How America Alliance disorganized, or why should we credit?

How America Union collapsed, or why do we credit?

What is the "Union"?

For people who do not particularly have tasted the taste of a study of their history, I would like to explain: "The Union" — shortened derivative of the Russian Union of Socialist Republics, or USSR. Stately government, which many of us remember from youth, has long been a non-existent, but still reminds about themselves and their accomplishments majestic errors. What did his secret, and why, with all that we sometimes feel sad about the far-time youth?

Memoirs "of the time"

Memory. Timeless our desire memoir faced, colorful paintings hark back to a time when our homeland was stately government, which is the envy of the world. Of course, we do not deny the fact that at that time there were also prepyadstviya, but as babies we did not feel it, and we can not properly assess the situation, determining good or bad it was. Because let's not invent anything, but just sit down and remember that distant time.

Let's start from the beginning — kindergarten. In kindergarten, then maybe it was not such contrast of toys, but the attitude of the staff, and of an educational program that everything was up to par. Already a young petty citizens closely studied the history of their own country and imbued with respect to its standards and direction of development.

The well-being of the family for kindergarten had special significance, and is usually related to all the children were similar, contributing to a healthy environment both within the team and in the relationship with their parents. Some readers may make an objection and see that the "leveling" Since there was nothing decent and many lusted after her escape from the strong ties. All the same, except at the time were prepyadstviya in order to arrange child to kindergarten? Who and who wore a bribe, trying to build out their own baby? Because we will not hang back and argue, and let us go on.

Kindergarten raised babies love to his homeland, he taught the basic concepts of morality and decency, and develop a sense of pride in the fact that we live in the best place on earth. And what now? Funds, lists, meetings, "volunteer" help, and more. It's as if all annoying, but wet and waiting, suddenly someone will make an objection and ask the question: where are our taxes, and why should we pay for social programs from which should be handled by the government? But all this is only a dream, and we are devoted to sheep continue to pay "taxes", supporting anyone incomprehensible funds.

School during the Russian authorities are also different from those education systems that have at the moment. Some Western ideologists called Russian education "seromyshem" and students since "mindless masses", I wish to see that all of this heresy and provocation of paid writers. These figures may be strong in euphony and selection of epithets, but still they think because they paid for. I do not argue, I'm not a philologist and I can not right and delicately build its own reasons, but the desire I have to speak out, because I will go on.

Let's remember how many decent people have brought ordinary secondary schools, who worked in the ordinary villages. Thousands of village schools have released their own walls of hundreds of thousands of educated professionals who have taken their place in the life and work for the good of the motherland. Where are they now? Why there was one school for three villages, and what happened to the teachers?

Well, well, let's change the topic and make out it a bit later. In the meantime, calm down and continue on the school.

The school system of education in the Russian Union though was not so "highly qualified" as an example, we demonstrate zabugornyh schools, yet our children received their marks for knowledge, not for the way they play basketball. Everything was clear and simple: athletes trained in sports schools, and ordinary kids in the general education program there, and for all that neither the one nor the other did not prevent for more knowledge or access to the sports section.

Everything was pretty easy and understandable and therefore our country took a leading position not only in the Olympic Games, and quite often become a typical "donor" for brains "brotherly" countries. As an example at the moment can lead to Cuba or China, which with its own "Soviet" orientation of education a long time ago and has already surpassed America, and Japan, who are so proud of their excellent scientists.
In Russian education system was one severe disadvantage, and it can not recognize. The whole point was that the kids were not given the ability to stand out, get ahead, show off a few favorites and it really hindered the development of excellent guys. But as they say, that for a student without deuces? Therefore let us not judge strictly Russian Ministry of Education and the Union will continue our memoirs of the time.

Anyone who was not a pioneer, it is unlikely it will acquire a feeling that overwhelmed every Octobrist receiving this proud title. It was an honor to be a pioneer. The earliest pioneers in the honors were taken, then "horoshist", "troechniki" and those who are poorly trained, and most could be left without the sacred reddish tie. Pioneer organization was of strongest organizational link that is subordinated to itself all the students of the middle classes.

Fair and generous organization was brought up in children the desire to be first, to help the elderly, protect the feeble, carefully treat nature. Memoir about how I planted trees, helped the elderly, worked on the harvest on farm fields and resting in camp, awaken in my heart the warmest memoirs. Respect for adults grafted me pioneering organization has stayed with me all my life, and I never let myself go for "you" to the man, older than me, and even more rude to him.

Russian education system has made a generation of literate and educated people who have carried the idea of respect and love for their own homeland through his life. After all, it's not bad? And now there are summer camps, but for some reason their kids are not pioneers and scouts. Understandably, the Russian ideologists also stole the idea of youth organizations, but it served as a good, not commerce of clean water where students haggling their crafts or home-made cakes to raise funds for the needs of the school.
In the Russian time for things like director of the institution he would find himself behind bars. But do not let the intimidation of the totalitarian system, specifically because thanks to her efforts, and we have lost our country. Of course, there is nothing in the despotism of decent and freedom of speech is a majestic thing, but in fact, if we've already got the freedom of speech, why silent? Why not talk about what is bad, that pent up? Creepy. Wait, do not go there again, we delve once again suffered.

Concluding the topic of education and passing to the newcomer section, I would still see that only through Russian education we all know how many planets in the solar system and how to correctly calculate gallakticheskuyu speed, not to mention the ability to use a slide rule. Therefore take this opportunity once again to thank all the teachers of their own, and in particular the 1st decent man, the fate of which I do not understand arithmetic teacher Vale
ntina G. Kovtun, which instilled in me a love and respect for my country and science.

America's role in the collapse of the Russian Union

On America's part in the collapse of the Russian Union of arguing very much spice, so I will not meddle in the dispute "smart men" that it does not appear to me because outlines Omar Khayyam, namely: "… not the donkeys later, at least some do not ass. Glorify whom? A donkey. " Because no desire to build from a literate and prove his innocence to someone. We proceed in another way: let's learn how to apply to our present life, the main provisions of the doctrine of Allen Dulles (Director of the CIA, 1945).

"We will find its own adherents own aides and allies in Russia."

If you recall from the beginning, you have to go back in the days of Khrushchev and our the story will turn into the story because "I will be brief" and will begin with the Stavropol combiner Misha Gorbachev's a miracle became general secretary of the Soviet Union. His call to Moscow was preceded by a surprisingly comfortable destruction of the 1st member of the presidium, which took a vacation to the country to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its own and committed suicide. What surprisingly, he shot his first wife, and later have committed suicide, in other words the witnesses left.

"Success" coincidences that later will constantly accompany the activities of the young combiner, very quickly bring him on a key place in the state. During the rule of Gorbachev Canada vorachivaetsya sovereign Yakovlev, at one time on the side of peremetnuvshimsya Yankees and admitted to the Union of Russian spy, for which he was even sentenced in absentia. "Proper" housekeeping combiner marked the beginning of the collapse of the country, killed her industry, sow ethnic enmity between the peoples of the Union republics. The question arises: ea that he received the Nobel Peace Prize?

If you think about it carefully, then there are vague doubts that in some places it already was … Exactly! Again, Allen Dulles:
"In government we will do the chaos and confusion, inconspicuously but intensely and constantly will promote the tyranny of officials, corrupt officials, unscrupulous, bureaucracy and red tape will erect into a virtue. Honesty and integrity will obsmeivat — they are no one will be needed, reincarnated as a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, heresy and deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal terror to each other and unbending betrayal, nationalism and hatred of peoples, first enmity and hatred of the Russian people — all this we will be neatly and inconspicuously to cultivate, all double flowers bloom. Only a few, very few will guess or even be aware of what is happening. But these people we put in the position of weakness, has turned into a laughing stock, we find a method to slander and call the dregs of society …
We will shatter, so Makarov, generation after generation … We will fight for the people from childhood, teenage years, we will always do the main rate at young people become corrupt, corrupt, defile it. "

Scary, is not it? When you start to think about these words, the eyes involuntarily gets the picture from the past, when I was studying in the institute.

1998. Half-starved teachers institute turned into a means of livelihood. No one is to motivate students' knowledge, chassis currency — U.S. bucks from time to time products and national media. Inflation and unemployment have brought people to despair. Some of my friends committed suicide. Drunkenness, hopelessness. This is one of the brightest periods of independence.

At this point, it became fashionable to attribute all this to the crisis. What crisis in 1998? What are we talking about? This was only the beginning, because then the South American "six" Only whirled his wheel. The crisis will come later, when over twice in 10 years will be almost completely destroyed the middle class. For what? Neuzh that our state does not need doctors, teachers, scientists, experts at? For what destroyed the farms? Why cut down orchards?

Answers to these questions can be found in the "Doctrine", because right now the Yankees have to float their "Bush legs" and their doctors now seen on our institutions and lectures to students. They teach us how to do business! It's funny! And the hunt to shout the virtues of the Lord, put things in order at home! How much is in fact worth your buck if outside U.S. debt allows creditors to take it away from you for the debts of at least three times?!

Think of it? And now the very start of an exciting and remember those credits that gives us the IMF. The question is: well, why goat accordion? Why do we take loans in U.S. dollars? Neuzh it must be so? Yes … the mountain of questions and answers, not really. Someone say: we all take and take. Excellent! I agree! But why not in yen or rupees? And, yes everything is clear, because no land of the rising sun, nor of India to conduct the war with Lebanon is not necessary, but the Yankees will not prevent unnecessary funds on a rocket. What prevents us, let's take a little more and buy American IOUs, which in actual fact are worthless, help the Democrats to create peace in the world.

South American "address" democracy is already rather fed up with the world, but the thing — not supported Yankees, they will be offended and did not realize for you bucks. Because — tssss … silent. Stand quietly and wait, when and for us to print, and then suddenly not enough. Naturally time From time to time there are people who wish to resist this, but we are all fine litsezreem what happens to them. The most recent and striking example Julian Paul Assange, the owner of Wikileaks, who is on trial for atrocities incomprehensible character, and in fact man just barely spoke the truth and nothing more. So where is the democracy? Why Americans do not stand up and admit their mistakes?

Because, if we carefully reflect on the fact that such loans, then we can understand the terrible truth of life. Loans — a payment for our mute silence, "closed mouth", which poked a pack of bucks and we did not hesitate to chew and enjoy their own happiness. And who has ever thought about it that we will have more to give, not counting our silence? Nobody. Oh, and for what, and if so perfectly?

Many people who take out loans are unlikely to use them to develop the economy of their own country. We do not even think about who has the statutory capital of banks, which lend to us. It's totally not interested in us, because in a rush to get their money and izderzhat on another "tchotchke" and there is not grass to grow. Proceeding in a similar way, we will soon fulfill all the items "Doctrine" and make way for a U.S. — European race, which with a smirk on his face will redeem our country, as once bought the Redskins in America. It's fine if we leave at least some reservation, and if not? Where to go then? Where to find their homeland, we have traded on the gum, Coca-Cola and Snickers? You may ask: neuzh something so bad? Surely there is no way out?

No, why, there is always a way out, just need to find it, and is committed to, to get out of this mess as quickly as possible. After all, if you think about you and me not forced to take the credit. With the tremendous desire to always be rid of a new phone or tele-health, much less that it is unlikely to be needed if we drive out of the house. All these excesses, and without them you can live six months podsobrav funds without help from others, which is much more useful than drive themselves to addiction.

Before taking a loan, well think about it. Remember, a person who has a credit obligations, painfully easy to manage. When the pilot appeal to our debt obliga
tions, creditors can claim that we meet our uncharacteristic behavior. So, that being said, the home did not realize, let's live within our means and remember our conscience and honor, which many of us have planted in the days of the majestic country, called Russian Alliance.

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