How do we overthrow this government

How do we overthrow this government

That's all very simple in democracies. Desired to overthrow the power — Go to the polls and overthrows. And do not necessary no revolution, and those who are substituted by water cannons and tear gas — well, just a lovers acute feelings. Since it's not necessary in democracies.

We have such abilities — to go to the elections and topple — no. Not so much as consider voting fair. They can and honestly counted. Just everyone permit before the election, are representatives of the 1st and the same "political class," one team. Well, there is still Zyuganov. The man, whose main objective — that the Communists under no circumstances be taken power. Since they do not know that it do.

Overthrow the revolutionary ways we, too, can not. Those who take to the streets — just beat them, and the ringleaders to jail. Strong police and armed. Well, in general it just seems that authoritarian regimes can topple any revolution. They nesvergaemy until it rotted from within. And later fall themselves, and the revolutionaries just seems that they are doing a revolution.

Means that if we wish depose this power — you only need one thing: the rot assist her to the end, to the point where it will spread and crumble. And to make it quite just.

ITS need to praise

With sincere love to kiss his hand, turn a blind eye to the shortcomings, not to take her neuvvyazkami people. Praise because it makes the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" in the notes like "This hockey we need."

These notes we need. Therefore they tear off the power from reality and relax her. And the process of decay is accelerating.

Let us, and we will help this government to fall. We will help you to the best of their own moderates. I announce a contest for the best praise of power. Leave your praise in the comments. The prize — zhuvachka.

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