How did Hitlers chief of German civilization

How did Hitler's chief of the German Nation

Already 20 November 1922 South American assistant military attaché in Germany Captain Truman Smith met with a man in the world has ever known — with Adolf Hitler. Following the meeting, the captain made an analytical report, in which it was said that the dictatorship would be the best way to Germany and the United States and England. Only she will be able to prepare Germany for a fight with Marxism.

Hitler then was one of the favorites of small roles in several thousand people. Such parties, organizations, movements in those years there were a hundred. It would seem, to whom he was entertaining in the U.S.? There then rules President Warren G. Harding, who became famous mass scandals. Behind him was a "gang Doherty" tycoons from Ohio antitrust restrictions were lifted, the Minister of Justice was held G.Dogerti big-name "dry law", which became a blessing for the Mafia. Fuel reserves were looted U.S. Navy veterans relief fund, property fund foreigners. It all ended in that Harding died at one point or assist him to die. Behind him, also at one point, killing the witnesses of his death — and the doctor's wife.

How did Hitler's chief of the German Nation

With a brand new President Coolidge and Hoover power to his successor a few returned own authority. But the big south american "Business" already got a taste, a South American corporations were not a lot of their own people of Latin America, the order had to spread to the entire planetoid, and this was necessary control over Europe and the Soviet Union-Russia. And the Soviet Union evenly out of other people's scripts, he began to conduct his own course. Well, were needed for the final configuration of undermining the power of old times "command centers" — London and Paris. That's why Otto Kahn began to finance the Mussolini regime.

For example, the South American business contributed to the fact that German industry is not lost in the post-war decline, has kept its own potential. In August 1924, the Conference on English, Washington and London insisted that the regime of reparations was relaxed because destabilize the economy of Germany and leads to the growth of the revolutionary threat. The Dawes Plan was adopted, which softened the repayment scheme of reparations, giving Germany more credit for their repayment. In this regard, assumed the role of financial bigwigs naikrupneyshie States — Morgan Kan, Baruch, the Rockefellers, etc. For these cash transactions was created bank "Aksepatns International Bank", the chairman of its board was Paul Warburg, and its main partner in Germany, Max Warburg, who in this period of time joined the board of the Reichsbank. Americans not only get to this interest, and successfully introduced in the German economy. Then, to help Germany and the eventual introduction of capital in the South American country of the Young Plan was adopted.

In 1929, the U.S. was arranged crisis has brought down the pyramid, "a society of equal opportunities." The Government has further worsened the situation, refusing federal aid population, although the administration has used donations to support large companies. The crisis spread to other countries. In particular, Germany has suffered greatly already very connected with the U.S.. In Germany, the number of unemployed in 1931 have gained 3 million by the spring of 1932, there were 6.5 million

The crisis, organized by the South American oligarchs, has strengthened its position and has promoted them to hold to power own man — Franklin D. Roosevelt, he was in the middle of Wilson's supporters, and the "directors" of his campaign in 1933, became Baruch and Colonel House, the "gray cardinal" President W. Wilson. Roosevelt presented as at the time of Wilson, defender of the "little man", as opposed to the oligarchy. However, the House will soon perish, but Baruch became the principal economic adviser, in addition, a "brain trust" Roosevelt entered scion Paul Warburg — James Paul Warburg. His team included other leaders of "Team Wilson" — U.Bullit, U.Lippman, D.Gryu, D.F.Dalles, Allen Dulles. Even his "New Deal" program from Wilson recalls — "New Freedom."

In the U.S., had a real revolution: closed all banks "on vacation", the capacity of the Federal Reserve, the population forcibly seized gold and silver, which were exchanged for devalued bucks, put something like planning and economic dictatorship. In the end, the U.S. had just robbed — and the general public, and more than smaller rivals "big sharks". To realize that not many, for example, Congressman Luis Mack said Fedden follow: "In the United States set the global banking system." All foreign exchange and credit resources holds the key banks D.Morgana and Kuhn Loeb. He tried to push the charges against them, estimating that only the government robbed at 80000000000. bucks. But after a 2-unsuccessful attempts, he died after a banquet. Ultimately south american "Financial International" put under full control of the money, the U.S. economy and the rest.

How did Hitler's chief of the German Nation

Cooperation oligarchy U.S. and Germany

Back in September 1923, Houghton, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, visited the German "King" of coal and steel Stinnes, exciting his words: "… It is necessary to find a dictator and give it the necessary power. This person should read the language understandable to the people, and such people already have … ". And further: "The President will appoint a dictator, who put an end to a parliamentary regime. With the communists fiercely fell out, and order reign in Germany. Then the U.S. will be able to invest without fear in the German industry. " After 10 years of this script and implement. Already in 1923 Hitler start finance from abroad, it will become one of the main reasons for his ascent.

One of the intermediaries between Hitler and the U.S. monetary oligarchy was Hjalmar Schacht. Ya.Shahta father was a U.S. citizen, a businessman. Curiously, he was a co-owner of a 35-story skyscraper in New York City at Broadway Str., 120. It is that the address that housed the club of bankers, offices V.Sverdlova, Sidney Reilly, Otto Kahn, and a number of other companies, officials involved in the organization of the February Revolution in Russia, its looting. Another monetary guardian Hitler became Wilhelm Keppler, which possessed one half of the "One-Werke", and the second half of the shares owned by the American company "Eastman-Kodak." Since 1931, Keppler — Hitler's chief economic adviser. Another of its money assistant, Kurt von Schroeder — International Finance representative of the family. Shredders have been in relationship with the clans Mallinkrodtov bishofite, Kleinwort, which in turn had
links with the Morgans, Rockefellers. Himself Kurt von Schröder was the son in law of Richard Schnitzler, owner of the chemical company "IG Farben", and this concern has been associated with the "Standard Oil" (Rockefeller).

Hitler's party a step-by-step expanding its position in democratic elections, and this is a great deal. To his ascension were connected to many German firm. In 1927, Hitler was at the request of the coal "king" of the business world Kirdorfa wrote a pamphlet, "the road to recovery." Means "washed" in the party, "unemployment fund" (Hess and Bormann responded), officially as it was created to help stormtroopers.

The sponsors were the British, for example, the oil tycoon Deterding, "the newspaper king" Lord Rothermere. The same Ruhr industrialists who supported the Nazi Party, were associated with the "Economic League in England." Participated in financing the Nazis and the Austrian Rothschilds.

Since 1930, manufacturers began to put pressure on the German President Hindenburg and the Prime Minister Brüning, that those given the authority Nazis. November 19, 1932 German industrial and banking circles is required to give the power to Hitler. Ultimately, January 4, 1933 at the Villa Schroeder was a meeting Hitler and ex-Chancellor von Papen, where an agreement was reached on certain criteria transfer of power. January 28, 1933 aged Hindenburg pressure von Papen government sent down Schleicher, Hitler was appointed chancellor.

Mines after the election victory became the head of the Reichsbank. The financial position of Germany was not so hot — external debt is almost $ 19 billion. brands, coupled with investments — 23.3 billion. brands. Schacht went to the United States and all claims that there is no more democratic government than Hitler's government, eventually gets new loans. In the same year in London Mines receives practically billion pounds. In addition, it achieves reductions, and later the general cessation of payments of old loans.

How did Hitler's chief of the German Nation

It starts with the active co-operation with the German American companies in terms of militarization of Germany. Schacht, Rosenberg and Hugenberg made and submitted a memorandum in London, in what proves that Europe against the "danger of Bolshevism" can be saved only in Germany, because it should be allowed to arm themselves and assist.

Hitler was a doll at first, which was used for the "pereformata Europe" blow to the Russian Federation and to the German "New World Order", and for the establishment of a South American "World Order."

How did Hitler's chief of the German Nation

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