How and when Adolf Hitler decided to poruha USSR

How and when Adolf Hitler decided to attack the USSRDays of celebration ended with victory, but there is another, this time the funeral date — June 22, 1941. On the eve of the anniversary of the attack by Nazi Germany on the Russian alliance would be superfluous to recall the incident Adolf Hitler making this decision. This article was written by me in the continuation of the article A. Ogneva — soldiers, doctors, honored worker of science — "Exposing the falsifiers of history. Plan" Barbarossa "signed" in which the creator proves that "Germany was preparing to rage against the Soviet Union immediately after the surrender of France." In my opinion, this conclusion AV Ogneva requests clarification — Hitler decided poruha the Soviet Union did not immediately after the surrender of France, and immediately after the start of the Allied evacuation from Dunkirk, in fact in the month prior to the surrender of France.

At the base of my constructions laid outlook former Major General Wehrmacht Gillebranda B. Mueller, who own the basic work "The army in Germany 1933-1945 years." says literally: "not yet begun the second step of the Western campaign, when Hitler May 28, 1940 began to open a discussion with the commanders in chief of the Army's future business peacetime army …. In addition, Hitler had already given the order on June 15 to reduce the number peacetime army of up to 120 divisions, which included 30 and movable joints, provides for a peaceful time. "

It seems to be totally out for himself analogous picture — Hitler attacked France May 10, 1940 with 156 divisions, and for peacetime decided June 15, 1940 to reduce the army of war-time and 120 divisions. For the operation "Sea Lion" On July 13 1940, it was decided to eliminate 35 divisions instead disband the 17 divisions and personnel of the 18 divisions to fire "in a long vacation on condition that at least some time, you can just return the connection to the previous form .. .. July 31, 1940, Hitler said about his own determination for the spring 1941 campaign against the Russian Union to his defeat. To do this, he said, with a target date to bring the number of land forces, and 180 divisions. " In anticipation of the defeat of Greece and Yugoslavia, the Wehrmacht was reinforced divisions created to carry the occupational services in these countries, resulting in land army in Germany before the attack on the Soviet Union, and this is how the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS, numbered 209 divisions, including the battle group "Nord . "

The harmony of this painting gives the army in peacetime — "120 divisions, which included and 30 movable joints." After increasing 10 tank divisions, 4 motorized divisions, two motorized SS divisions and one mechanized infantry brigade of the army of war to 20 tank and 10 motorized divisions of the army of the peace was to Germany, according to the views of Mueller-Gillebranda to war only in the vast areas of Russian Union. "The accumulation of experience, as radical change in the military-political situation that has occurred as a result of immense learning new territories in the East and in the end that the Russian Alliance has a specific neighbor, Germany, talk about the need for a meaningful increase in the future the number of infantry troops, and especially armored forces . " It turns out illogical — did peacetime army, but were preparing for war with the Russian Union is not in the distant future, and almost fall 1940.

The apparent phenomenon situation simply eliminated familiarity with the recording diary Chief of the General Staff of the German Army, Colonel-General Halder F. for July 31 1940 year, which shows rassredotachivanie group of 180 divisions:

"7 divisions — Norway (to yourself)
50 divisions — France
Division 3 — The Netherlands and Belgium
Total: 60 divisions
120 divisions — the East
Total: 180 divisions. "

It turns out that 120 divisions — is army Russian invasion of the Alliance. An additional 60 divisions to carry the service of the occupation in the West came in handy Hitler only after Britain refused to peace with Germany. 120 divisions — is on the one hand peacetime army for the UK and France, and the other wartime army to Russian Union. In the light of new developments adopted by the adoption of the picture A. Hitler decision to attack the Russian Alliance radically changed.

May 10, 1940, a day the resignation of Neville Chamberlain, Germany invaded France, Holland and Belgium. Relying on the conclusion of peace after the defeat of France and England and the company of a joint campaign against the Soviet Union, May 24, 1940, Hitler suspended Tank Coming own troops against the defending Dunkirk allies. Meanwhile he gave the opportunity to evacuate British troops from the north, "bag", as our own — to avoid a collision with the front pushed into a corner hopeless and desperately resisting the enemy, keeping such Makar, a campaign for the future of life in the Soviet Union as the English and German fighter. "Stop order" caused a surprise not only to the German generals, whom Hitler had "explained to stop tank units … zeal to save the tanks for the war in Russia." Even Hitler's closest associate of R. Hess assured him that the defeat of the British forces in France will speed up the peace with England.

But Hitler did not succumb to anyone's entreaties and remained adamant — the defeat of the 200000th British group, of course, increased the chances of peace with Germany, the United Kingdom, but at the same reduced the potential of the UK anti-Russian Union that Hitler was completely unacceptable. On the 27th May, the number of evacuees was small — only 7669 people, but in the upcoming evacuation rates soared, and all had been evacuated from Dunkirk 338 thousand people, including 110 thousand Frenchmen. English expeditionary force was thrown a huge amount of military equipment and weapons languid. Meanwhile, "at 4:00 am on May 28 Belgian troops were ordered to lay down their weapon, because Belgium has agreed to surrender unquestioningly."

May 28, 1940, after making sure the British evacuation from Dunkirk, Hitler began to discuss the army's invasion of the Soviet Union under the condition of non-interference in the UK German-Soviet conflict. June 2, in the days of the coming to Dunkirk, he expressed the "hope that the UK will now really ready to go on a" reasonable conclusion of peace "and then he will have a free hand to run their own" stately and specific tasks — opposition to Bolshevism, "and 15 June gave the order for the development of an invading army in the Russian Alliance in the 120 division with a simultaneous increase in the number of mobile connections to 30. Increasing the number of mobile connections, according to the views of B. Mueller Gillebranda, Hitler was needed for the war in the vast expanses of Russia.

June 16, 1940 the French government has refused to enter into the proposed Churchill Anglo-French alliance with the provision of all the British and French dual citizenship, the creation of a single government in London and the integration of the armed forces. By nightfall on June 16 1940 leading the group defeatist "Marshal Petain … formed a government with the main goal to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Germany." June 22, 1940 France surrendered. Lord Halifax, he come to power May 10, 1940, of course, right behind France made peace with Germany, but the acti
ons taken quite a different turn.

Already for the next day, Winston Churchill refused to recognize the Vichy government, and began to actively cooperate with the organization of General de Gaulle "Free France", and June 27, 1940 said that if Hitler did not succeed to break the British in the Peninsula, it "may rush to East. Essentially, it maybe will do it without even trying to execute an invasion. " Afraid to use the Nazis against the British the French Navy, Churchill gave the order to kill him. During "Operation Catapult" the British fleet from 3 to 8 July 1940 sank, injured and captured seven battleships, four cruisers, 14 destroyers, eight submarines and other ships.

For the sake of putting pressure on Churchill, July 13, 1940, Hitler gave the order to prepare a landing operation against the United Kingdom by early September, and therefore decided to disband, only 17 of the planned 35 divisions, with the dismissal of the personnel of the other 18 divisions in the long vacation. July 19, 1940, Hitler offered peace for the sake of the UK or role, or neutrality in the struggle with the Russian Union of Germany, and "July 21, … claimed by von Brauchitsch start" manufacturing "to war with Russia, and in a victorious frenzy of those days even thought about this campaign in the fall of 1940. "

22 July 1940 Churchill refused peace with Germany, and July 24, 1940 agreed to the transfer of old times British American destroyers to counter the German U-boats in exchange for the right to organize in a number of British naval bases fr U.S. than just mixed up all his plans to Hitler. In a desperate attempt to reverse the situation, Hitler called Edward back to the UK. But on July 28 Edward, who fled in May 1940 in Spain from the headquarters of the combined Allied command of the advancing German divisions, Hess said in Lisbon that "at this point, he is not prepared to risk civilian war in Britain for the return of the throne, but can reason with the bombing of Britain and maybe prepare the country for his speedy return from the Bahamas, the management of which he took at the time, on the proposal of Churchill. "

So makarom Churchill kept on your own post. Since the act of Germany against the Russian Union now had to under threat from British and French troops, Hitler decided to increase the army to 180 divisions. 7 divisions planned to stop in Norway, 50 divisions — in France and 3 divisions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Total: 60 divisions. As before, 120 divisions were allocated for operations in the East. Total: 180 divisions. As the Wehrmacht faced with the need to build their own strength, July 31, 1940, Hitler announced his intention to destroy the Soviet Union as of Spring 1941. "August 1, 1940 Windsors boarded the ship at Lisbon, en route to the Caribbean, and just left the political scene."

As we litsezreem, Hitler thought about the attack on Russian Alliance 24-28 May 1940 during his military operations in France, linking it directly with the decision to allow British troops to evacuate from the "bag" at Dunkirk. The final decision to attack the Russian Alliance was accepted Hitler not later than 15 June 1940, when he gave the order for the development of an invading army in the Russian Alliance in the 120 division with a simultaneous increase in the number of mobile connections to 30. The attack on the Soviet Union was supposed subject of non-interference in the German-Soviet conflict of Great Britain and Vichy France.

Meanwhile, the plan was frustrated by Winston Churchill, who started to force Germany to Russian poruha Alliance without any help Britain. Hitler's attempt to intimidate or by the Wehrmacht's invasion of Great Britain, or return to the throne of Edward the UK to achieve neutrality in the German-Soviet conflict of success has not brought. Hitler was obliged obediently in addition to the 120 divisions grouping invading Russian Alliance to 60 divisions for the occupation of Western Europe and its cover against the risk of the UK. Term of attacks on Russian Alliance was moved to illumine 1940 year, in the spring of 1941.

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