Healer Abbasov: All diseases are man creates himself


Pasha Pashaevich Abbasov — healer Russia has approved a certificate and a work permit.

He lives in a small town in the Saratov region, is receiving at home, while still working on a "first aid". He has a very interesting version of why people are sick, and that is the disease on a global scale.

— Let's start with the official information. You give this ad?

— No, and I never gave. People recognize me from friends who were my patients. This is the best advertising, they say, first hand. And the faith of such advertising is more than the best booklets and plots on TV. A person who has received healing — that's the best advertising for the doctor or healer.

— Your services are paid?

— Before answering this question, I will start a little far away. On how I became a healer. I am a trained paramedic or nurse. But I have always liked the name of the paramedic. Paramedic — a man with a secondary medical education. He began his work in medicine to "first aid", then married, moved to Russia, settled in the Saratov region. It also worked on "fast", problems with employment was not — there are few hunters go to work for such a ridiculous amount of money and with such a crazy schedule. I'm currently working on "fast" part-time.

And then, somewhere in the forty years since I had a little teacher. They say, the teacher appears when the student is ready. And I had already been practically ready. The fact that my mother knew very well the grass, she could be treated with stones and minerals. This ability is mainly transmitted through the female line, but she, like a fairy tale, three sons. My mother gave me the necessary knowledge, and when I became an adult, I tried to find some books, and asked the old people, in general, would like to know more.

And now, here, near Saratov, I met a teacher. It was a typical Russian old man who worked very unique things. He taught me a lot, I have great respect for him and in his honor even let his mustache and beard — he wore the same. Now, he said, God has given you this gift, and take money for it — a sin. Then your gift will disappear. Anything left — knowledge, experience, ability, but that instinct, which suddenly came to you — it will not be. And the main thing in my work — flair. I'm looking for people from somewhere and I know that it hurts and how to help him.

And often even the grass is not needed. But, he said to me then my teacher, you're a real person, you also need to eat, to feed the children. So your job is to be paid, because it is too labor — both physical and spiritual. But money is not paid, and the products, services, that you can have your patients.

Those who recommend me, they immediately warn of potential new patients to those after treatment was asked what I needed, as long as I got my own farm, vegetables, eggs, lamb and chicken I have mine. I was saying — I want candy, "Snowball", for example, love, or cookies out there, all sorts of yogurt. Or, if some cobbler comes to me, I ask to put heels. That's up to you now, I paid services or not.

— Why are not all healers are of the same principle?

— I can not answer that question. Then everyone decides for himself.

— They boldly take the money, and rather big, and the gift they will not disappear.

— Are you sure that is not lost? Try to go somewhere in the hinterland, in Siberia, for example. Find where some of this old man, nymphs, and try to give him money. I am wondering which route you go away! And how many volumes you will listen to him. I do not know … this is my personal opinion … but I believe that healing is in any case not be put on stream and advertise it in the media. Especially take money for it. This is wrong. This violated subtle connections between people and nature. And as usual the doctor takes a patient's money, it is also wrong. Money should take over without what people can do, but without health, he can not manage.

— But there is also a doctor to live and go to shop!

— There is no dispute. I believe that the state should pay doctors and not patients. As it was in the Soviet Union. But not in the same numbers as in the USSR.

— In Moscow, you now come to what end?

— Do healers, as well as people in other professions, there are conventions, meetings, symposia. Now in a town near Moscow congress held here healers of central Russia. We share our experiences, tell unique cases. This is a great opportunity to learn something new, to buy books, even documentaries to watch.

— Why does the media have no information about this conference?

— But why? We do not need hype, and so the world goes a lot of charlatans who claim to be healers. If someone finds out that here is a congress wants to hook or by crook to break there will then trump, that here I was on such and such a convention in a particular town.

— Your Russian patients do not mind that you Azeri?

— Who are confused, that to me and will not come. But that's their problem, and I do not treat it (laughs). Normal people should not confuse nationality. And if you are confused — this is an indicator that from such a man should just stay away. In my town everyone knows that I am Azerbaijani, but no one cares, I was in the Russian manner Pavel Borodin called.

— Can you tell us about the basic principles of their work? On those occasions when, as you say, the grass is not needed.

— It's very simple. Any disease — is the result of violation of the principles of moral rights. Accidents I do not take, though with them also not clear — everything in this world is programmed, and if the person on the ground level falls and breaks his leg, and it zooms in on a little speed machine, but it is all a broken — it makes think about it, but whether he lives.

If formulate clearer, I will quote my best teachers: a disease — not cruelty and punishment, and the only way that God shows us our mistakes, to keep us from even greater confusion and error, to prevent us from causing further harm to themselves and others and get us back on the path of goodness and light.

When somebody comes to me a man who does not help neither doctors nor medicine, I start to seek first the cause of his illness. On a spiritual level, not physical. Where is he that his life did not, where sinned. And if this sin can somehow improve, and the man corrects it, the disease goes away. And doctors are beginning to treat, feed pellets. Sometimes it helps, but still not completely.

On this subject there is a very wise proverb is dying a very good doctor, who had helped in his life to hundreds of people, and God sends him to hell. Why? — Perplexed doctor. And God explains that people get the disease for their sins, to realizing their meaning, return to the path of goodness and light, and you did not give them to realize and understand that. Therefore, in hell.

— It turns out that the doctor who treats the traditional manner, only causes harm?

— Globally, in terms of spirituality — yes. He gives only temporary relief body because treats the consequences, not the disease. Disease such doctors, but most of all patients seen as one of the greatest evils in this world and, therefore, seeks to combat the disease, the disease is eradicated by all means possible. But eradicate one — immediately comes out the other. And, as a rule, from the same series. And so it will continuously until the person learns to determine the cause of the illness in himself, in his actions, even in his thoughts.

— And if he will not be able to find, you can help, right?

— Change your thoughts, and thus remove the cause of the disease can only be man himself. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to eliminate the consequences have emerged. And then I can help and help. For this it is necessary to carry out a set of procedures to restore the integrity of the person at the level of the spirit — the thoughts, beliefs, moral foundation, creative and artistic activity of the soul is the attitude towards other people and the outside world, it's physiological health of the body, the energy balance of the body.

But we must keep in mind the most important thing: the healer can help if the man himself wants to get to the truth, is willing to admit any true cause of their ailments, is willing to admit a flaw, such as pride, or anger, or cruelty. Most are not able to admit — even to themselves — that they are doing something wrong. "Why me?" — Pathetically exclaimed recently sick with cancer of the uterus woman uvedshaya husband at his neighbor, and not only so, but with a love spell. Or an elderly lady, just asking your ill temper adult daughter already, can not understand why her permanent hypertensive crises.

A hypertension — a disease that affects mainly those who are mentally suppress the people around the strength of his character, uncompromising self-righteousness. And this lady never admits her fault that she thinks it is right always and everywhere. And when I told her to apply to itself and to recognize that it — not the ultimate truth and there is no need all the right and to the left to learn and to teach, she said that she knows how and what to do and do not need to teach her. Let me say, some grass, and I was cured.

Do not be cured! The grass will not help! While not peel off with his daughter until he let her live in his own way and breathe calmly, will suffer from hypertension. Yes, I can give the patient the grass, to learn the prayers with which this weed have to make, but only on condition that the person who first recognizes that doing something wrong, and secondly, want to change their behavior.

Because even admit their mistakes and misdeeds — that's half the battle, we must also muster the willpower or determination not to commit such acts. Sometimes the disease is not given for the sins and for all, in fact, normal behavior. For example, day-to-day a man goes to the hated his job or hateful home to unloved spouse.

And paying for it — varicose veins. Thrombophlebitis or — if he does his job, but with the sediment in the shower and naughty thoughts that it would be better not do it at all. To change that sometimes it is very difficult — well, there is no other work in his small town, and you will not throw an unloved wife — there children, they are not guilty of anything.

— And then what do you advise?

— If a person is a bold, easy-going, say, to change the place of residence, it will help to find a new job. It helps, by the way, for many diseases, not only from varicose. But if such a move is not possible, then in the course are already herbs. But help from them — a temporary and partial.

So I warn you. But I know that I noticed? People always find a lot of good reasons why they do not need to change jobs, place of residence, to do any serious steps to change the way of life. They are afraid! They are afraid to break the established way of life, even a bad life, though unsuccessful, diseases and problems, but a well-established. They are afraid of the future. And fear — it is also a sin. These people tell me that fate, apparently, this is my — that I was suffering. And this view is not original.

People at all times have wondered what sense is a disease, why is there pain and suffering, and argued that such a destiny. Or the other extreme — a punishment from God. But God — he is kind, he does not punish! It only gives like a signal and the signal — a symptom of the disease, which indicates in what field we stepped off the right way. The disease itself shows us what step needs to be done in our own evolution. Every symptom of the disease is a specific message that you want to know, accept, and on this basis to build a new life — for further treatment and spiritual development.

— Why are doctors who are trained in medical institutions, do not give this knowledge? They are obvious!

— Because we have long forgotten how to take a man's life, deeds, and all signs of life — including illness — as a unit. Even without the spiritual component of all disease, and suggest that cirrhosis of the liver — it's just a consequence of alcohol abuse and the result of malnutrition. What happens in this case? The patient was given a pill that she took her symptoms. The cause remains intact.

Yes, the patient is forbidden to drink, but only just! Other causes are not affected! A cause of cirrhosis (except booze) that the person is angry and irritated, completely forgotten how to have fun at the same hypocritical and pretend that it is good and fun.

Will benefit from this tablet? It turns out that taking the pill for a cure, with this approach to medicine, doctors do not learn the meaning of the disease, and ignorance of the meaning of the disease has been around since as long as the religious leaders (and in all denominations) intentionally shared, I would even say — split religion and healing, giving up a holistic view of the origin of suffering. Instead, they shared the suffering of the physical and mental health, even more of these people having withdrawn from the holistic concept of the disease.

The orthodox doctors have forgotten that our body, and our whole life is nothing like an accurate reflection of our spiritual situation. And then shall come into force on a very simple law — like attracts like. This means that we are in the outer visible form — in our bodies and our lives — we attract to yourself that which corresponds to our consciousness or subconscious.

— They also say that if we are afraid of something, it usually happens with us and.

— Yes, this is another manifestation of this aspect of the law. We ourselves give birth to so-called diseases. The body, like everything else in our lives — not that other, as a direct reflection of our belief. And our body is always talking to us, trying to convey something to us. Now, if we are able to listen to him! Every cell in the body responds to our every thought and every word.

The image of thought and speech determine the behavior of the body. Personally, for me, is the undeniable fact that all things and events form an inner unity, and thus are invisible but very strong bond. And every symptom — mental, intellectual or physical — is an accurate indicator of at what stage of life the way we are at the moment, what should we learn or have to put up with anything. And in this light, the disease is nothing more than a proposal and a chance to grow, to understand the meaning of illness, to understand its meaning and see what we are lacking for our wholeness and holiness.

Do not like the pathetic words? Then, for purity. And understand what it means this or that symptom, in general, is not so difficult. Just ask yourself: "What leads me to this symptom? What and where it interferes with me live? Under what circumstances he appeared or will appear?" Correct answer — cured. And in any case, do not deny the illness, angry at her, scold her. Thank God that He sent you a disease — it's a red light! And do not blame the poor viruses — they are not to blame for your illness!

— Do you want to reject the theory of viral?

— You are well, I think for an idiot? Of course, viral infections, there is "due to" viruses. But viruses — the same red color of the traffic light of God. Would not it be a virus, it would be something else came up.

— But if a person is sick, say, banal cold, what does it mean? He could just catch a cold, waiting for a bus or catch the same bus catching someone's sneeze.

— That's right. But the one who was riding with him in the bus and just as cold, waiting for him, did not get sick, but this ill. A weak immune system — you might say. Yes, weak. And why not? That it has weakened? We need to find the true meaning. For example, a sore throat is very simple and at the same time-wise sense: people just tired, he needed a stop, pause. But you can not wave a hand on his illness, such as it is just a cold, he will pass. If lack of attention to her every disease may be exacerbated.

And if at first it was just a slight disorder for which you are not paying attention and not thinking about the reason for it, ie, continued as wrong to behave, then after a while lung disorder comes to serious and spill over to the inflammation. You can receive sickness ending in-itis: sinusitis, arthritis, otitis media. These "Ito" disease — persistent suggestion to understand something, to realize. And if you do not take them seriously, then it comes to chronic pain associated with metabolism — a disease with end-oz atherosclerosis, low back pain, tuberculosis, arthritis.

Then it comes to incurable processes, such as cancer, etc. And if and when such a signal man changes his life, death occurs — from the disease or injury that is referred to as karma, ie fate. If we take note of the knowledge possessed by our ancestors who came before us, we can get rid of the causes of disease, rather than deal with the consequences.

— You can list the most common causes of disease, or is it a secret?

— Yes what is the secret? I am happy to enumerate. Cause of coronary heart disease, for example, is a long bleak existence. One can understand that his life was not good, but the output is not looking for a change in his attitude to life, and in getting the emanations from others through spiritual vampirism. In a word, the man selfish. If selfishness begins to go off-scale, there is acquired heart disease.

— And if innate?

— The disease of selfishness karma as punishment for the sins of their ancestors. Myocardial infarction — the price paid for the accumulation of negative feelings to their overabundance. Stroke — this is a strong nervous stress associated with trying to solve the problems being addressed explicitly. If you suffer angina, blame themselves for the lack of stability in a vital relationship with anyone.

If paroxysmal tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation — then say thank their rudeness and lack of restraint. If torture stabbing, aching pain in the heart or in the sternum, which means that you feels guilty for some indifference in relationships with loved ones, for the disregard to them, that you yourself may not have noticed, but your soul said. That is hypertension, I have already said.

A hypotension — is the price paid for energy weakness. Man can not affect the other because of the weak energy, he does not have what is called the charm, charisma. And the influence nevertheless desirable, and he starts to cry, can hit, especially the weak, baby. Then maybe even cry because of the awareness that the goal is still not achieved.

Aortic aneurysm person suffers from the fact that deceives himself, wishful thinking. Various thrombosis and obstruction of blood vessels — the reluctance to acknowledge the reality and the constant stiffness of waiting for trouble. Asthma occurs most often due to the inability to express themselves in writing. A man like choking on limiting its impact will the people around him or self-restraint. As a result, pants for real.

A very similar reason in acute bronchitis — a person is suffering because of the ban on any kind of activity. He wants to achieve something, and the circumstances — the objective — do not allow. Here in these cases the physician and should help — and relief effects, and removing the cause. Because most people are not to blame for these diseases — so life has developed.

Pneumonia occurs due to long-term accumulation of negative emotions. Since TB is worse: it is the result of the concentration of spirituality, they are sick people, who are reduced spiritually. Why, do you think so many prisons in tubercular? Because of poor sanitation? Then why do not they get infected thence doctors and other staff?

Emphysema arises squeamish attitude toward certain people, to their spiritual development. This is when a man thinks he is better than others, clearly shows its own self-centeredness. Cardiopulmonary failure occurs when there is no freedom of love for someone or something. The person himself or herself limits for any reason, or to limit its surrounding. And a man is a slave to circumstances.

— Since these diseases is clear. And such a common disease, such as inflammation of appendix? She and early childhood there.

— In early childhood — is karmic. And the average age of the price paid for picking up during the life of the vile, corrupting thoughts. In hemorrhagic diathesis too similar reason. The man gathered up all the family "mud" — moral, ethical. But if a person is not only collected all the karmic "mud" and drags her by her life, but also stores the new "dirt" in this life, he thus destroys the system of his defense and inflammation of the affected lymph nodes. Chronic hepatitis and all related diseases — from anger at people, especially those who do not want to deal with, as necessary.

Chronic pancreatitis is a result of the character traits that flatter the man, he feels unbeatable, rejoices material values. At the same time angry at those who do not notice his achievements, often imaginary.

— A possible issue "to pull"? My colleagues and journalists suffer cervical osteochondrosis. Is not it a fact that we spend half my life on a computer?

— And that you are "on the neck" problems that do not want to give up for many years. Review your life, it may very well be that you are someone else's problems, you have an exaggerated sense of duty. And if the lumbar back pain, then it's you burden yourself with too over the top, and also unnecessary weight. Yes, you can say to me now that low back pain — from a sedentary lifestyle of immobility, on the strength of the joints, long hours are in a forced position.

It's all true, and yet it's not contrary to what I say, because a sedentary lifestyle — it's as if the external causes of disease, injury, and they also indicate: you, people are making a mistake, get up from a chair, move. And internal reasons — a signal not to take other people's problems and commensurate with the load. Or scoliosis. It seems, from poor posture. But also from an imbalance of emotions. Very interesting reason with degenerative disc disease in the coccyx-sacral. In humans, the financial problems, turned away from him luck in everything that comes to money, plus it also neraschetliv in money matters.

No less interesting reason with ankylosing spondylitis, a defeat of the joints, including the spine. The man is very sensitive about the economic and political changes in the society, while he lives by the interests of the material world, but with earthly laws can not be reconciled, and fighting hard to lose flexibility. Just a portrait of our society, is not it? And three of the four sore joints.

— I think I caught the law. Each area of the body reacts to a particular group of errors or mistakes. The cardiovascular system is suffering from …

— Let me interrupt you. Let every man will find himself this pattern, it is on the surface. Find, reflect, analyze, and make your life and the lives of their loved ones more appropriate.

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