How and why the death of Russian military leader Mikhail Frunze?

How and why he died Soviet military commander Mikhail Frunze?85 years ago, died on the operating table Mikhail Frunze. The debate about whether there was a famous military leader stabbed to physicians or he died as a result of the ill-fated version does not subside until this time. Mom Frunze was sure that the offspring killed, daughter thinks otherwise …

"Mikhail Frunze was a revolutionary to the core, he believed in the permanence of the Bolshevik standards, — Zinaida knows Borisov, head of the Samara House Museum MV Frunze. — After all, he was a romantic, creative nature. Even wrote poems about the revolution under the pseudonym Ivan Grave, "… a beast in the women tricked duped ebbs huckster — godless merchant. And a lot of effort will be spent in vain, with the blood of the poor povysoset Stealther businessman … "

"Despite the military genius, a man Frunze fired only once — at the constable Nikita Perloff. More gun on a man he could not bring ", — says Vladimir drove, Ph.D., director of Shuya Museum. Frunze.

At one point, because of the romantic nature of Frunze killed several hundred thousand man. During the war in the Crimea, he had a great idea: "What if the offer crisp white officers to surrender in exchange for a pardon?" Frunze formally appealed to Wrangel: "Who will want to — leave Russia without hindrance."

"Promise Frunze then believed about 200 thousand officers — says Vladimir drove. — But Lenin and Trotsky gave the order to kill them. Frunze refused to obey an order and was removed from command of the southern front. "

"These officers were executed horribly — continues Z. Borisov. — They are lined up on the beach, each hung on the neck of the stone and was shot in the head. Frunze was very upset, depressed, and he almost killed himself. "

In 1925, Mikhail Frunze went to the resort — to treat stomach ulcers, which tortured him for nearly 20 years. The commander was happy — he was getting better evenly.

"But here came the paranormal — says historian Roy Medvedev. — Consultation of doctors recommend you go for surgery, although the limited success of healing was obvious. Added fuel to the fire of Stalin, saying, "You, Michael, a military man. Cut out in the end, his ulcer! "

It turns out that Stalin had Frunze such a task — to go under the knife. Say, decide the issue as a man! There is nothing to take all the time in the sanatorium newsletter and ride. He played on his ego. Frunze hesitated. His wife later recalled that he did not want to lie down on the operating table. But the challenge. A couple of minutes before the operation was: "Do not I wish! I have been all right! But here, Stalin insisted … " Incidentally, Stalin and Voroshilov before surgery have visited the clinic, which suggests that the leader watched the process.

Frunze was given anesthesia. Used chloroform. The commander could not sleep. Doctor commanded increment dose …

"The usual dose of anesthesia itself is unsafe and increased — could be deadly — R. Medvedev says. — Fortunately, Frunze safely asleep. The doctor made an incision. It became clear that the ulcer healed — there is nothing to cut. The patient is sewn up. But chloroform caused the poisoning. Frunze fought for his life 39 hours … In 1925, the medicine was completely different level. And dying Frunze blamed on the unfortunate incident. "

How and why he died Soviet military commander Mikhail Frunze?

Neposlushlivy Minister

Frunze died October 31, 1925, it was solemnly buried on Red Square. Stalin was in a festive speech sadly complained: "It's too easy some leave us". Historians so far there is debate about whether the known general stabbed to death on the operating table, doctors on Stalin's orders or died as a result of the ill-fated version.

"I do not think the father killed, — Tatiana admits Frunze, the daughter of a famous military leader. — Faster than it was a tragic accident. In those years, the system has not yet reached the point to kill those who could have prevented Stalin. Such things started only in the 1930s. "

"It may well be that Stalin had thought to get rid of Frunze — R. Medvedev said. — Frunze was a man of independent and more than well-known than Stalin himself. A leader was needed obedient minister. "

"Legends that Frunze was stabbed to death on the operating table by Stalin, Trotsky launched, — W. drove sure. — Although the mother Frunze was convinced that her son killed. Yes, the CC was then almost all-powerful: he had the right and insist, that Frunze went for surgery, and forbid him to fly on planes: aviation equipment then was very unreliable. In my opinion, the death was natural Frunze. For 40 years he was a man deeply unhealthy — launched tuberculosis gastric ulcer. It a couple of times mercilessly beaten during arrests, during the war, his civilian clothes concussion bomb exploded. Even if there were no transactions are likely, he would soon be killed himself. "

There were people who blamed the death of Misha Frunze not only Stalin, Kliment Voroshilov and yes — he received after the death of his friend's post.

"Voroshilov was a good friend, Frunze — R. Medvedev knows. — Then he took care of his kids, Tanya and Timur, although most have already been adopted son. By the way, Stalin was also adopted son. Then it was vserasprostraneno: when a large communist leader died, his kids passed under the care of another Bolshevik. "

"Kliment Voroshilov very fussed about Tatiana and Timur, — Z. says Borisov. — Recently the Russian war majestically Voroshilov arrived in Samara in our museum and the portrait of Timur Frunze handed dagger. And Timur vowed that would be worthy of the memory of his father. It happened. He made his military career, he went to the front and died in 1942 in a fight. "

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