His feng shui existed not only in China but also in Russia


Feng shui is the traditional Chinese science, but we have our own system devices at home. Our ancestors were building and settled in their homes is not in a chaotic manner, everywhere looked through a rigorous system of planning. In particular, almost all traditional Russian huts carved doors on the south side, "to the sun."

The cult of the sun or Yarila, as it was called the ancient Slavs remained even after the Rus adopted Christianity. Jari — the god of the sun, which protects love, spring and fertility. This is the most favorite pagan deity in Russia.

A clear division was traced inside the house. Storage room certainly was to the left of the entrance hall and symbolized the feminine essence, which was considered mystical. That is why not cut out the pantry window.

Upper Room located to the right. In the south-eastern part of the room hung the image, and in the southwest put a bucket or tub of clean well water. To the left of the entrance to the chamber is traditionally laid the oven, which is set for a cradle for the baby and the big table where the whole family gathered.

Cut a window in the front room only on the walls, which looked to the east and south, while North remained solid. They allow only acoustic window. According to ancient legends, this Russian plan to bring good luck and peace in the house, would not let it linger evil or evil spirits.

Our ancestors through the implementation of all these rules have achieved harmony of the soul, which is the primary purpose of the feng shui.

Photo: Fotolia / PhotoXPress.ru

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