Heavy rains caused flooding in the Balkans, one death

Thousands of people in the Balkans have suffered in recent days as a result of flooding caused by melting snow and heavy rains, according to regional media.

Many parts of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia have been affected by the disaster. Flooded hundreds of homes and thousands of hectares of agricultural land. Thousands of people were left without electricity and drinking water. Blurred road, damaged production plants and other objects. Power by the military and firefighters evacuated people and livestock from disaster areas.

The floods have affected almost the entire territory of Macedonia. The agency Makfaks the most difficult situation is in the eastern part of the country near the towns of Strumica and Stip and Skopje and Ohrid. One man died after falling from a bridge into the raging river. Hundreds of homes were flooded and 20,000 people were left without electricity. Several bridges destroyed, leaving many villages were cut off from the outside world. In some areas, stopped road and rail links.

Serbia has been under water, especially south. Dozens of families have been evacuated from the villages near the town of Bujanovac. Floods have also suffered Presevo, Vranje and Trgovishte.

Many rivers burst their banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, flooding basements and ground floors of nearby buildings. In recent days hit villages near the capital, Sarajevo, but the evacuation of the population question. In the center of Sarajevo had to temporarily suspend the tram.

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