Go to jail in Akrestsin are relatives of inmates and volunteers


Natalia Boyar packages brought former sukamernitsy, a Russian citizen, with whom he was detained at the Independence Square on December 19. Woman sentenced to imprisonment, and Natalia received a fine of 30 basic units, as a single mother with two young children. It requested that a fine conclusion, although the conditions in the prison and the bad, but the court has authorized, Boyar says:

"Our girls were scared to go back to prison, even though they were transferred from Akrestin in other places. But it was easier for me to sit out these day than now to seek funds for this very fine or somehow get out. I spent the night here on the night of 20 to 21, and there are bad conditions — in fact, it is impossible to imagine. There's a little bit warmer battery, it was cold at night. No we are not pressed, but sleep was impossible. Girl from Russia is not even allowed to wear their own koftki, and she was a single lightweight overcoat. I thought this girl here, and I came to it, and it's not, then pass the parcel to other people. "

To me it was easier to sit out these day than now to seek funds for the fine.

One of those present boys were more fortunate — he was not arrested, but 12 and 15 days were the two brothers, with whom he had been together in the square:

"This is my brother, cousin and brother — were detained 19th in the area — have day. I was there, too, but I was more fortunate. "

Reporter"How did you know about their fate?"

"With the internet. The police are more or less something started to answer only on Tuesday. Until now completely silent. "

Reporter"What do you think about what happened?"

"What I think we can not say on the air, as it is bad language."

Together with the relatives of the parcel with the right things passed as people who do not suffer from repression and do not have relatives in prison. Among those who came to the moral and material support to prisoners — representatives of public organizations:

"We came from the public association" Our Generation "- is retired, to support financially and morally in order to express respect and gratitude for those who are a prisoner. For example, I personally have no one here."

Reporter"What can you say about what happened?"

"I think that in our country even established a regime that will harass innocent people, not only during the presidential campaign. And for the duration of Lukashenko. "

Activists of the Belarusian Christian Democracy these days prepare prisoners for congratulations on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.


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