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Over the past two to three billion years old map of the world has undergone tremendous changes. Geologists believe that all of the land originally formed one single continent, Pangaea, who was standing in the middle of the vast ocean. He then broke up into Laurasia, which included a current North America, Europe, and North and Central Asia, and Gondwana, which included The present-day South America, Africa, Antarctica, India and Australia, between which lies the vast inland sea (Tethys).

For many centuries Laurasia and Gondwana thickets endless forests, the destruction of abrupt changes in climate. Then, tormented and torn glaciers underground pressure caused by fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field, huge crustal plates began to crack and slowly back away until not yet adopted its present form.

The ancients believed that the first civilization on Earth originated in the Far North, long before it was covered Arctic ice. This is the realm of light and beauty of the Earth were the gods. Chinese believed that their emperor is empowered by God Dragon of Heaven remaining on the North Pole and is a symbolic embodiment of the King of the Cosmos. Egyptians worshiped the radiant beings who stood for Osiris in the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Pyramid and orient on Alpha Draconis (that is the brightest star in the constellation Draco, tuba), who at that time, the North Star. Some Indians believed that Aryans came from the White Island, Light-dvipa which, in their view, was in the far north. They say that the "Vedas" and "Mahabharata" contain astronomical data, which can be understood only if the observer is located at the North Pole.

Huskies remember the Shining Spirit of the North. Sioux say about the island in the north, the cradle of their ancestors, the absorbed water. Celebrity Wheel of Ezekiel moved from the north. Zeus and Hermes were Greeks from Mount Olympus, symbolizing north. Even today, Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) lives in his Wonderland at the North Pole. UFO researchers say that these objects are usually first appear in the north, presumably through the pole passes into Earth's radiation belts, open Van Allen. Or, perhaps, they were sent to an underground civilization of Agartha, which allegedly exists beneath our feet to a depth of many kilometers. Long ago, the then tropical Far North land certainly attracted people space at their approach to the Earth. Adepts of secret knowledge is taught that the ice-covered now the North Pole was once idyllic Eden, the cradle of humanity.

People of the second cycle of living in the circumpolar fabulous continent of Hyperborea, over which the sun was setting. There superintending Apollo on his famous arrows, or in a chariot drawn by swans, under which, seems to understand the spacecraft. According to ancient accounts, Hyperboreans were very tall blond with fair skin and blue eyes, that is, provides the ideal Nordic type of person. In the antediluvian period in the polar regions was hot as the Earth, which was likely closer to the sun and had the axis perpendicular to the orbit, and therefore its motion does not lead to a change of the seasons. The legends claimed that Hyperboreans were stellar newcomers, who colonized this part of the Earth, similar to their own planet, and became the progenitors of the white race. In the VI century BC. e. Hecataeus of Miletus, wrote that Hyperboreans worshiped Apollo in a beautiful circular temple, which is often identified with Stonehenge, implying that the country Hyperborea was actually ancient Britain.

Chinese writer Li Jie in China witnessed the arrival of white men from the North, to communicate with the gods. Our ancient ancestors called the capital of this wonderful kingdom, located north of the Wind, Thule, which resembles the mythical homeland called Mexican Toltec Tullan, supposedly means "Land of the Sun." Used by all ancient peoples swastika could symbolize the North Pole around which the Earth. Polar fish symbol means the first dwelling of the person until he was later borrowed by the Christians.

In the memories of the people remained vague echo of the huge disaster that devastated this beautiful northern lands. Legend has it the sun changed its course, and a comet or a falling moon shifted the Earth's axis, thus completing one of the ages of the world. Tradition Mayan Indians even suggestive of a nuclear war between the gods and magicians Hyperborea Lemuria, which shocked the entire planet, causing climate change and advance the Ice Age. Scythians, the sons of the Hyperboreans, the Black Sea to the ancestors erected mysterious menhirs.

Divine Kings descended and taught men sciences and arts, for man can not live any longer in the first country, turned into a frozen corpse.

Third human race settled on the continent, known among the people present in the Indian and Pacific Oceans as Lemuria, or, respectively, My. Continent extends north to the Himalayas, and the south, pouring great inner Asian sea to Australia and Antarctica, west of the Philippines. First Nations Lemuria allegedly consisted of giants hermaphrodites. For millions of years they have evolved into men and women, and their growth has declined from 365 to about 215 centimeters. In general, the Lemurians its appearance resembled Red Indians since the Conquest, although their skin had a bluish tint. Middle protruding forehead they performed a large bulge (bump) like walnut, known as the "third eye", the evidence highly psychic force. In occult legends tell that the teachers are from Venus opened the space devoted to Lemuria truth of these sublime doctrines formed the secret knowledge of the East.

After so many centuries men have purchased the rising sun and reached god-like perfection, and the women were light and graceful, it has developed the mental perception, in which a woman's intuition was superior scientific logic. Sex was seen as a spiritual communion, marriage — as the most sacred bonds, and divorces were unknown. Death meant climbing into a higher worlds, and Lemurians could die when they desired. Life seemed to them not perfect, the world in which they lived, devastating disasters, volcanic forcing them land, eventually splits it in half, and after deposition in the deep ocean. Some Lemurians probably return with their teachers to other planets and got wonderful knowledge not available to us today.

Lemurians built huge cities. White stone of the mountains (of marble) and black stone (underground lava) they vysekshi your own image of a size and likeness, and worshiped them.

According to information gleaned mainly from occult sources, built of mahogany tall rectangular houses had wide projecting roof, providing maximum shade as the sun shine and heat, the heat intensified volcanic soil, creating serious problems for the Lemurians, already suffering from earthquake destroyed their Empire of the Sun. Gigantic palaces and temples, built of extremely durable stone, not fully succumbed to the ravages of time, the remains of Cyclopean buildings still fall apart in lonely desolate wilds of America and Asia, where the survivors after a disaster Lemurian colony. Gold and silver were available in abundance and are not used for minting coins, and for decorative purposes, and diamonds, because of their wide distribution, valued no higher than glass. Most luxurious decorations considered rare brightly colored feathers, so honored after millennia Mexican Aztecs. Sunlit building shone among the lush vegetation that covered the spacious avenues, as were primarily to transport the water. Lemurians were famous sailors, established colonies throughout the world, characterized by its Cyclopean stone buildings. The peoples of the world empire spoke the same language, mayakse, which have their roots Sumerian and Chinese.

When Lemurian priests traced their mysterious signs on the skin or stone, they used to turn to the South Pole, and their hands were moving in the direction of the East, the source of light. Accordingly, they wrote from right to left. When people learned writing whites blacks Lemurians instead turn to the south, they turned toward the north, but also wrote in the East.

Scientists probably taught people space, studied Radionics, based on solar and cosmic energy, and brought light and warmth to the home and business premises. Deep knowledge of precious stones they discovered the amazing properties of semiconductors and laser beams. Lemurians were also famous for their cold light, which for centuries does not go down tubes. Ships and aircraft have used some form of nuclear energy may be the cosmic energy of the starship, the technology of which was bequeathed ancient India. U.S. Colonel James Churchward, who claims that all temple studied records of previous civilizations, leads a fascinating description of the aircraft, which was used by Indians about 20,000 years ago.

When the oil wells dry on Earth, scientists doubt ever use the cosmic forces that were known Lemurians provided in the form of crosses, circles, swastikas, depicted on ancient stones found in the Yucatan and in India. Possessing such forces Lemurians use radionic inventions that go beyond our understanding, and perhaps borrowed from the inhabitants of Venus much knowledge in medicine and electronics necessary AJ spaceflight.

"Then with a powerful roar of the rapid decline with unimaginable heights, surrounded by masses of bright fire that filled the sky dancing flames, the ship of the Fire Lords rapidly swept through the air space. He stopped the White Island, lying in the Gobi Sea. It was green and oozed the brightest rays, for the earth did everything in her power to adequately meet their King. "

This is the first description of a space flight, probably dates back to the time of Lemuria and for the descent from Venus, Sanat Kumara, the real embodiment of the deity with four fire of the Lord and a hundred assistants to the city, now buried in the sands of the Gobi Desert. In the South American legends speak of the wonderful blond Orehone once descended on shining like gold, the spacecraft to the island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, to give grandparents the Inca civilization. Such tales of gods and goddesses in the fiery chariot is stored in the traditions of ancient peoples.

Knowledge and power creates spiritual pride. Scientists Lemuria drawn into occult practices, while the white and black magicians have a destructive weapon in the fight to each other did not destroy his effete civilization. In the legends of Asian people told about spaceships arriving from Mars and Venus, to save favorites, just like thousands of years later the Sons of Heaven had to rescue survivors from the doomed Atlantis. Devour the underground fire, chopped continent sank in the deep sea, leaving only the peaks My garlands as the Pacific Islands. Selected residues Lemurian race took refuge on its western end under Manu, or the divine guide, where they could get to the Atlantis of green young country, shortly before emerged from the ocean. Other refugees have migrated to America, India and China, where they continued their culture sunny sunken homeland.

On stone tablets and rock sculptures of North and South America are still visible cosmic symbols inherent My. Around Mount Shasta in California, home to the mystical brotherhood whose members claim that they are the descendants of immigrants from this lost continent.

Knowledge and worship of the sun, planted in Lemuria sons of heaven, reached Europe first through Atlantis, and then from India, Egypt and Babylon. It is believed that Naakaly, holy brothers, brought their secret doctrine of My India in about 70,000 BC. e. Devoted cult founded in Upper Egypt and Sumer, where their knowledge has been taken over by Babylonian magicians. Thus, it had an impact on the first book of the Bible became the religious heritage of the West.

These tropical islands in the Pacific pose exciting challenges. Polynesians Malekula remember winged women who descended from heaven: the giant statues of Easter Island suggest the existence of unanswered mysteries. At the Caroline Islands in the cyclopean ruins of Nan-Matola conjure some grand civilization, brought creatures into flying machines. Indigenous Australians remember the "dream time", an idyllic era of the past. Their cave art has similarities with images of aliens in the frescoes from the plateau of Tassili-Ager in the Sahara and the mysterious petroglyphs in the Andes. New Zealand Maori tell of gods on magic birds arriving from the heavenly country, to help people in the world.

N. Nepomnyashchii "Wanderers of the Universe"

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