the rule of law is a prerequisite for expanding the scope of cooperation between the EU and Belarus. "

"Together with our European colleagues, we are now discussing the consequences of the events in Minsk and how they affect our policy towards Belarus," — said in a statement.

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