How landed head Strizh. The fight against corruption, or newcomer witch hunt?

Last week, the media reported that the commander of the aerobatic team "Swifts" Valery Morozov, was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes to them. With all this variety of sources were given different information. According to one source Morozov extortion of money from his own colleagues in the same group, which passed through the function of dismissal and to do their own thing and do not appear in the service of paying Morozov on 5 thousand rubles. On the other disk imaging Morozov Colonel pulled some money from the businessman, who used the logo "Swifts" on T-shirts sold (the sum of the typical "rollback" is also designated as 5 thousand rubles).

How has landed the main "Strizh."  The fight against corruption, or new witch hunt?
Valery Morozov (center) and Dmitry Koposov (right) after landing (

After a short-lived time, there is information that is partly refuted previous. Soldiers who intimately familiar with Valery Morozov, said that now is not the colonel arrested and removed from command aerobatic team before the investigating authorities are proceeding on his involvement in the abuse of the facts available. It seems that there may be, but the "Swifts" are now deprived of its own experienced commanders, and besides, the incident took place immediately before zabugornom flying aerobatic team — flying to Serbia. September 1-2 in the sky over this Balkan state passed a spectacular show that is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Air Force both Serbia and Russia. Temporarily head the group became a lieutenant colonel Osyaykin, which, reportedly has a corresponding tolerance, but does not have management experience aerobatic team.

The situation with the investigation by the apparent complicity of Colonel Morozova to extortion looks pretty vague. One of those who could speak out so as to substitute Valery Morozov, called the last pilot Novikov, which is about 3 years ago, he was transferred to Kubinka, where he is based, "Swifts" of Armavir.

With this former pilot Novikov story looks pretty confusing. Almost a couple of months after his arrival in Moscow, he was a medical-flight fee was deducted, the initiative to what he, and showed. After the cancellation of Novikov was to wait for the home in the Metropolitan area, but about 3 years to get this house could not, at that time engaged in a personal matter, of course not from posting, and once the number of flight operations in the State of the currency allowances of about 8 thousand rubles. It is reported that "futbolochny" business Novikov has promoted himself to organize Morozov, so he never had problems with money. Frame after the start of doing business Novikov Colonel Frost and began pulling off of each month at 5 thousand from the use of symbolism aerobatic team in the interest of money.

Novikov, getting the put him an apartment, wrote a report on the dismissal and could venture a sort of "reward" of his commander for the fact that the housing problem resolves quite a long time, and for the kazhdomesyachny 5000th dues from doing business. Alexei Novikov Tipo last brought an envelope with the means to study Morozova, then the law enforcement officers of colonel on extortion and catch.

Now about a possible extortion of money from his own colleague, Colonel Morozov broke pretty hot debate. For all this, usually, views expressed completely reversed. Those who know Valery Morozov personally, argue that the officer could not go on such a small act like extortion. Not understood by the supporters of innocence Morozov and of why it could come in handy some 5 thousand rubles, if his salary exceeds that amount in the 10's again.

Proponents of guilt Morozova they say that now this practice is peculiar to many military units: the military, who are waiting get home, simply do not occur in the service, for which "unfasten" covering their head a certain amount. And about the size of a bribe in 5000 rubles, they say that the amount of this unprincipled to say: take as much as given, so as not to raise too much noise.

The colonel himself Morozov, commenting on the situation you describe, says that in his attitude staged provocation and self-blame does not recognize.

Without taking any indictment or voucher hand, is to say that, as usual, the i's here should put the investigation.

Only then the question rests in the fact that the Air Force could lose Morozov as the 1st of the most experienced pilots today, what would a consequence of a very dirty overtones nor complete. Indeed, the very fact that the issue of bribes appeared in such elite flight of the country has a certain effect. It turns out that now with the envelope with the bills can be a definite plus quietly withdraw at least some of the rights holder. And there is not enough who will truly understand, what did this story has ended, whether on this envelope fingerprints likely taker how this envelope generally appeared in the office of the officer. The noise from what was either a bribe or a provocation with a forged bribe distributed in sealed superfluous information environment rapidly, leading to an understanding of what the army again someone very willing to hang, as they say, all dogs. Like, if you really respected commanders willing to waste on trifles, what we talk about and more impressive army ranks …

If Morozov will be justified, the resonance of this story is still a long time will be present. If Colonel formally indicted, it would be typical of a precedent: it turns out that now with 5 thousand can just to get even with the kind of person though. As in this case, increase the natural craving of certain people to the obvious squealing or frank incantations, to judge each individual …

There can produce two sides of the same coin: Under the motto of uncompromising struggle against corruption, work will begin to clean up specific rows from those who stand in the way of certain forces. And in words alone "cleaning series", "hex", "snitching" is given to the typical traditions of the standard 30-ies in our country … Someone will pronounce that associate the situation with Colonel Morozov and practice fails to remove the unwanted certain circles of people in the 30-ies of the last century is simply wrong, but some parallels are currently visible. This disregard of the presumption of innocence, dumping intelligent and experienced officers in the criteria and without a tangible lack of personnel.

Meanwhile, investigators report that instead of the initially announced 2-day or check the situation with the commander of "Swifts" preliminary investigation of this matter will be extended for another 10 days … In this regard, hunt assign the investigation of the case of Colonel Morozov will be conducted impartially and in accordance with the bukovkoy law, not the rules of a "witch hunt" …

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"From the Department of Defense received a telegram, in which states that Col. Morozov until September 5 will be dismissed from military service due to non-compliance with the criterion of the contract, "- said there, noting all this, that the authorities have not yet completed the tes
t, and the Ministry of Defense has decided to dismiss the pilot, who for many years was the pride of Russian Military Air Force.

"So hasty dismissal from military service known military pilotazhnika caused a negative reaction in our center. Morozov If povinet in something, he will answer for it, but what is still trying to distance itself from the pilot before the prosecutor's check completed? After all, it is possible that it simply framed and slandered, "- according to the Center Kozheduba.

Himself commander aerobatic team "Swifts" does not recognize his own guilt and gives evidence that he was a victim of provocation, "Interfax".

03/09/2012 20:44
RIA announcements. Information on the likely dismissal from the military commander of the aerobatic team "Swifts" Lieutenant Colonel Valery Morozova, who is suspected of abuse may not correspond to reality, told RIA Announcements on Mon senior source in the Defense Ministry.

Earlier, several media outlets have released data on admission to the center display aircraft (Capital Region, Kubinka) telegram from Russian Defense Ministry, in what they say about the future Tipo discharge from military service due to non-compliance with the criterion Morozova contract.

"Indeed, in the center display aircraft targeted a telegram from the Ministry of Defense to conduct an internal investigation showing an incident on August 27 and submit documents for consideration at the upcoming Certification Commission for taking the established procedures of the respective solutions," — said the official.

He stressed that in the current time we dismiss the commander of aerobatic team "Swifts" does not go.

Earlier, a source in law enforcement agencies told RIA announcements about the detention of the commander "Swifts" with matching funds from the employer for the implementation of the emblem aerobatic team. With all this media voiced some other version, according to which he sought funds from subordinates. The collected material was transferred to the police in the investigation department of the military to deal with a criminal case.

"Swifts" — aviation group aerobatic Russian Air Force, formed in 1991. Makes group and single flying on MiG-29.

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