How can answer Damascus and Tehran on the foreign invasion?

How can answer Damascus and Tehran on the alien invasion?

Milliyet Turkish edition, with reference to the Kuwaiti publication El Siyasah announced the co-operative plan against Tehran and Damascus against foreign intervention. The plan includes attacks on Turkey, Israel and U.S. military bases in the Middle East.

Iran and Syria have planned six major fronts, which will be dealt a blow by opposing forces:

— Kurdish formation will be allies of Iran and Syria. Turkey will undergo shock on three sides — from the Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian borders. Immediately rebel Kurds in southeastern Turkey. Kurds will target the Turkish military and the U.S. base in Turkey (large base of U.S. Air Force Incirlik). As required in the battle will come and the armed forces of Syria and Iran. But the main strike force should be Kurdish units that receive weapons and ammunition from the Syrians and Iranians.

— After the war, Hamas ("Islamic Resistance Movement") should, with the help of professionals from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, to destabilize the situation in the Suez Canal. In the benchmark they have to break the deployment of forces of the United States and the European Union through the strategic channel. To the south of the acts being dubbed the Islamists from Yemen and Somalia, the path through the reddish sea should be closed.

— In the Persian Gulf, Iranian Navy stormed the western trade and transport ships, including oil tankers, disrupting the supply of hydrocarbons from the region. Iranian naval forces may also block the Strait of Hormuz by sea mines. The world got serious strike, Oil prices rise, the position of the economies of the U.S. and the EU will deteriorate.

— Immediately the pro-Iranian group stormed the South American military bases in Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. So, Manama (capital of Bahrain) — is the main parking fifth United States Navy, and Air Force Base, "Sheikh Isa" based tanker aircraft. Qatar has hosted Air Force Base United States "Al Udeid," which is used as a weapons storage base, military supplies and ammunition. In its modernization in recent years, the Pentagon has invested more than 100 million dollars. On the runway at the air base can hold up to 100 combat aircraft. Air Force Base is armed with the most modern systems of communication and control. The UAE has placed an American airbase "Al Dharfra." This is one of the major fuel depots U.S. forces in the region.

— In Afghanistan, the Iranian secret services posodeystvuyut organize powerful attacks against U.S. forces and the North Atlantic Alliance. In addition, Iran will help the Western media and opponents of gun. Taking into account the presence of significant portion of the Afghan-Iranian border, Tehran fully able to do so. If need be we can transfer to Afghanistan and Iranian subversive force.

— In Lebanon, the militant Shiite organization and political party "Hezbollah" will take under his control all of the Lebanese Government. After which it can deploy military actions against Israel.

— Hamas also stormed Israel, and after the retaliatory Israeli forces on the Gaza Strip, the Jewish state will cause strike Syrian army.

This information can be read as stuffing that such makarom Damascus and Tehran warned the West and its Middle Eastern allies (Israel, Turkey and Sunni monarchy) that will have no effect on the already adopted the scheme — bombard them, and they are kicking feebly. The answer will be very tough, the whole region will blaze — the West and its allies will have serious impacts. West will not defeat Syria and Iran individually shrink on the big war area from North Africa to Afghanistan.

On the other hand, it could be another information that is targeted for the Envisioning the inhabitants, where Damascus and Tehran — a "monster" capable to save his dictatorial power to omit large areas into bloody chaos.

The Iranian president has promised to reflect the probable Israeli attack

The Iranian leader commented on the statement of Israeli President Shimon Peres, which said that a military solution to the Iranian prepyadstviya is becoming more real. Once the world's media have said about wanting Israel to conduct a military operation to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities using its own air force.

According to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Western world, the United States and Israel seek out allies and preparing an attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are afraid of the growing influence of Iran in the Middle East. The President said he did not fear a possible war. In his view, these "fools" have to realize that Tehran No will allow them to fulfill their plans.

In addition, the head of the Islamic republic said that segodnyaschy media war against Iran began in order to save the "Zionist entity" — Israel. But it will not save the Jewish government. Ahmadinejad calls Israel an artificial entity that is "still die, and very soon."

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