How not to fall for marketing gimmicks sellers suburban real estate

How not to fall for advertising gimmicks sellers suburban real estate

Have you ever fall for the tricks of advertising, and do not quite get that to you in real need? If in the case of yogurt or coffee that's fixable, in the case of the suburban real estate in principle to take into account everything, because to buy a house in the suburbs cheaply, besides, bad, and besides, near the town in fact is not so simple as this often is responsible advertising. To what tricks resorted owners of suburban property in order to attract unsophisticated buyers?


First you need to realize that very often instead of dwelling on the paintings of the buyer is offered a vivid catalog which not very accurate with the real state of things, and what the customer is dreaming to behold. In general, there is no deceit, as prices in similar directories are completely real, only snag in the photo.


3d instead of reality

Very often those who wish to purchase house in the village of cheap or buy an apartment in Bulgaria from the builder offered brightest 3d-model of an existing or future home. If the house is not yet completed, the ad says that after construction it will look exactly as shown in the prospectus. A similar course helps merchants do business with the customers trust, because not very many people give up of what has long since dreamed of and only the units have the courage to come back to earth and ask about the real state of things.


Photos that are often used in advertising real estate, can be divided into three groups. First — it's scenery that Tipo illustrate the beauty of those places where the proposed to buy a house in the village of cheap. Very often these are abstract landscapes, which is not something that they have no case to settlement or village, but simply taken from the Internet — from the collection of copyright clipart or photos. To understand that pictures do not correspond to reality, from time to time is quite easy to get accustomed to them: for example, it is that the house is located near the water, as shown in the photo forest.


Mind your eye

Very often used in advertising photos showing life in the township or village. Happy owners of houses rest on the nature with their families, and the Tipo all correspond to reality. But, if you look closely, you can type on people's faces, in their clothes and their behavior to realize that these photos are from overseas clip art and are not enough to do with our reality.


Another group of pictures — pictures of the houses themselves. Very often those who wish to to buy a house in the village of cheap or a small cottage in the village at a low cost, photo show on a house built in a different village. All this is done in order to embellish the situation, which is, in fact, and I must say that this move often works fine. After all, not many who will intrigue photo construction and uncomfortable areas, and specifically looks so unfinished suburban real estate.


So in order not to fall for the tricks sellers, you just need to go to the village itself and see for yourself that option, which to offer you, in fact corresponds to what you want. And on another for which anything at all to begin?


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