How Our homeland can respond to the creation of the NATO bloc of new bases on our borders

How can Russia respond to the creation of the NATO bloc of new bases on our borders

By 2018, Warsaw is planning to build a base for the U.S. missile defense system, and in 2013 the U.S. will position their fighters in Poland. Moreover, the ability of RF participation in the creation of the European missile defense system is quite slim. At the current time, all messages Washington, Brussels more like euthanasia care of the Russian Federation. U.S. and NATO continue to "rush to the East" under the soothing speeches of politicians and the military.

The main issue in the construction of the Yankees missile defense in Europe — against Who? All verbally explained the danger of Iran. But Iran does not have missiles that can hit in European metropolises. And hostility to Europe Iran did not show, he has no military, technical abilities, well, no desire. In addition, it would be reasonable to build a missile defense system against Iran on its borders — in the countries of the monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Israel (which Israel and does — does his defense, that would be Washington and has promoted).

Strengthening the position of the U.S. military and NATO on the borders of the Russian Federation — is a long-standing strategy, launched another Rome, which was continued by London and Washington. The containment strategy of the Russian Federation comprises: maintaining our aggressive adjoining states adopt them, creating there own military presence, training troops. So, in due time to bring on the London Russian Empire Ottoman Empire, Persia, Sweden. All such acts of Washington and its allies are focused on the "strangulation" of the main geopolitical rival on the planet — Russia. Apart from the Russian Federation, West project is fighting its own against other contenders — the Islamic world, disintegrating it, pushing the country among themselves. Against China — wrapping it in a "small ring anaconda" bases in the Land of the Rising Sun, South Korea, Afghanistan, aggressive states. But our homeland — is the main goal, no final victory over her global domination will not.

Our homeland that can counter this strategy?

— The most important thing — it is to design your own project of globalization, Russian, more equitable, based on the preservation of cultural, national and religious peculiarities of the peoples of the planet. And to implement it, "running" is always in a better situation than "sitting".

— Sformirovyvaetsya around its own alliance to start integrating with Transnistria, Belarus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, maybe with Ukraine (as an option, in the south-eastern part of), Kazakhstan. Return to their presence in Cuba, Vietnam, if useful, and in Venezuela. Expand its presence in Syria to begin large-scale cooperation with Iran. Opponents of the project at the West a lot, Our homeland will find many allies. But no need to restore the sinful support of other countries for a reason, an alliance must be based on the best possible basis.

— Put in the basis of its global and foreign policy interests of the principle of the rule RF and the people of our civilization. All sorts of verbal nonsense about "democracy", "humanity", "tolerance", "pluralism" to dismiss the move.

— Enter into a contract with China on a friendly neutrality in the event of a collision with NATO, United States and its allies. We can support China diplomatically, energy, etc., in the event of conflict with Taiwan, it — us, in case of conflict with Japan, etc.

— Embody plans for upgrading to 2020 did not verbally and paper, but in reality, creating EKO missile capable of withstanding the most technologically powerful opponents. Modernize and re-equip the Air Force and Navy, the Army. Higher bureaucrats in charge of our Armed Forces modernization, should be responsible for their work at the post and heads.

— If useful, not listening to anyone pass PTRC "Iskander" the armed forces of Belarus, to put them into service units in Kaliningrad.

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