How interrogated Goering: The Nuremberg Trials eyes participant

How interrogated Goering: The Nuremberg Trials eyes participant

For the first time made public the letter deputy head prosecutor, who represented England at the Nuremberg trials, reports The Guardian. "Now Playing '63 with the old days, when David Maxwell Fife started questioning the accused Herman Hering"- Said the reporter Alexandra Topping. According to the views of the journalist, writing their own hit looseness and openness: Hering creator calls "tolstyachkom" and "Herman-bully" and on the "strange" makes fun of the South American prosecutor. Now the letter in 1999 to find the grandson of Maxwell Fyfe, donated to Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge Institute, reports the publication.

"Goering testified very well, that's just very extensive and grotesque selfishness." We are with the Führer, "sounds a bit stupid, when others are justified to a greater extent so that they could not object to Hitler — is, by the way, is not a reason" — wrote Maxwell Fyfe's wife.

"These letters — very interesting reading, and because of Goering and Maxwell Fyfe it was a turning point in my life," — said in an interview Pekvud Allen, director of the Churchill Archive Centre. "Goering had recovered from the shock caused by the arrest, I realized the inevitability of execution and realized that this is the last chance to come up with excuses Nazism. Maxwell Fife had to throw a challenge to Goering. Meanwhile he secured for himself a career growth, "- he explained. Maxwell Fyfe, scion moderate teachers, eventually became one of the developers of the European Convention on Human Rights, the newspaper notes.

Is also clear from the letters that their creator did not get along with the prosecutor on the U.S. side, Robert H. Jackson. For example, Maxwell Fife did not like that Jackson did not come to the reception hosted by Russian representatives on the occasion of November 7. "The prosecutors tried to show their solidarity, but any of them represented his legally-legal tradition," — said Pekvud. He also told that the process, which lasted a whole year was very difficult for prosecutors and their families in mental terms: "They were sitting locked up in a bombed town, where the streets littered with corpses."

The test materials were of the case — for example, viewing the documentary filming at Auschwitz. "When you see odezhku killed kids, it becomes clear: it is necessary to give a year of life for the fact that ever since, and the practical consequences to fix a reasonable shock experienced by the population of the earth," — wrote Fife wife. "Winning my grandfather was that he not only made a remembrance of guilt Goering, and led him to feel remorse," — said the lawyer's grandson Tom Blackmore.

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