How not to be in the hands of the skretchera?

How not to be in the hands of the skretchera?

In our present life has become everyday reality fascination with tattoos. If even 10 years ago meet the tattooed man one can it was rare that at the moment it is in order. Erased from human memory association patterns on the body with the "not so distant places," Now tattoo is faster attribute confident and successful in life. There is nothing in the mind-bogglingly that tattoo parlors in Moscow proliferate like mushrooms after a rain. But how to choose good? After all, a lovely interior and attractive devchenka at the reception is not a guarantee that master will be prof. Worse addition, a number of emerging tattoo studios real pros simply do not have, well, can not be missed.

Of course, that can not be considered a master of the one who only knows how to keep in his own hands tattoo machine. The consequences of the visit to this mountain-piercer can be very nasty. Following their work on the body scars, not in vain for them in the world of tattoo appeared very special concept — "scratcher", and "scratch", translated from the British means to scratch damage.

As a guest studio distinguish ordinary decent master of unsafe skretchera? Will open for you a few grounds on which it one can no effort to "calculate". Skretcherami justifiably be regarded as those who:

— No ability to use special hardware profiles;

— Disparage the rules of sterilization equipment and tools at hand, and hand hygiene;

— In a state of even a small alcohol and drug intoxication when working with a client;
— Allows payment for the actual tattoo is not currency assets, and by barter, for example, alcohol or drugs.

Do not forget that everything in life is flowing and changing. And even once the good master, which carried away by alcohol or something more serious than just may transform into skretchera, as for the art of tattooing is required not only good taste, sense of color and rusinka, and stiff hand. After a visit to the skretcheru one can become the owner of the picture itself, which you will later regret all life. It turns out that you pay for, and in return you hurt. Worse, in such cases, removing a tattoo can not assist you to. The fact is that in place of the figure remain scars that you paid for making the tattoo itself master.

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