How are trying to make money on the Katyn disaster?

How are trying to make money on the Katyn massacre?On the Web site, "Military Review" theme Katyn sounded more than once. The facts of inconsistencies in the documents that at one time Russian leaders gave the order to publish in the media. Conducted research evidence of the long-distance events. It was conducted that looks very much disputed fact of destruction of Polish officers near Smolensk NKVD soldiers specifically. These discrepancies and inconsistencies grew like a snowball. The more deeply held consideration of historical documents, the less it becomes clear why so easy at the time the policy through the media offered us to believe that the Katyn Massacre of Polish officers — the work of the NKVD, which is itself driven by an immediate directive Stalin.

Mikhail Gorbachev practically bragged that specifically Russian Alliance blame for the fact that in the 40 near Smolensk killed thousands of Polish soldiers. For reasons that Gorbachev for the West in the 80's — early 90's was truly his own man, in the minds of western people first began to strengthen the idea of the atrocities of Smolensk Russian NKVD, and later to have known a little bit of pragmatism adulterated facts were transformed in the indisputable truth to our fellow citizens.

Joke to say, for Stalin's "crime" of Katyn to the Polish people apologized Russian president.

Presidential apologies steel, a kind, commitment ceremony on standards of democracy: Sorry Russian President for Katyn means you can continue to put pressure on Russia and beyond, putting a tick in the statements under the heading "400 comparable fair practices in the democratization of Russian Federation." And because our favorites stubbornly went on the same path, which in the 90th year offered the first and only president of the USSR, to repent, his head bowed, without the guidance of the original documents. And risk a real independent investigation with the participation of several parties themselves and no one not forced.

But the truth of the fact is true that at some point, want to or not a certain strength, it will come up to the surface of even the most turbid water. And it all came out of the genre. The most striking thing is that, without even though, truth to assist the birth of the light descendants of murdered Polish officers at Katyn.

Recall that the Poles seemed not enough that an apology for the "Stalinist terror" against the Poles in Russian favorites brought one by one with an enviable regularity. Therefore, the descendants of those shot in the 40 servicemen have decided to request from the Russian Federation to the same payment of the compensation amount at a rate nothing less than 2 billion dollars by filing a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

After that, the claim seemed that the court will take into circulation rapidly documents of the plaintiffs would not be particularly deep into the scene and make your own guilty verdict in the address Russian Federation is obliged to pay the amount indicated by the lawyers. But it all happened very differently. In the ECHR decided not to use the "documentary evidence of the atrocities of the NKVD units", and conduct its own investigation, as can be at the expiration of so many years since the disaster in Smolensk lesah.Sledstvie lasted for a couple years. In the end, the European Tribunal issued a decision which, to say the least worry for the plaintiffs. The judges ruled that:

a) The Katyn Massacre really is a war crime (this is, in principle, no one thought to argue);
b) no new reasons for reopening of the investigation Russian (this is important) the party is not found;
c) Our homeland is not required to pay the other a "fair monetary compensation," which she achieved with the plaintiffs.

All of these items are clearly not satisfied with the Polish applicants who tried again to apply for protection of "their rights", as if to call a spade a spade, for another attempt to break with Russia a big winner. The proof of this is the fact which states that some of the plaintiffs were so distant relatives of the victims of the Polish officers, that hardly could so heartily survive their loss. But there is the fact that the issue of their currency disturbed much more than a memory issue Protz, as specifically point to non-payment of compensation burdened the task of these people the most.

In general, the denunciation of the sample were not only once again to discredit Russia, and the mundane — to receive funds based on heresy, overgrown with moss historical.

One of the most noticeable decisions Euro Court of Human Rights is the point "b", designated in this article. If we analyze the phrase that the tribunal found the motivation to resume the Russian side of the investigation on the Katyn case, it turns out that there is another side, which could begin to fully specify points on the i in the Katyn disaster. Of course, such side only one — this is Germany. If Russia Poles blamed for the fact that it does not declassify documents on the Katyn massacre at 100%, then the question of Germany can be even more. There are seven locks are kept hidden by the Gestapo archives, ruled that the main ideologists of heresy, which was to become part of a big propaganda machine. And this heresy is fully consistent with the laying of the blame for the shooting of Poles in Smolensk on the Russian authorities.

Given that both the ECHR ordered Russia to pay the Polish plaintiffs in the amount of $ 2 billion. bucks, so a lawsuit would be filed Poland is valued at $ 100 billion. dollars (according to the materials of investigative journalism ZHoru Owl posted in the newspaper "Version"). And once it becomes clear why the Polish side of the handy new raising of the Katyn case. Such a sum would be obvious from the RF-to-date breathed energy into the Polish economy and the economy of the entire European Union. But the ECHR was a truly democratic and did not go on about those who wish to help with the disaster of the Polish government to make a profitable business. In such a situation, the European referees should be applauded, as they are almost justified that the court even in the "odemokratizirovannoy" Europe can be truly independent.

The challenge now is to wait to continue to operate the ECHR in the same vein or its expected "democratic sanction", because he made a decision that is clearly not in line with western policy towards RF. For the near future, we have grown accustomed to the fact that at least some of the West against the decision of our country is biased and predictable in advance. But the exceptions, as it turns out, there are.

Of course, the raising of the Katyn disaster, which has now turned into a kind of pr-share, will be continued. In addition to the Polish side in this world for many hunters to dance on the bones, and again trample the truth deeper into the ground, on which stand the Smolensk forest. In this regard, the Russian Federation must be brought to its logical Katyn affair end, putting at the end of the bullet for those who can not understand the essence of the Katyn fraud on the part of the perestroika era of Russian control. The essence of fraud investigation materials fit into the norms of high provocation against the unity and integrity of, and this is not the least sin than Katyn itself.

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