Giant UFO flying to the Earth. The aliens are flying towards us.


Do you believe in UFOs? No matter how you answer — it is inevitable. After about 2 years on the planet landed three unidentified flying object, each the size of several dozen kilometers. Scientists have named only the approximate date — December 2012. You about anything that's not saying? Yes, it is — the end of the Mayan calendar.


The first sounded the alarm scientists from SETI — Organization for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Moreover, in their view, it is not empty allegations and erroneous views — the threat of an alien invasion more than real! As to be expected, representatives of the space agency NASA are trying to hide this fact. All they say — these objects do exist and that scientists have long watched.

The public also reacted differently to the news of the approaching armada of aliens. Some people believe that this is the highest mark — representatives of extraterrestrial life will try to save the inhabitants of our planet from the raging elements. Someone such a statement is only a smile and a healthy skepticism.

And so, and others astrophysicist Craig CASS offers a look at the site and enter space on the map, for example, that these coordinates: 19 December 25 — 89 46 03. It will be shown the first large object. By the numbers 16 19 35 — 88 43 10 "hid" a cylindrical object, February 26 39 — 89 43 13 — the coordinates of the object in the form of a circle. According to scientists, these objects are now in the constellation BS2-47 + .06, and very soon they will be seen through a telescope.

When we look at objects more closely resemble the cluster of planets, but the fact is that there really is something there on the face. The news, as well as everything related to UFOs, is shrouded in many mysteries and assumptions. Well, we can only wait for what happens next. And that something was very close.


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