How can assist meeting friends davneshnih service intoxicated driver?

How can help meet old friends wake a drunk driver?

To the place where I left my car, it was necessary to pass just 100 meters away, when suddenly I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and saw Alexander, my old companion, with whom we have a very long time, no see. He stood and smiled broadly. We decided to go out to celebrate the meeting.

It was only necessary to decide something with my car — leave it for the night near the office I did not want to, well, tomorrow morning without a car would have to get up much earlier everyday. But what can you do — we are at the moment probably have a drink, and join the ranks of intoxicated drivers, I did not want to. My main driving law was that the machine should be operated only sober driver. Intoxicated driver — threat not only to themselves, and others — because I never drank, did not sit down steering wheel.

But here Sasha amazed me again. I heard that he was engaged in some new business, but the details are not known. And here he gave me some kind of a business card with the inscription sober driver. I began to consider it and listening to his explanations and realized that the chance to sleep in the morning I have all the same there. The essence of his business was such a — a service he rendered to citizens, called the sober driver. If the person behind the wheel in a situation where just could not drink alcohol (like at the moment, smiled, Sasha), he had no more need to throw your own car until the next morning and vorachivatsya home in a taxi. It was necessary to apply to his firm and practical, for forty minutes to come employee has applied, which sat behind the wheel of a car and drove his client it home. It is clear that most service was used by people who, for some reason, drinking and driving, but to become intoxicated drivers did not want to, but preferred to vorachivatsya home, the passengers. This service was used and sober drivers — not a lot to why there is no desire or ability to control the car itself — and here Sober the driver was always willing to help.

So, I would not worry — at the moment we go to a restaurant with Sasha as gather home, call a sober driver, or more precisely, 2-sober drivers, and they razvezut us home. And we walked in allocating near a quiet and measured bar.

Sergei Vorobyov, caretaker of

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