Germany as suddenly remembered his own gold

Germany as "suddenly" remembered my goldFrom time to time, the most curious information pops up in cyberspace seems to be the case, by the way. And this whole picture begins to play very different colors.

It happened with the German gold supplies.

Last week, the German government "suddenly" remembered that the supplies of gold in Germany … Germany is not.

For us, this is a good reason to re-verify, to put it mildly, strange, modern economic and political system.

Please tell me where you keep your savings?

The answer may be different: in a bank account at a bank, is buried in the garden, in the form of cash in the veil on a shelf. One is a constant for any answer: You control your cluster. You put money in the bank, you have buried the jar in your home is a pile of cash.

This is common sense.

But the German government (and many other countries) act differently.

Own gold in store it stores in London, Washington, and a little bit of Paris.

So Tipo reliable.

Reasonable? In general, the logic in such reasoning was when the GDR was a Russian army. However, no plans for the capture of Germany, plans an unexpected application to strike first at the Russian Union never was. Because the export of supplies of gold from Germany Germany was justified not the real danger of our tanks, but only by the desire to control the Germans themselves from the Anglo-Saxons.

But here is our army went home. South American and British armies were on the ground in Germany. Who are they protecting her now — a rhetorical question that has always baffled inhabitant of Germany.

From Poland, a member of NATO? From Holland, a member of NATO? From Luxembourg? Maybe from Denmark, a member of NATO?

Around Germany entirely rukopozhatnye Western democracies. For what its worth terrain U.S. forces?

And then also, why and gold in store does not vorachivaetsya the German countryside.

Germany occupied, and its value to the exported favorites for yourself.

This is nothing new, so did all the favorites of all time. Just before these favorites do not powdered brains discussions about freedom and human rights — that is the only difference with the days of the present.

The German parliament "suddenly" attended to the problem of preservation of supplies of gold country.

"… The State in store in the precious metal is 3396 tons, being the second in the world. At the end of last year the price was 133 billion. euro, and for the moment at least the rise in prices of gold has grown to 143 billion. Appropriate information presented economical Committee Bundestag which was first aware of a report by the Federal Court of Auditors on the gold reserves of the country and their storage locations. "

Pay attention: The first time attended to. Magical things transpired.

"The Chamber pointed to significant shortcomings in the accounting of gold supplies. In her opinion, it is necessary permanent inventory. And this can only be in the vaults of the Bundesbank in Frankfurt-am-Main, which houses only the least-thirds of supplies — 1,036 tonnes. In zabugornyh same storage holder to own gold, do not let. But just as there is placed a large part of the gold Germany.

Board member of the Bundesbank, Karl-Ludwig Thiele said that Gold is often in the United States, Britain and France. Namely, for the first time demonstrated that in the emission Fed bank in New York in 1536 tons of hidden gold, or 45% of German supplies. Another 450 tons are in English Central Bank in London and 374 tons — the State Bank in Paris. Americans and the French for possession of a board would not take, and the British charge for each bar every day and storing 0,035 pounds. "

The most ushlymi as usual were our English friends. Not a lot of what the Germans took the gold, so to the same charge for storage. Virtually than two decades, the last Russian tank from which hid Tipo German gold bars, left the area of Germany.

Control of gold vorachivaetsya evenly. Initially, Berlin wants to regain control. After all, it turns out that "has never Bundesbank or are independent experts were not allowed to check are in foreign banks of issue of German zolotorezervov" on the real line and weight. " In other words, the control has never been. In Berlin … just know that many tons of gold that lies in London and New York.

German parliamentarians are concerned about it. Can we deny them in check? The Bundesbank, in other words, independent of the country before the German Central Bank refuses to inspect anything. Indeed, why keep control of the country's gold in store? How can the British, Americans and French are fooling? They're all Democrats and friends very often.

But now the German MPs insist. And since the Fed or the Bank's criteria for the UK unreal inside their stores to melt gold bullion and look at whether it is painted or gold paint tungsten ingot, the German gold will start to export to test in Germany.

"In order to come to terms with the parliament and at least partially solve the problem, Bundesbank decided to make the required test criteria in the home. To this end, Thiele said, "We will over the coming 3 years to bring a year in New York with 50 tons of gold in Germany." Then, the Bundesbank will get an opportunity to check and re-melt ingots, established on the wholesale standard — size, weight and purity. In addition, parliamentarians promised that the Bundesbank will continue to negotiate on their own rights monitoring in place in New York, Paris and London. "

"In the coming three years, Germany's central bank will move from New York to Frankfurt 150 tons of its own gold supplies. This not only will allow him to increment the amount of precious metal, which is located in Germany, and will provide an opportunity to inspect the Bundesbank bars on the physical level. While ordinary practice involves getting the benefit of annual receipts from the auditors from the United States, Britain and France, which houses most of the German gold, is that it is safe and sound. "

Pay attention to two facts:

1. That the world Auditor of the Accounts Chamber and seemingly gosbankirov differs from the Bundesbank. Board of the Bundesbank believes that storage at a foreign partner can be trusted. The Chamber considers, but that control is more than appropriate, since it concerns "the high price of gold reserves."
2. As previously, the Bundesbank staff inspected the presence of gold's own country: "Give the benefit of annual receipts from the auditors'. This is how you would put your money on a shelf in his own apartment and a friend were inspected once a year to their presence echoing over the phone. On-site facilities? On the spot.

The difference in approach is subordinate. The Chamber promotes the interests of Berlin and tries to start the pretext of checking the gold in store return to Germany. German Central Bank (Bundesbank) promotes the interests of global bankers and tries to do everything to stop the gold under their control.

Why would return all the gold in Germany? It is appropriate? Completely. But you can not answer that finding the gold of supplies of Germany abroad, is insurance in case the sample output Germans out of control. Because this is a logical question, head of the German Central Bank is responsible ornately:

"When asked why Germany did not recover all the gold in store own home, Carl Ludwig Thiele says that gold, placed inside the country, can not serve as a guarantee for immediate purchase foreign currency. "Take, for example, that the main role played in the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. Gold, which is stored at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in the event of a crisis can be used as collateral against the dollar denomination. Also, the liquidity of the pound sterling can be supported under the mortgage of gold, which is contained in the Bank of England, "- he says."

In general, then all this "suddenly" appeared concern of German parliamentarians did not appear out of nowhere. In March 2012, in the German Parliament decided to test Does not the German gold began dashing provide certain transactions "partners of the Federal Reserve".

The struggle for sovereignty and fight for gold surprisingly intertwined …

I hope you have already guessed where the gold is stored in store most of the other states?

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