Hitler wanted to banish all Czechs to Patagonia

Hitler wanted to banish all Czechs to PatagoniaLong ago, the creator of this article read that Adolf Hitler, drawn by a desire to free up more space for the actual so beloved of them German-Aryans, the Czechs wanted to move to Latin America. Directly — in Patagonia. Is the creator of the then associated only with information from the novel by Jules Verne's "Children of Captain Grant". Climate and life in general in the far Patagonia classic of adventure literature were presented in menacing tones, and the creator of so absentia regretted the poor Czechs, who seems only to miraculously managed to avoid this unenviable fate.

But, settling in the Czech Republic and trying to learn the details of the story, the creator faced with a complete lack of clear data. But it turned out something completely different. It turns out that there is a severe suspicion that similar plans "deportation" seriously cherished Jan Antonin Bata, one of the representatives of the famous dynasty of Czech shoe "kings", the brother of its founder Tomas Bata Sr. (1876-1932).
Nazi shadow

After the catastrophic death of his brother in a plane crash Jan Antonín headed giant firm. Times were languishing: the economic crisis, the Munich Agreement in 1938, the occupation of the Czech Republic in 1939 … Businessman doing everything possible to preserve the viability of the enterprise. Maybe it on the hanger and the Nazis picked up by arresting Batyu in the town of Marianske Lazne. Shoe magnate released on the condition that he met in Berlin with Hermann Goering. Reichsmarschall Batyu tried to convince him of the necessity of cooperation with Germany. After this meeting, "oligarch" has decided to move away from harm's way in the United States. In plants as "Dad" in Zlin appeared the German manager. Company throughout the war to stuff the Wehrmacht not only military footwear, and spare parts for submarines, missiles, V-1 and V-2. In the summer of 1939 the U.S. press has accused the Czech businessman sympathetic to Nazism. The Allies have brought it to the blacklist of collaborating with the enemy and did not renew the South American visa. Dad moved to Brazil.

No one for sure it is not clear what exactly Jan Antonín in 1939 with Goering and other Nazi bonzes said. That later formed the basis for speculation — both on the part of sympathy tycoon against Nazi gang-watering, and in connection with an accident in the resettlement of Patagonia. The question must be viewed in a historical context, when the head of a shoe company in 1939 in Germany declined to cooperate, then the second, then the world does not start, and no one knew how this story will end. Germany was powerful and a small, loyal Western powers and the Germans conquered the Czech Republic. Fully maybe Goering really hinted Bath: coming soon to a small central European "clearing" will not place a lot. On a map of the world as there are plenty of uninhabited regions. No need to wait until the thunder clap, fathers baptized Czech civilization must have at the moment.

Political ambitions

Jan Antonin Bata may have been flattered by such an approach to business. He considered himself to be one of the pillars of the Czech society. And even "climbed into politics." In the second half of the 30s, for example, the bombing of the Czechoslovak president Benes projects to improve road and railway networks in the country, reviving the industry. When his advice was rejected by the cold, Dad became very critical comment on the head of the country. They obviously did not agree mores. At one point, during a meeting in London, a great Dad slapped malehankih Benes on the shoulder: "My friend, together we are able to pretty much everything!". President of the offense and Bata said, that he "better watch over the shoes." The deepest fall of 1938, after the capture of the Sudetenland Germans, resignation and exile Benes Dad seriously thinking about how to take a free presidency.

But the shoe magnate was not a politician but a practitioner. By selfish-capitalist in its judgment did not plan that future war has left in place the ashes of the Czech Republic and the mountain of corpses. Here lived his quality work and his loyal customers, in order to preserve this invaluable to every business movers and shakers of the market, he was ready for anything. Maybe even working on creating the "plan-plan" for … Moving the Czechs and Slovaks in South America, "not to jostle in Europe."

Criminal case

Since this story is apocryphal in the Czech heritage has acquired so many speculations, the creator will try to stick to the facts. And they are. 12 December 1946 in respect of Ian Batey Czechoslovak police launched a criminal case. In the guilt imputed to him, for example, the "forcible attempt configuration of the Constitution of the Czechoslovak Republic." Consequence at all it was referring specifically to his "plan for resettlement of the Czech people in Patagonia."

This part of the indictment was based was on a single letter that Yang Dad during a business trip to Chile in 1941 Tipo sent his own secretary physician George Udrzhalu. The letter told the owner about the "magnificent" plan to move the Czechs in the region stretching between Chile and Argentina. Secretary Udrzhal apparently beetle was still that, he carefully accumulated dirt on his boss. The next two years, when the balance is the second world hesitated, and it was not clear who will prevail in the war, Udrzhal kept a secret message from the owner. But later, after Stalingrad and El Alamein was, in principle, it is clear that Hitler's veins are clipped. And the secretary wrote a scion of the founder of the shoe empire, Tomas Bata Jr., lives in Canada, a letter dated April 19, 1943. Where are all about the "treacherous uncle-deportatora" told. The letter also said that "the confidential folder Jan Antonin contained a map with the territory allotted for the future of the Czechoslovak government (in Patagonia — Ed.)". Udrzhal said: "The text has been remark:" I arranged with the leaders of the German people that they will support the resettlement plan. "This is seriously shaken my confidence in Jan Antonin Bata."

Manuscripts do not burn

The plan, which, according to the Secretary, contained 27 pages, "stories for" rewrote his wife Adela Udrzhalova. Original returned as Bath, where he summer of 1941, returned from Chile. The project consisted of 2-parts — the draft propaganda lectures and capability description of economic use of Patagonia. Although Dad was not completely sure of the victory of Germany, but its role in the enterprise, he, of course, was listed first. Because the main point of the plan was given to the idea of Berlin.

"Goering said to me that we are living in the German court, owe to yourself to give this report and in accordance with this act — Tipo batevskogo mentioned in the text of the memorandum. — Obviously, a lot of truth in this saying. We live in a German environment, even if it is a question of not so long ago Germanized Slavs, Serbs and Silesian … But it is also evident that civilization … Czechoslovak preserved and sustained impacts of the Asian hordes, with all this while serving in Germany as a buffer from the east … "

Dad hits the historical philosophizing: say, specifically Czechs perfectly understand the sense in the "art of being a small nation." From this it follows that the Czechs can not Germanise, "we are talking about the people
who will hide his fists (read: figs — Ed.) Whole decades and eventually break under the German Reich as Austria destroyed." "Thinking about all abilities — writes Ian Dad — I find only one solution. I'm looking for an outlet that would be in the interest of all and would not have left behind a sea of hot blood … The solution I have in mind is the relocation of the people of the Czech and Slovak on another continent. In the best possible environment to the best lands available to the vast capabilities of the state. Such resettlement civilization I am ready to personally invite and … organize. In case of victory, Hitler did not stop short of any rights of the Czech people to exist .. because we have to beat the action and look on the globe is the best place, and without the help of others to come with such a project, so we had a benefit, both moral and economic … "

Speaking of the other belligerent countries (USSR, apparently, at this point was still out of the war and was not taken into account, — Ed.), Jan Dad says, if the British lose, they have their "ability will not speak about it." If the business turnover on the other, the British Empire will be able to learn from the project benefit: Czechoslovak Patagonia become tasty morsel where Albion will be able to "get new areas, while areas are valuable, as they will be a valuable populated nation of people, the development of cultural, at the technical level and cost. " The Czechs, in his opinion, would have nothing against the interim British administration, "considering it faster protection than allegiance."

$ 20 billion, 30 years old

The U.S. should be able to participate in the stunning "relocation". According to the views of the entrepreneur, the premise of the war in Europe is the "overpopulation". He calculated that the conduct of hostilities (at the time — help battling England — Ed.) Worth 36 billion U.S. dollars, for the relocation of the Czechoslovak people also need to pay a "mere $ 20 billion." Dad is an expert on the national economy, the amount advised to divide between the individual states. Given the fact that Czechoslovakia would be able to participate in the project in the amount of 4 billion dollars. Relocation, the views on Bata, can be completed in 30 years.

How should look "Patagonian Bata empire?" Industrialist wanted to start at the first step in the creation of 25 industries. Base — of course, the shoe business, it was planned to bind the raw materials, mining, timber processing and aircraft factories, chemical, cement and paper factories, shipyards and railway companies. Total planned to do jobs for 340 thousand people.

Raise the Patagonian virgin soil

Moving Czech and Slovak colonists owed under the plan Bati, held "waves." The first people to be moved, released from concentration camps, and landless farmers and their families. Behind them — the workers, artisans and merchants. The property can be implemented. Practitioner Yang Dad gives a specific example: hectare of arable land in the Czech Republic "flies" over 30 thousand kroons and in Patagonia for the money you can buy 5-10 acres. Such a perspective Tipo fully Czechs could seduce. Dad lurid detail the more productive areas of Patagonia: on the Pacific side — the plains of the rivers Rio Palena, Puelo, Velho, with the Atlantic — swimming pools Khubutia Rio, Rio Negro, Rio Genoa and other rivers. According to the plan, "the new Czechoslovakia" (or "Batyalend") would receive approximately 2,000 islands, for the most part — to the rich minerals. If you throw away the geopolitical ends, the Jan Antonin, of course, becomes interested in the colonization of space by people who have aspired to the life and work of the pioneers in the languid criteria.

15 years with confiscation

Prosecutors Czechoslovakia in 1947 amounted to an indictment against Jan Antonin Bata. Obviously, the investigation failed to substantiate his thesis (even if they were really written by them — because the original one, not counting spouses Udrzhalov not beheld) evolved into something more severe than a reflection on the "defeatist" theme.

In the verdict, the prosecutor's office stated that the citizen Dad YA "in agreement with Hermann Goering in 1939 went to the U.S., there supply of raw materials seized in the country or else directly to Germany and other methods bring significant benefits to the enemy," discouraged workers from entry into the Czechoslovak Army, "making mischief in the Czechoslovak defense power and allies," "condemned the internal resistance of the victim, the act approved the occupiers and their lackeys, being a well known industrialist, has refused to join the resistance." The charge was not very convincing, but the then justice, in which the tone was set Communists ruled first by political considerations. Batyu Tribunal sentenced in absentia to imprisonment in jail special regime for 15 years, and his property was confiscated. Condemnation of Jan Bata was very useful: naikrupneyshee Czech JSC "Dad" on the basis of the decrees of President Benes had been confiscated earlier. The verdict has legitimized this obscure legal act.

Rehabilitation — posthumously

Jan Antonín remaining days spent in Brazil, where he founded four cities (for example, Batagaussu and Bataipora) and doing all the same shoe creation. He died in 1965 at the age of 67 years. He had 5 children. Three daughters — Lyudmila, Edith and Mary — arrived in October 1991 to his homeland to achieve rehabilitation father. Czech courts 16 years denied the satisfaction of their claims. Only 60 years after the condemnation of Jan Antonín, in November 2007, the Prague City Tribunal took into account the evidence that convicted during the war, it appears, has funded the British government in exile and has promoted the amounts in millions to flee from the Protectorate of 300 Jewish families. Manufacturer name has been cleared, the tribunal found that he was not a collaborator. Cool water stories shifted its thickness and on his "Patagonian fantasies."

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