Harry Pahanyaila:-court of the child illegal

The tutorship interested in three year old son of Andrei Sannikov and Irina Khalip today, when he was brought to a Christmas party at a kindergarten. The situation is commented lawyer Harry Pahanyaila.

PC: It is standard practice that at the conclusion of parents of children immediately come guardianship?

GaddafiUnfortunately the This situation standard and it is determined by the decree number 18 of the President and very often these decisions are not in accordance with the law and for political reasons. In that case, of course, grandparents can take care of grandchildren in connection with the arrest of the parents, solve problems, his upbringing, his detention in appropriate conditions. They have the right to apply to the bodies protection and care to be recognized as guardians of the minor. He (should) pull the child from the family, to keep him in public institutions. In general, out of court of the child violates the international obligations of the Republic of Belarus on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

PC: But usually in cases where both parents are under investigation or the prisoners, their children directly involved in the guardianship? Or the situation will be solved once a human, are grandparents, aunt, uncle …

Gaddafi: If the circumstances of a child is left on its own, without supervision, without caregivers of the next of kin, it is clear his placement in an institution and maintenance at public expense. But if there are relatives and are willing to take the child or if the child is already in relatives (as is often the case), it remains only to wait for the official legalization (of states) the guardianship. We also put the cart in front of horse and try to take the child first, and then solve the problem of being sent to relatives.

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