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Egyptians consider themselves the most ancient inhabitants of the Earth. According to occult tradition, tens of thousands of years ago Lemurians fled there from their sinking into the ocean continent. They passed through India and settled in the Upper Nile. The first dynasty founded by people from the sun and the moon, in other words, the people of the cosmos.

Extremely ancient origins of Egyptian kings, gods confirmed Manetho, who was born around the year 300 BC, and from the early years preparing for a high-priest of the temple of Heliopolis, famous as a mine of wisdom. Must be in possession of Manetho were the ancient records that allowed him to ignore the advice of his erudite colleagues, later criticized his "history." This classic treatise entitled "Egiptika", written in ancient Greek during the reign of the first Ptolemy, disappeared along with all of its sources. Its probably suffered the fate of the treasures of the Alexandrian library was destroyed by fire. Only a few excerpts from this invaluable work is preserved in the writings of early Christian and Julia Africa's Eusebius. In particular, the following are known quote from "Egiptiki":

"The first man or God Hephaestus Egypt was known to the Egyptians, as well as the one who opened fire. His son, Kronos, Osiris and his brother, Typhon, and, finally. Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, were the first rulers of Egypt. After their reign was inherited by their direct descendants for 13 900 years, until Bodisa. Then came the era of power demigods lasted 1255 years, and after that nation rules another dynasty monarchs for 1817 years. After that, in an era of Egypt thirty yard sample from Memphis, lasted 1790 years, and then it was another ten pharaohs of the same origin, who ruled 350 years. Then in 5913 the country was years time rule Spirits of Death. "

Perhaps these spirits of death were aliens from outer space?

In ancient chronicles stored Sintselliem, deputy head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the VIII century, contains information about the thirty dynasties, consisting of one hundred and thirteen generations, who ruled as many as 36 525 years. Simplicius in the VI century, wrote that the Egyptians were allegedly astronomical observations over the previous 630,000 years, which is comparable to the allegations of the Babylonian historian and priest of the temple of Marduk Belrushu (Berosus) that even for 432,000 years before the Great Flood was already in Babylon king. Greek historian Diogenes Laertius (III century BC. Oe.) Believed that for 48,863 years before the arrival on the scene of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC. E.) The Egyptians were able to make astronomical calculations, and Marciano Chapel claimed they secretly studied the stars for 40,000 years before told of his knowledge to the world.

Around the year 400 BC. e. Egyptian monk Panodor described those days when egregors, guardians or angels descend to Earth to teach people to astronomy. Ancient Phoenician Sanchoniaton author, who lived a hundred years before Christ, wrote about Eliane, Supreme, and the war between Uranus and Cronus, that for the last moon-god He built the spacecraft.

On the ceiling of the temple of Dendera (near Thebes) was depicted belt sign, and the stars were fixed relative position such as it was 90,000 years BC. e, and it confirms the fact that the ancient history of Egypt coincided with the era of Atlantis. Evidence of such antiquity confusing current Egyptologists who relentlessly challenged each other. Petri the arising of the I dynasty Menes to 4777 BC. e., Bristed — to 3400 BC. e., and some scientific authorities suggest that the dynasty began in 2850 BC. e. Archaeologists have found traces of civilization on the site of Jericho, relating to 8000 BC, and in Turkey — to 9000 BC. e. How can Egyptologists believe that the fertile banks of the Nile people appeared only some 5000 years ago, when we already know that he lived on the shores of Lake Rudolf in Kenya 2, and can be, and 20 million years ago?

The ancient Greek "father of history" Herodotus in 443 BC. e. toured Egypt, Babylon, and in between countries, during a trip he led travel notes. Based on thorough research, he came to the conclusion of a very ancient origin of the Egyptians. His conclusions contradict the views of modern archeology, but those of the above ancient scholars. In 142 chapter of the second book of his "Hysteria" Herodotus competently argued:

"The Egyptians and their priests are still telling the story. And they say that from the first to the last king, priest of Hephaestus, lived three hundred forty one generation of people. And in the period of life of these generations were a great many (high priests and) kings. Since three hundred generations are ten thousand years, three generations are a hundred years. A forty-one generation, which is in addition to the hundred, means one thousand three hundred and forty years. They also claim that the eleven thousand three hundred and forty years, no God in human form from being king. Nothing like this, they said, it was not either before or after that time, after which came the turn of the kings of Egypt. About this time they say that the sun changed four times its normal course, we go where it goes now, and going down there, where it now appears, but because of that in Egypt there has been no change, nor on the river or in the regards fruits of the earth. There was no sickness, no morals. "

Herodotus mentions a global catastrophe that occurred in the eleven thousand years described in the quote above times. Then the Earth's axis shifted four times, and the sun rises in the west. Perhaps it was then and lost Atlantis? In his dialogue "Timaeus" Plato wrote that when his great predecessor Solon was in Egypt (around 590 BC. Oe.) Scientists priests of Sais told him about a violent attack on Atlantis Europe and Libya. In the end, they were routed by the Athenian warriors brave and driven back to their island before it sank.

Understanding of the birth of the ancient Egyptian civilization, definitely requires knowledge of the history of North and Central Africa, and even the era of Atlantis. All these lands were under the supervision of the gods, that is, people of the cosmos.

Herodotus believed that the alluvial soil of the Nile Delta had a relatively recent origin, and gradually settled by humans as the drying of the Sahara huge sea.

Greek historian and geographer of the 1st century BC. e. Strabo and the Roman writer Pliny the Elder (1st century BC. E.) Referred to the fact that much of Libya was once an inland sea, perhaps the huge bay washed by the present Court and goes out into the Atlantic Ocean in front of the sunken island Poseydonis, not far from the bridge where now are the Canary Islands. Ethiopia has in the past presented himself as an island. According to a controversial theory cosmogonic Herbigera already mentioned, about a hundred thousand years ago, then the natural satellite of the Earth, the forerunner of our present moon, hit the lunar mountains of Ethiopia. Used by Saharan Bay decreased, becoming Tritonis lake, bounded on the west of the Atlas Mountains and the east — Egypt. He had on the island, which now constitute, in particular, the Ahaggar Plateau (south of modern Algeria). In the present-day Sahara Desert was discovered stone embankments once stood on the Triton Sea port city. In the Middle Ages in the Draa Valley (North-West Africa), the ship was found with the skeletons of rowers, the bones of which are still preserved chain. In the Greek tradition, driven by ancient Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (90-21 BC. Oe.), Said the earthquake smashed the Mediterranean valley at the Pillars of Hercules and completely drain the lake Tritonis.

Italian scientists have discovered in the foothills of the southern Sahara vast graveyard of dinosaurs and bones monstrous flying dragons that lived here when this area a hundred million years ago there was a swamp the Jurassic period. What is even more remarkable — around these preserved fossils found flint arrowheads — a sign of the presence of the old man!

Blue eyes Tuareg Berber customs and weapons suggest the legendary Atlantis and its inhabitants. There are absolutely fantastic ancient legends of the last queen of Atlantis wonderful Antin, lived in the wild Ahaggar massif surrounded by a silent court consisting of her glittering gold mummified lovers. According to Plato, Atlantis once ruled Libya.

According to the legend, the aliens for thousands of years had colonies on the planet, especially in East Africa. Their center was in Abyssinia, where they dug deep mines for extraction of copper, gold and silver. In Chaldean annals allegedly said that about 11,000 the year before and. e. in the east central Africa experienced its heyday Talent — Atlantic confederation headed priest wisdom, which directs teachers from Venus. According to legends, the descendants of the inhabitants migrated to the Confederation of Babylonia and founded the Sumerian civilization, which was the symbol of the Solar Fire. With the gods they have developed science psycho-energetics.

When the great sea Saharawi disappeared, and the Nile was to fall into the Mediterranean Sea, the tribes of Libya took its delta, and emigrants from Abyssinia moved north, in Upper Egypt, bringing with them the knowledge of the rules of the celestials. Divine kings allegedly left Egypt, where refugees from Abyssinia settled on the Nile. According to legend, their new city, received the general name of the Lower World, appeared at the source of the Nile and in the mountains, including Mount Sinai, which supports communication between the water route through the tunnels.

In one of the books of Hermes Trismegistus posted the story of the god Thoth of the pyramids, is used to standing on the beach, "waves which fought in impotent rage at their base", which shows the size of the Sahara Sea, and of the great ancient Egyptian civilization. Egypt was not so isolated from the outside world, as we imagine. In the records of one dynasty, belonging to about 5000 BC. e., said the land uranium, which lay beyond the western sea. It was about the Mesopotamian Ur. In 600 BC. e. Pharaoh's fleet went around the continent of Africa, and, perhaps, it was not his first such voyage. Bewildering Egyptian ieroglifopis discovered in Wollongong at Sydney, suggests that Cleopatra's ships reached the shores of Australia. In 1963, Australia was found a pile of Egyptian coins, 4000 years before lain buried in the ground under a rock. In fact, the Suez Canal, for many centuries linked the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, was dug for more than half a millennium before Christ.

Harold Bailey's edition of "Archaic Britain" states: "Sir John Morris-Jones has noticed a striking affinity Welsh syntax and the ancient Egyptians, Gerald Massey, in his" Book of Beginnings "provides a list of the 3,000 cases of extreme similarity between English and Egyptian words, and astronomical research, Sir Norman Lokaera led him to the following conclusion: "People who have honored us with their presence here in the land of Britain, about 4,000 years ago, somehow transfer the Egyptian culture, and they defined their time in the night the same way, as did the Egyptians ".

In the II century AD. e. Claudius Aelian, quoting one of the now lost works of the famous in the IV century BC. e. Greek historian Theopompus of Chios, wrote that the son of nymphs (extraterrestrial?) Silenus told king Midas of Phrygia that Atlanteans invaded Europe and Libya by ten million people. According to the occult sources, this great war was nuclear and electric weapon, like a fantastic battle, described in the ancient Indian classics. Egyptians in a coalition with the heroic afintsami crush his formidable enemies with the cosmic forces that allegedly led to a shift in the Earth's axis that caused the last ice age. This fantastic story is not as improbable as it seems at first glance. But to have this supernatural power, the Egyptians had to hold the secrets of the gods of the cosmos.

Divine Eye, sometimes called the Eye of Ra or Eye of Horus, was mentioned by the Egyptians in siyazi with the Heavenly war. And it was so. Once the goddess Hathor on the orders of the supreme god Ra, taking the form of the Divine Eye, went to war on humanity. She broke so many people that Ra fear, honor killed all the world's population, poured on the battlefield seven thousand jars of beer. Hathor stopped the killing, to admire its beautiful reflection in beer, then quench their thirst, drank drunk and stopped the carnage. When the eye down to earth abideth in him was a wonderful essence to rule over people, like Yahweh, in his power and glory, who led the Israelites. Since it seems unlikely that the two gods ruled adjacent to each other by Egypt and Israel, perhaps in both cases it was a question of the same essence. It is logical to assume that the celestial gods, who worship the majority of nations, were the same celestials or supermen with any one planet. Egyptians spaceships appear over their country, the boat of the sun, floating in the sky. These symbols are all the more remarkable that it goes far beyond the limits of ancient Egypt. Solar Boat carvings have been found in Ireland, Brittany, Sweden, and in other places of prehistoric settlements. In the ancient tradition has it that the builders of the Great Pyramid, known as the Pyramid of Cheops, was buried near this building solar boat, that is a space ship.

Intriguing references to the "Divine Eye" and the conflict between the gods Horus and Seth are in the Egyptian "Book of the Dead." This is a collection of hymns, prayers, spells and magical words a description of the journey of the soul of a deceased person in the underworld, a hellish torments of the courtroom, where the god Anubis in the presence of Thoth as a scribe and the forty-two judges weigh the heart of the Dead (actions) of the deceased at large scales. According to German researcher Adolf Erman, this monument of ancient literature refers to the age-old prehistoric times. The text contained in this book were written on the walls of tombs carved on sarcophagi and rewritten beautiful hieroglyphs on papyrus zapryatyvalis in shroud, which wrapped mummy, as a guide to the underworld for the dead.

It appears that when rewriting the texts for many centuries, many of them have lost their authenticity. Scribes unfamiliar with their original meaning, made obvious mistakes. Translators of the last century, not the best language of the ancient Egyptians, who held much less familiar with aeronautics, baffled many of the episodes, and they gave them such an interpretation, on what were capable of. As was the case with the Bible, such transfers are sometimes taken away from those in the form of truths.

In a variety of papyrus constituting the "Book of the Dead", contained cryptic phrases such as "Ancient of Days", "Spirits of Light," "Sons of Darkness", "Heaven's legions," "Hidden Gods", "The Sacred Eye of the essence in God," "winged disk" or phrases like "I, Gore, I have the day yesterday, I have a day tomorrow, I'm racing through space and time." This terminology is found in the sacred literature of the world, and, quite likely, it concerns the same space god.

There is a clear parallel between the heavenly battle between Horus and Seth, and the war between the angels of light and the forces of darkness, appearing in the Hebrew theology, means a struggle between good and evil for the human soul. You can suggest a kind of genetic memory about a real battle in space, such as the battle between Zeus and Cronus, so vividly described in the ancient Greek classics. In the Turin Papyrus is stated: "He (Gore) is an inhabitant of the Holy … Oka, and he ordered to live in it. His whereabouts — the throne. " Moreover, "… Eye gives him knowledge of the abyss (space?), He is a Messenger of God, for which he crosses the sky, and overcomes hard (hyper?) From the light coming at it from the edge, flashing flame" (power unit ?) and he can "fly every day into the sky and down to earth," according to chapter 52 of "Book of the Dead." Italian scientist Solas Bonkompani in-depth study of ancient Near Eastern texts suggested that the creature that lurks in the Eye, which the Egyptians called "Mystery," had in common with the god Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus, as it was called the ancient Greeks, the Hebrew Enoch and the Babylonian Oannes. Eye, also known as the Cosmic Egg and the Holy Falcon, is identified with the flying Bonkompani thrones of Hebrew literature and a heavenly chariot figuring in the Indian classics. Divine Eye, mentioned in the sacred texts may not be just a religious image. For millennia, watching the stars, the priest-astronomers should see a lot of celestial phenomena. However, extant only one, and rather dubious evidence. It — poorly preserved papyrus, which was found among the papers of the late director of the Egyptian Museum Vatican Professor Albert Tully, recognized as part of the annals of Thutmose III and dating to around 1500 BC In a somewhat controversial his translation reads as follows:

"In '22, the third month of winter, at six o'clock in the day scribes, archivists and chroniclers of the House of Life found that the sky was a fiery circle ….. (But) it did not have a head. Emanated from his mouth bad breath. His body was in the length and width of a single measure (about five meters), and it does not make sounds. And the hearts of the scribes were moved with horror and. Confusion and they fell on their faces ….. They denounced the Pharaoh. His Majesty commanded ….. been learned ….. and he thought about what happened and what is recorded in the papyri House of Life. And now, after a few days, these things were seen in the sky more and more often. They shine brighter than the sun and extend up to the four pillars of the sky (the horizon points) … The area of a circle of fire took the whole sky. Pharaoh's army with him watching them. It was after dinner. Then these fire circles ascended higher in the sky to the south. From the sky began to fall fish and winged beasts or birds. Such a miracle no one was in charge during the life of this country! Pharaoh ordered incense to bring peace on earth ….. And what happened) Pharaoh ordered to place in the annals of home life ….. so remember this forever. "

Pliny the Elder in his "Natural History" refers to meat rains which fell to Rome in 461 BC. e. Similar rainfall were recorded by Julius pleaser and his "Book of Miracles" and in our times, by Charles Fort. Fish, animals and birds may have been lifted from the Earth spacecraft, working from the energy of the gravitational field, and then were dropped from a height gromadnop as unnecessary ballast. The mention of the ancient Egyptian scribes of fish falling from the sky, it is surprising evidence in favor of) those fiery circles have been associated with the flight of the spacecraft.

For centuries, the Jews claimed to be the only people profess belief in one supreme God that supposedly set them apart from all others — the idolaters, who inhabited the Earth. But the rabbis have forgotten, an English explorer Sir EA Wallis Badge that long before Abraham was talking to Gospidya Moreh in around 2000 BC. e. "from ancient times one of the strongest trends of the Egyptian religion was towards monotheism." And that "the Egyptian monotheistic faith reminds religious concepts of modern Christian nations, and for some, even very surprising that the Egyptians with such lofty ideas of God could become a byword for their alleged worship many gods in many different ways. Indeed, in Egypt, as in most other countries, worshiped different gods. But all of them, however, even more so than the people obeyed God, the Creator of all. Unlike many modern people educated Egyptians know that the word "God" has at least two different meanings. Firstly, the Absolute, symbolizing the universe, in which and by which we live. Secondly, there is the local gods values, or people space, occurring with some highly developed world, and from time to time there among the people. Many of the Egyptian gods, probably represent the Masters of the Cosmos. "

God is one with the body and the head of a bird, perhaps, symbolically indicates its missions, was the god of the earth, sea and sky. He was also the founder of all the arts and sciences, Archmage, a patron of literature, the scribe of the gods, inventor of Chinese characters, the author of magic books and the founder of geometry, astronomy, medicine, music and mathematics, the organizer of occult mysteries, historian and chronicler of the Registrar, the Dead. Sanchoniaton Phoenician historian wrote that He invented the flying machine to Kronos, which fought a war in the heavens with Zeus. He allegedly constructed and maintained the Eye of Horus, the spacecraft, and was master of the moon, which leads to the assumption that he was an alien landed on it. According to occult tradition, that being the atlas to assist in the construction of the Great Pyramid (Cheops), in which he put the plates on which were written the secret knowledge, and magic weapons.

N. Nepomnyashchii "Wanderers of the Universe"

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