How betrayed Russia. Anatoly Chubais

How betrayed Russia.  Anatoly Chubais"Father of privatization" for many years studied intolerable his country in Belarus, Ukraine and Austria

As told in the days of the media, the case file of Colonel Vladimir Kvachkova, which blamed the attempted armed coup and assistance to terrorists, referred to prosecutors. Public attention to the court, "The Road to Calvary," the retired colonel of the GRU lures did not formally charged. The real reason why the Russian Themis dead tenacious clinging to the military — the resonant case of attempted Anatoly Chubais. Although the long-running TV series has long been a criminal should be reclassified under the betrayal and the dock does not have to sit Kvachkov, but one who in the 90s with an enviable rate thrashed his chest and took "responsibility." Yes, so to this day, and not take it.


In order to better understand the prerequisites flooding and special place of paradox entitled "Chubais' in modern Russian history, it makes sense to keep track of hardware and political origins and major milestones working career politician who at first enthusiastically denounced the Soviet system, and then clearing the civilizational space, engaged staging of excellent social Darwinist tests on its peoples. In this context, Mr. Chubais is fascinating not so much as a person, but as a symbolic figure or a sign of age, but more precisely speaking, the forces behind it, which to this day are kept under the control of the political process in Russia.

Following a chronological order, let's start from afar. In other words, from childhood — the period of life when laid if not a conscious relationship to reality, then at least a certain attitude. Shreds was born in 1955 in the Belarusian town of Borisov, at the tender age of the deposits is not fully showed the coming of the "liberal Terminator" and the destroyer of the foundations of Russian collectivist society. Childhood took place in a standard average Russian way. It would seem, the son of an officer, a veteran of World War II, taught Marxism-Leninism, to be less prone to any kind of dissident trends. Mum our upcoming anti-hero, Raisa Sagal, was an economist. This event, which appears to have had a decisive impact on the choice of Prof. her son. Being virtually a lifetime homemaker, she was able to give enough attention to children. And the influence of the mother, you need to think, young Tolia, unlike the victims of his anti-social post-Soviet tests, was not deprived. As we see, in the name of her who make express reference to the non-Russian roots of the young reformer. Ideal "fifth column" could not boast of Chubais and Boris Matveevich (general name Chubais Latgale or, more simply, a Baltic origin). In general, the special personal (genetic) reasons to experience the fiery love for all things Russian, it is necessary to recognize, at the majestic voucher schemer was not.

In memory of our hero, by his own admission, have remained a memoir about "kitchen debate" his father and older brother Igor Chubais (the future of social philosopher and ideological antagonist of Anatolia), which entered into a controversy with the Pope about the adequacy of and prospects for Russian regime. According to Anatoly B. Now, at the dawn misty youth, his sympathies were with the brother of exposing the evils of Russian system.

One can imagine that the first lesson of cosmopolitanism, our hero was in the "Odessa-Mama," where I went to school, then the fate of the offspring of the military brought him to the city, where in the middle of the 1960s were still living memoir of the "glorious" past Bandera. It is possible that the first experience of the initiative and brutal hatred of all things Russian was obtained from all eternity it is here. Finally, in 1967, the family moved to Leningrad, where, in his words, Anatoly studied in school with military-patriotic education.

But, apparently, the patriotic "food" was "not a horse." This is evidenced by a series of more recent memoirs quite frank characteristics: "… I can not stand the Soviet regime. Moreover, I am not much in life that I can not stand because the Soviet regime. And especially its late stage. In my life there is nothing appalling than the late Russian authorities, it was not. " And here's another very soft-spoken lampoon of the surrounding while "comrade Chubais' reality. The rhetorical self-justification of future acts of anti-Soviet "uncut" is: "For many ordinary people school years — it's a happy childhood. And I could not tolerate his school. The school was in an advanced military-patriotic education. We walked to the building in the form of a collar like sailors, and sang the song: "The sun is shining clear, hello, beautiful country!" Do not cause me my school affectionate emotion. And the main memory is that my friends and I once decided to analyze it to pieces, and it is better to burn. We were able to tear off just one step on the porch and a seagull that is welded to the patriotic monument. more harm we cause she could not. But we could not stand it all together. "


Not less than "blows retroactively" gets spiritual alma mater Chubais — the Leningrad Engineering-Economic Institute. Palmiro Togliatti (LIEI), which he graduated from the specialty "Economics and organization of production engineering": "With regard to the institute, it always seemed to me that life does not begin and goes in vain. I had only one sense: when will end all discussion and, eventually, you get to do some useful work normal? "One gets the impression that the future head of the State Committee of the Russian Federation, which organized large privatization" Derban "state property with the following stripping of its personal shop and pockets, "normal useful work" in an unusual logic sees only in the complete disruption of the economy and the winding up "production engineering". Crowned this heartbreaking retrospective samoapologetiku discouraging confession: "… I'm just anti-people."

In general, our young hero showed deviant behavior that does not fall in line with the socialist norms. As evidence of the poetic paraphrase, "when you knew of a litter grow Chubais, without shame" can result in a photographic artifact — a snapshot of 1967, which captures the lanky Shreds, with a handwritten inscription is very characteristic self-deprecating, "I — shaped freak with 5000 freckles and red hair. As the girls love me? Perhaps I'm very smart. " The caption with equal probability to guess as usual manifestation of the "Napoleon complex" and blatant flirting and the rapture of his mental "chosen people."

According to the memoirs of classmates coming "young reformers rusty", he established himself as a disciplined scholar and less. Many say its focus on an administrative career. The absolute ideological relativism and even conceptual omnivorous coming Zapevalov market reforms highlights the soft-spoken fact that young Chubais managed to get a coveted recommendation to the members of the Communist Party. Does not that weird zeal for liberal dissident? Faithful to our anti-Soviet intentions? Or all of the following representations with respect to the initial rejection of the ideological concept of "scoop" — all just a belated justification for the obvious opportunists?


In general, conceptual duplicity Chubais fr
om the start bearing fruit. After graduation, he remains on the "home" department engineer at first, and then an assistant and chairman of the board of young professionals. Despite the arrogant anti-Soviet "hindsight", Chubais makes scientific name for themselves on the research and development of "planning methods, to improve the management of industrial research organizations", in other words, declaring the bid for improvement, and not for the overthrow of the Russian "economic system" . As a result, receives congratulations on the occasion of the award of the academic title of associate professor.

But the real mental feeding future of civilization "deconstructor" received not at the Russian homeland. As the number of sources in the late 1970s, Anatoly Chubais, trained at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. We are talking about an institution whose founders in 1972 (at the height of the declared "relaxation of international tensions") became England, the USA and Russian Alliance, as it was located in Laxenburg, respectable suburb of Vienna. "The head office" of this brainchild of the then "reset" in the Soviet Union became the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for System research. No exaggeration to say that the international academic institution has become a real incubator for future superintendents Russian collapse of the system. They include highlights gentlemen Gaidar, Chubais, Nechayev, Shokhin, Yasin, Mordashov and Gavriil Popov. In the outskirts of the Austrian capital "mighty handful" of future young reformers intensely absorbed the liberal ideas actually Russian translation of a planned economy to a market economy.

Causes quite a surprise that in the era of the omnipotence of the KGB, led by Yuri Andropov, in capitalist countries could not jump, no mouse, not to mention Chubais. Still, the future reformer travels to Austria.

In the conditions of the ongoing war and the ongoing cool ideological confrontation 2-systems of Russian scientists were virtually doomed to absorb liberal dogma surrounded by numerous secret agents of Western intelligence agencies. History, of course, is silent with respect to whom the act of recruitment can be considered as a real fact. But in fact there is no doubt that the process of initiation to the "universal values" did not pass without any trace of its individual participants.

At very least, when Mikhail Gorbachev in the late 1980s gave the go-ahead to the "demons restructuring" get out of the darkness, patrons Viennese workshops one and all were needed in the field of the collapse of the Russian economy. Peter founded the club in passing "Perestroika," which declared the promotion of the idea of "demshizy" to the masses, Anatoly performed its own first career blitzkrieg. Starting fast climbing the ladder of hardware from the post of first deputy chairman of the Leningrad City Council, "is widely recognized in the narrow circles of" unimportant economist in just two years ascended to the post of the minister, and then vice-premier national scale.

During the turmoil of perestroika the best recommendation for the role of a declared Misha Gorbachev's reform orgy could be declared willingness to take over the bodies. With what Anatoly Borisovich coped brilliantly with the publication in collaboration with a number of colleagues in the sixth issue of the magazine "XX Century and Peace 'own software" Mein Kampf "under the soft-spoken title" Tough course. " Is it about a research note to what, in fact, turn-based abstract prescribed for the transition to a market economy in the Soviet Union.

Specifically, the note made no secret of the fact that "among the closest social consequences of rapid market reforms are general decline in living standards, increasing differentiation of prices and incomes, the emergence of mass unemployment." Its creators also did not bother that "this will of strongest and the emergence of social stratification with the highest probability of economic strikes in the basic sectors of industry and political strikes in the big cities."

Then there are the tips to tighten up against the forces that impinge on the backbone of the reform measures, including "dissolution of trade unions, prohibition of strikes, the control of information, direct oppression against the party and economic asset, limited opportunities and the dissolution of presentable" . The fact that the welfare of the population from the very beginning was not started by the young reformers to change, indicating the subsequent revelation epistolary Chubais and Co, worthy of the pen Nazi ideologues, "The people must surely understand that the government does not guarantee employment and standard of living, and ensures Only life itself. "

The fact that human rights, freedom of speech and other values that have been raised on the shield of anti-Soviet propaganda had in the sight of the foundations of Russian society Crusher no value indicates the next highest mercantile passage, according to which, in this case, if the exchange rate reform will be "subjected to severe criticism , undermining their legitimacy, "invited" to delay the adoption of laws on the press and political parties and to control all the mainstream media. "

How betrayed Russia.  Anatoly ChubaisLatent chelovekanenavistnik successfully laid the foundations for the theft of the country's corrupt government and foundation

Before you go to storm-union, and then nationwide career peaks, Mr. Chubais' practice on cats ", leading the Committee for Economic Reform Hall of Leningrad. So Makar, the drama of fate vicious anti-Soviet was cherished and fostered by not anywhere, but particularly in the very cradle of the revolution. In the study to its own namesake and part-time "godfather" of the then Liberal politbomonda Anatoly A. Sobchak came empty-handed, and with the ugly "first-born" of unknown origin. It was about the development in the town on the Neva-union offshore, hiding under the guise of "free economic zone".

The goal was the same: the cunning and resourceful entrepreneurs of all stripes would be able to fully experience the customs and other benefits in order to maximize personal profit by staging the regional level, the first round of "posting" a people belonging. But the proposal Chubais at the time she met awareness by the Russian authorities democracy. At least, October 6, 1990 at the Leningrad City Council Regular Session own sinful acknowledged the idea of creation of a free economic zone, and its creator was subjected to the most fierce and inhuman ostracized.

In general, like Pushkin's famous character, the fate of Anatolia kept. After being expelled from the failed offshore paradise our liberal Adam is not very durable missed. Habits besprintsipialnogo predator ready tirelessly pick skeleton Russian economy without much remorse for the tragic consequences were ever needed at the time. First, awareness was greeted by partnomenklaturschikov yesterday, and now senior "thieves in law", which in the end has seized upon the sovereign Russian office to cash out their power and influence in a fully tangible real gingerbread.

October 1st marked the representatives of the post-Soviet oligarchy own collective "birthday". The culprit of this celebration is our hero. Exactly 20 years ago in the information space of post-Soviet Russian Federation have been thrown a new word — "voucher". According to the off
icial legend of "young reformers" who represented the interests of the government has seized upon the Yeltsin team, vouchers were to provide some semblance of fairness in the process of privatization of state property. First adopted 1990 by the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Law on personal privatization accounts was designed to perform the Russian transition to a market economy civilized manner. It is, namely, meant that every citizen who is perceived at the time role in the development of the whole people could at least after the fact, on the ruins of the socialist fatherland, to claim a legitimate interest in state property. But the fine-sounding slogans about the development of a "broad class of property owners" and "thousands strong economic managers," under cover of which was done hauling industrial and other assets of the Russian Union is, in fact there were only words.

Embody oligarchic redistribution scheme supplies fell to the young St. Petersburg economist, who has fallen out of favor with Anatoly Sobchak. It is possible that after the first disastrous comprador opus Chubais name (along with his name) would fall in the "river of forgetfulness", if not a matter of choices. The fact is that in 1983, under the Sestroretsky in pension LIEI with the symbolic title "Snake Hill" perestroika met two reptiles — Anatoly Chubais and Yegor Gaidar. Apparently, this meeting was memorable for both parties, because after nine years svezhenaznachenny Prime Minister recalled the companion anti-Soviet academic gatherings and invited to take part in the process of deconstruction of the Communist regime as chairman of the State Property Committee. Priority setting then it was soft-spoken acknowledgment that the alpha and omega of the programs from the privatization was not the creation of preconditions for the emergence of a new class of property owners, and the corrosion of the monetary preconditions of the communist regime as such. "We are well aware that creating a new class of property owners. Privatization was not a matter of ideology or any abstract values, it was a matter of real political daily struggle "- the designer confessed later privatization.

As acknowledged by the former head of the State Property Committee, the only objective pursued by his agency, was that in order to "destroy communism." "And we decided this puzzle, cheap, inexpensive, with a surcharge — this is the twentieth issue" — confessed retroactively Anatoly B.. Let us add that the unfortunate "a surcharge" in this case were rampant corruption, poverty, a sharp drop in the actual level of the population, and terrorism. When the class of nouveau riche needed people to fully flegmantichny social consequences "wholesale privatization" latent chelovekanenavistnik was nearly flawless candidate. The fact that the main organizer of the auction for the sale of shares of Russian property is not a stranger to most cave russophobia, justify excerpts from his later interview. "You know, I read Dostoevsky in the last three months. And I feel almost physical hatred for this man. He, of course, a genius, but his idea of Russian as an favorites, holy people, his cult of suffering and one wrong choice which he suggests, makes me want to tear him to pieces. " We agree, in light of the explicit expressions of similar limit calmness with which the "father of predatory privatization" took it up as a decrease in population of the country for half a million people in year, not cause surprise.

If anyone thinks that the "wild capitalism" was the only candidate "scoop" that we recall that the developers initially planned reforms to make a class of personal property owners, without resorting to polubanditskomu stripping the country. Practically speaking, adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Law on personal privatization accounts meant to start the process of "people's privatization", which excluded the possibility of buying individual rights oligarchs accessories, of checks in denominations of 10,000 rubles. Revenues from the sale of these rights, in turn, were due to personal privatization bank accounts of people. But conscientious privatization did not fit into the plans "architects" and "foremen" adjustment. In the end, then as chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation was raised a man ready to walk over corpses. "We could not choose between" fair "and" unfair "privatization … We had to choose between communism and bandit bandit capitalism" — continues retrospective apologetics own acts Anatoly Chubais.

Or here's another entirely consistent with the "programmatic thesis of" the father of voucher privatization, "What are you worried about these people? Well, 30 million will die. They do not fit into the market. Do not think about it — the new grow up. " In general, "rzhavodushny" Anatoly is a wholly-owned alibi. For obvious reasons, the decree on implementation instead of impersonal accounts registered privatization vouchers are not signed it, and personally Russian President Boris Yeltsin. The law, passed by the Supreme Soviet, was sent to the dustbin of history. In turn, the associate Sergei Krasavchenko Chubais, the head of the Supreme Council Committee on Economic Reform, kept him safe in the week to avoid submission to the Supreme Council. "Pretty Boy" headed for his own: after the statutory period instrument automatically come into force.

So unscrupulous and fraudulent in the spirit of Bendery aferizm was the beginning of the process of the creation of the propertied class in Russia. Instead Chubais promised millions of happy owners 2-Volga and hundreds of thousands strong economic managers besprintsipialnyh country received a pack of predators, enthusiastic only process personal enrichment. As a result, in 1993 alone, the police have identified 25 thousand cases of atrocities in the area of privatization, which led to a full-scale criminalization of the economy and the social sphere.

In general, the organizer of the subsequent steps of voucher privatization in the form of loans for shares when ravnopriblizhennye to the Yeltsin family oligarchs bought for a song by loans acquired in the state-owned banks, tasty chunks of Russian fuel and energy sector, metallurgy and other highly profitable sectors of the economy, did not even try to hide uneconomic nature and pure sabotage motivation of their own acts. "We knew that every plant sold — this is the nail in the coffin of communism" — open up Mr. Chubais later in an interview with Russian media. The fact that the programm destructive privatization was written under the dictation of the overseas "well-wishers" of the Russian Federation (all the same role in the international seminars was not in vain) show excerpts from the outside besprityazatelnogo orders of the head of State Property Committee, entitled "Participation of consulting firms and individual consultants in the execution of the privatization of municipal and urban enterprises. " Thanks to him, led by our hero department was "revolving door" for Western consultants on privatization. After that, the question of who stepped up very tightly to the trough becomes rhetorical. In this context, the disposal of Deputy Chairman Anatoly Chubais Ivanenko "On the organization of training for managers and professionals vkladyvatelnyh funds", in accordance with which the credit was directed to the Global Bank of the State Property Committee staff training, it is hard to call random.

To consolidate the political gains made by the comprador field, and at the same time save his own skin, and the entire class of newly minted owners, merged in ecstasy with a corrupt bureaucracy, from responsibility for their actions, the founding father of the oligarchic foundat
ions was in a critical manner thrown the bureaucratic front as the head presidential administration, and practically a mediator between the rapidly degrading the "father of Russian democracy 'and an oligarchic class, made with the personal involvement of Chubais. Essentially party known scam "box of them under the copier" rescued his own skin when the members of the electoral headquarters of Boris Yeltsin, who led ABCH were detained when taking out of the box with the Government House "black cash", practically representing the pre-election "common fund" freshly baked home "factories, steamships," the needs of the re-election of collapsing at the sight of their "roof" in the face of the first president of the Russian Federation.

Because Show two years after this scandal is evidence that the first Vice-President of the Government of Russian Federation (since March 1997 once the country's Minister of Finance) trades insider information on the market gospiramidy T-bills (in August of this year, "safely collapsed") not very much damage to the reputation or critically compromised the high-handed "young reformers" as is without it became evident that a complete heresy is the main attribute of our hero from the very moment when he promised everyone a voucher for two Volga, and later extensively declared "… we need millions of property owners, rather than a handful of millionaires."

In general, it soon became clear that Mr. Chubais, despite its administrative and management inconsistency relates to the category of public servants, to whom "the dirt does not stick." Sinklita frequenter of the "shadow world government" (Mr. Chubais was not once seen at the meetings of the so-called Bilderberg) as if has some supranational immunity, which allows getting away completely all the troubles. It is, namely, can attest to hospital patients and new mothers in maternity wards, de-energized by the grace energorubilnika manager who publicly encouraged them all that with his insightful guide energy crisis such as the U.S., we would never happen. Recall that Anatoly Chubais promised to broadcast it during the "inauguration" of the post of head of RAO "UES of Russia" in 1998. Even more cynically (from the standpoint of the end result, trivial for all recipients of public "zhirovok") sounded his promise to prevent the growth of electricity tariffs than was justified by the need to partition the once unified power system of the Russian Federation on the generation and distribution companies.

Chubais has secured the status of shadow favorite Russian establishment is no doubt, despite the fact that in recent years the designer and superintendent Chertovskikh reforms removed in an honorary "nanossylku."

For our nanootrasl, in general, can also not worry: there is a municipal corporation that operates under the brand name "RUSNANO", headed by such a great manager, the development of new technologies of the Russian Federation are not threatened.

On the activity of JSC "Russian nanotechnology company," apart from the fact that it "seeks to invest in private equity nanoindustry" almost impossible to find out anything because I did not quite understand what are the merits and achievements of Mr. Chubais in this field and What is its general activities. Naturally it would be to imagine that the Innovative sector offers the same perspective as all he undertook last reformer.

"The era of Chubais." Alternate Rates gosprisutstviya to minimize the social, economic and cultural fields, implemented by the ruling elites, confirms that it is not just continuing, and has all the prerequisites to survive the one who gave her that name.

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