How majestic Russian war has changed the concept of infantry weapons

As the Great Patriotic War changed the concept of infantry weapons

Before the war, the work has been done and without registration, so arm Marines ranged, high-quality automatic weapon — automatic (semi-automatic) rifle. War had brought their ruthless aspects.

Before the war, infantry divisions, dominated by self-loading rifle. In June 1941, the 41st Infantry Division was armed with 420 guns, machine guns Degtyareva, 4128 self-loading rifles "SVT".

The Germans immediately noted this fact, HR Division of the Red Army did not have time to effect mobilization, were stretched along the front, but were well armed with an automatic weapon. Soldiers of the Wehrmacht used to relish the Russian self-loading rifle. At first, in person, and then they officially adopted it.

With the defeat of the human infantry divisions of the Red Army, some were one hundred percent destroyed, others lost a significant part of the composition. Began to fall and the quality of small arms.

To arm, hastily assembled recharge for the remaining divisions, to arm the militia had to rake out of a warehouse of old — famous rifle reference years 1891-1930. "Mosin." Automatic rifles "CBT" or "ABC" in the warehouses were not, they were in service of human parts.

One of the last moments of a mass assault rifles in the hands of the soldiers of the Red Army, it is the defense of the town of Tula in the autumn of 1941. Tula Arms Factory created the "SVT".

After that, "SVT" became a relative rarity in the army, their creation has fallen down. If in 1941 they produced more than 1 million units, in 1942 has slightly more than 264 thousand

At first priority was famous "PCA" and not because of their own good qualities. And because of the ease of production, "SVT" consisted of 143 parts, some of which sought to complex processing on machine tools, and the "PCA" of 87. A lot of the important role played by the fact that the sub-machine gun was cheaper Shpagin "SVT".

The newly formed and new infantry divisions in the area of small arms weaponry were pathetic. So, too 41st division in May 1942 (the newly formed, ancient division died surrounded near Kiev in September 1941) was armed, the composition of 11487 people — 6855 rifles, 180 pistols, machine guns, 76 light machine guns, heavy machine guns did not exist.

July 25, 1942, until the coming of the Rzhev, 2nd Guards Motor Rifle division The 30th Army of the Kalinin Front was armed, the personnel at the 8623 — 5328 rifles, 899 PP. Another division of the 30th Army, 78th Infantry, at 5587 people — 4407 rifles, 386 PCA and RPE.

By November 1942 the average number of machines in the divisions of the Kalinin Front grown to thousands of per division. Were made by the first individual units gunmen. Statewide number 04/500 of 10 December 1942, each infantry regiment was supposed to have 2 companies submachine gunners to 3 platoons any.

In the summer of 1943 the number of gunmen in the division grew to 1,500-2,000 people. So 375 Infantry Division had on people of 8715 — 5696 rifles and 2123 PP.

In other words specifically to the summer of 1943, Red Army had acquired such a view with which entered the history of the cape, helmet standard in 1940, and eminent submachine gun Shpagin. At first, it was a different war fighter, most armed with an automatic rifle, after a devilish beginning — that of what it usually show in the movies about the "initial period" of the war — in the form of a baggy, with Mosin rifle.

Was it the best solution? Automatic rifle against losing. But such merciless reality of war — must be regular, affordable tool which can be arm new army.

Only the United States could expose the army to war armed with an automatic rifle "M1 Garand" and save it as a basic infantry weapon. But they did not destroy a significant part of the regular army in peacetime, not seized large parts of the country. They had the technical and economic capacity of the production of semi-automatic guns — the war releasing about 4 million, "Garand", slightly less than the USSR "PCA".

Create the conclusion that self-loading rifles were the best weapon for infantry. Russian management has made considerable efforts to arm your own fighter with automatic rifles Tokarev and Simonov. Sub-machine guns played a minor role, because of their own shortcomings. Translation submachine gun on the first role was a forced measure to compensate for the shortage of expensive and complex to manufacture self-loading rifles. This was partly justified by episodes of trench warfare — Rzhev and fighting in urban criteria (Stalingrad, Berlin).

As the Great Patriotic War changed the concept of infantry weapons

As the Great Patriotic War changed the concept of infantry weapons

As the Great Patriotic War changed the concept of infantry weapons

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