Google has found Atlantis


New Project Corporation Google Ocean, in addition to the system of Google Earth allows you to engage in the study of the deep sea, as well as earlier it was possible to survey the land.

One of the achievements of the new program can be called the discovery of a strange object — crossing lines on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, reminiscent of urban development.

The researchers do not rule out the possibility that the newly discovered area at the bottom may be traces of the mysterious sunken Atlantis, described by Plato. Furthermore, the geographic coordinates — 31 degrees 15 minutes 15 seconds north latitude and 24 degrees 15 minutes 30 seconds west longitude — correspond to those given the ancient Greek philosopher.

At a depth of about one thousand meters off the northwest coast of Africa, near the Canary Islands, the project engineers Google Ocean captured almost perfect rectangle formed by the intersection of straight lines. The total area until an unknown object at the bottom of the Atlantic is 20,000 sq km 640

According to Plato, the dialogues in which the "Timaeus" and "Critias" is first mentioned Atlantis, the state died as a result of natural disasters around the year 9500 BC. e.


The curator of historical archeology department at the State University of New York Dr. Charles Orser said that "the site is one of the most prominent places for the proposed location of Atlantis, according to Plato's description."

Launched earlier this month, the new service allows users to swim around underwater volcanoes, watch videos about exotic marine life, read about shipwrecks, contribute photos and learn about previously unknown materials deep ocean expeditions.

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