How are provocation

How are provocationHonestly say, Base provocation came, but it is seen by all as hands. Simply amazing how in the absence of anything worthwhile Western news agencies pounce on cheap provocation. Honestly, when I first saw this report, could not help laughing. Colleagues-journalists from local media eyed with suspicion, is it well?

Those who are aware in English, for sure, quite independently to look at the video clip to realize is base as a "work of art". For those who do not know the British, the creator will try to explain some points. In general, it is necessary to say that the movie presented by CNS — a manual for amateurs provocateurs. See how it is done and what is supported by your Rezonit absurd, it's safe to say that the person who is trying to say all, says Yankees complete moron.

The man shown in the photo, is known to many, and we will not call his name, as is the purpose of the article is not the man himself and his delightful family name. Well, what's the use to refer to such a lot. We say at this point it's not about the interview, and an interview in general and how it might look if the interview gives a sloppy, biased and corrupt people, maybe even a manager or employee of any fund. In his own eight-minute television interview hero interview managed to say almost all, had not only say 1st — the truth!

For example, in an editorial under the TV interview it was said that Russian policy in the 95 percent support the point of view of the American authorities to Syria. This obviously is not, but I heard an interview with the Americans begin to think: "If Washington's position supported by Moscow, then why do not we bomb Syria so far? No resolution? Because it is a trifle! The main thing is Moscow's consent." Means a U.S. that bombard Syria will not be any problems. And if they are, then, "Oh, these dangerous Russian! After all, were not against. " It would be interesting to find out how did the figure of 95 percent, where it came from? Unfortunately, in the CNS of these data do not lead.

Second, very exciting time of the interview. Israel has a very ambivalent refers to the change of power in Syria, in other words, does not insist on it (oh, there!). This is — pure manipulation. We all know how Israel wants to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. Syria is perhaps the greatest obstacle on the path to the realization of this desire. Neuzh However, Israel still prevent this Assad or not hurt?

Subsequent excellent passage lies in the fact that our homeland is not implemented and will not sell a gun Syria since Vladimir Putin does not want to sell the gun to Assad, as well as Syria has nothing to pay for the gun. This passage is intended to convince the Yankees that unleashing a war against Syria, the United States should not be afraid of significant air defense capabilities Syria, After all, our home is no longer deliver any weapons and hunt to remember the biblical "Blessed who believe!". After all, for the Russian base in Tartus Our home pay, and could just on the money supply arms. So, you see, and you can completely do without resources.

And so, as it turns out, is not all. Further, that the interview seemed truthful, employee all of the same fund or institution adds a little truth. Russian position on Libya has become so after speaking with Obama Medvedev (where the same Russian disappear when the "big orders"). Medvedev went for it, even knowing that it "will be criticized and people, and Putin" (an obvious puncture: If 95 percent of the political community of the South American interests, then who would criticize Medvedev?).

Next reporter asked whether our homeland to engage in a confrontation with the United States because of Syria. The answer was very definitely interpreted: Our homeland is not going to protect the interests of Assad, so, if NATO would think bombard Syria, he does not need any UN Security Council resolution, and of the Russian Federation should not be too afraid. Bombards your health! Here, even the reporter was surprised and said that she saw that in this case, our home gives a "green light" bombed. The interviewee believes that "weak Medvedev," then went on about Obama. But for some reason no one remembers exactly what Medvedev gave the order, as a result of which "ran shy Georgians" in 2008. If Medvedev such weak and one left defeated Georgia, the scary to imagine what would make Putin, who was he in power. But Putin is currently the president of the Russian Federation, where does this confidence that is not against our homeland, if the West "teach a lesson" Assad? Yes, there is no conviction, it is a complete lime.

There are, of course, and other "pearl", which is nothing, except a smirk, cause they can not. For example, the language of the British actor. Here, of course, you can defend a doctoral thesis on the topic: "Perfect" Russian-speaking "accent for your money." Surely, even Bindyuzhnik Beni clique so in English is not spoken. Mind incomprehensible errors and quite feral focus turns to interview some special way encrypted message. Those who have not figured out something other than listed above, and have heard all this telezhvachku are now able to think out the rest yourself. If you take into account that will arrive at a "home" for the Western mentality colors, brought up in the British press on provocation similar to the current interview, you should not be surprised if consumer of television cutlets, do yourself a conclusion: "What are we waiting for? has long been time to bombard and overthrow the Assad regime."

And then imagine for yourself what will people think when it became clear that the Russian ships 3 fleets go to Syria. "Why would they go there? What game have started the bloody Russian? They never believe it is impossible! In all povinet KGB and Putin. Our homeland — the evil empire! ".

In general, it must be said that the provocation in this interview is not only affordable, and how all the provocations, pursues certain goals. In this case, at least to some circles in what ways to remove Assad, as it should, throw out Russian Tartus and open the way to Iran. This kind of circles do not care what if They will face the Yankees and Russian, and U.S. citizens will die of. Intrigued circles make such provocations in the name of the 2-states, so let them "wet" each other. There is even a perception that all the Gentiles for is to serve the interests of certain people.

In fact the real provocation has only one goal, to force the Yankees to believe that the Russian will not challenge the U.S. in Syria
, means you need to start immediately. Next, when we found out that the Russian still against, brand new provocation appears to be persuaded that it is necessary not to bow their heads before the treacherous Russian, and go to the end. That's the makarom drawn into the war of the country. Here, as they say, "servile forelock" not sorry. Swallow if this body-chop Americans? Be sure to swallow. Do they pay for it with their lives their gullibility — obviously paid. That's all, so to speak, the predicted consequences.

But what will be the reaction to all this is the part of the Russian Federation? It's funny to even hear that 95% of Russians support the aspirations of the white houses on Syria. Most likely, 95% of Russians are categorically against what the U.S. does in the world in general and specifically in Syria. Perhaps never in the past 20 years, a new history of Russian-American relations was not such srachnogo period. The person giving false information in advance interview, like a thief who is talking to you and looking straight into his eyes, though, for you to climb in the pocket. These are the "televory" and bang their heads Army 2-states. They consider themselves intelligent politicians, but, in fact, are all only a "sharps".

Those who understands and sees the cheapest kind of feints obviously know them, and cost. Russian citizen does not need a long time to explain who climbs into all the cracks and tries here and there to make the tension. This is impeding those who constantly caught by the hand. One day in one of the Russian analytical programs of some U.S. political scientist, said: "The problem of the Russian Federation is that the Russian is very politicized. As it is a matter of policy to the outside, while the Americans are interested in an entirely different. Yankee is necessary that the roads have been repaired to build schools and so on. "

Here fundamentally realize that this is not the problem of, that she had such citizens, this is the problem of politicians and political scientists of the United States, they can not fool the Russian fooled because the Yankees. The fact that the Western media are doing nerds of the Yankees, it's even a grandmother did not go, and they very nearly everything possible to "push" through the consciousness of the Yankees, but that's still the problem with Russian. Russian shall be removed consume similar brew. In Russian there is a pathological sense and a request for the truth, but the Western media tend to just hide the truth that very deeply. Today's interview — catchy example.

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