Hidden treasures in Poland

Exotic marks the border between Poland and Slovakia.

"Attention, a ghost!" — Warns trip pointer to lift the lock Nidzica. Students who, basically, and visit the castle, are photographed in front of it to memory. Ghost — the spirit of Princess Inca Umino, who was stabbed here at the end of XVIII century, the Spanish guards, tour guides tell the young and adult visitors. Phantom of the guards are hidden hidden treasures.

Five-time replacement passport.

Sleep in the Polish region of the Eastern Tatras populated mainly Slovaks. In winter there are no tourists, and they prefer to rest in a nearby Zakopane place is popular with fans of winter sports.

Two kilometers to the east of the village of Nidzica along the Dunajec River, the border with Slovakia, and the same distance, just to the west, stands proudly Nidzica castle. It was built in the early XIV century, when this area belonged to the north, Hungary, as a defensive line against Poland.

In response, the Polish king Casimir the Great in 1350, he started on the Polish side, in Chorstyne, building its own border fortress. Today, both locks are in Poland, which lies between the Dunajec Valley in the early nineties was the reservoir.

There were many objections to its creation, the local population is not enough today. New willow worse than those who grew up on the river, an old woman complains that close to the castle on the shore of the reservoir grazing cow. But ladies and gentlemen, as always, done differently.

The woman knows what she's talking about. Five times she changed passport, never leaving their village. When she was 80 years ago, was born in Nidzica, the area was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Accession after the First World War to Czechoslovakia, in 1920, it was annexed by Poland. However, the village at the castle until 1945, remained in the possession of the last owners Nidzica, Hungarian nobles. Until 1931, it was ruled by serfdom.

Woman tells about the first piece of his own land, the brutal German occupation and the terrible deeds of the Red Army, which sacked the castle in 1945. "Yes, many say," — she waved his hand in response to a question about the treasures of the Incas.

Hungarian soldier.

Treasure of the Incas in Poland! The story seems too fantastic to be true. And yet, insists one of the oldest in the castle guides Shidlakov Franek, whose father was a carpenter is the owners of the castle, in 1946, he was personally present at when under one of the staircases was discovered tin cylinder, which, along with a pile of gold is.

All attempts to decrypt and read the pile, knotted letter Inca, ended in the deaths and injuries. Its contents are not known to this day as not just a pile of faded, but lost his trail.

In the early stories about the hidden treasures in Nidzica is Hungarian soldier Sebastian Bezhevichi. Young aristocrat, a distant relative of the then owners Nidzica, attracted legends of Inca Gold, went in 1760 in Peru. He did not find any gold, but fell in love with the direct heir of Atahualpa, who was captured by Pizarro.

Shortly after marrying Princess Inca died in childbirth, sired by a girl. Despite this, Bezhevichi remained in Peru, participated on the side of the Incas in one of the last major uprising against the Spaniards, and gave his daughter in marriage to the leader of the Umino uprising, great-grandson of the last ruler of the Inca Tupac Amaru.

Adopted and forgotten
To keep the ruling family, he and his daughter, her husband and the Tupac Amaru II yard Inca went back to Europe. There, he tried to find refuge in Venice, but because of the attempt on the Tupac Amaru II, during which he died, they had to move to a distant sleep, the castle Nidzica. In his luggage, according to Polish historians, was a part of the hidden treasures that are now assumed to be in Lake Titicaca.

In 1797, the "Hungarian" yard Inca Nidzica tracked guards Spanish king, attacked him and killed Umino. Once and for all to hide her grandson, the last prince of the Incas, Sebastian Bezhevichi gave him as an adopted son to one of his relative. Treasure, as the legend goes, Bezhevichi buried somewhere in the vicinity, and the place where the treasure is indicated in the bale.

Anton Benes is now known as the last direct descendant of Tupac Amaru, no one has identified, lived and died, according to the Warsaw historian Alexander Rovinj, near Brno, and never in my life was not interested in treasure.

Otherwise behaved in his great-grandson Andrew Benes: who later became vice-president of the Parliament of the Polish People's Republic, in the thirties, he wanted to get information about a mysterious treasure. In 1946, he was allegedly found in Krakow adoption papers his great-grandfather, which described the place that holds a stack.

In the same year he found him. In the seventies, a senior Polish politician sent two expeditions to Peru, which had to decipher the mysterious letter. But both the expedition disappeared. At the end of February 1976 Andrew Benes was killed in a car accident on the way from Warsaw to Gdansk, supposedly heading for a meeting with the two foreigners, experts nodular letters Incas.

Under 300 tons of concrete.

His son, a lawyer from Gdansk, refuses to talk about it. Rovinj, which has 30 years of history of the hidden treasures in Nidzica, believes that the treasure lies about 70 kilometers north of the ruins of the castle in Nidzica, who also was on the river Dunajec.

It is said that the owner, Krakow businessman ordered wall up the entrances to the cave three hundred tons of concrete. He does not want to get the treasure, because, fortunately, does not need it and not crazy about gold, allegedly says the owner.

Meanwhile, in the castle Nidzica of the rooms have been converted into modern hotel rooms, where today visitors can retreat to spend the weekend on the border of Poland and Slovakia — irrespective of the tumultuous events of our time and the ghosts. Only noisy schoolchildren sometimes briefly violate the morning silence. But they shut up when they learn about the fascinating history of the Inca treasure wrapped in legends.

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