How Russian liberated Belgrade, and the British liberated Greece

Russia and Serbia bind classic love and respect for each other. But in the history of this too: Russia attacked Belgrade. To his release. They did this together with the Serbs.

October 14, 1944, our army, together with the divisions of the Yugoslav partisans stormed Belgrade, who defended Nazis.

As Russian liberated Belgrade, and the British "liberated" Greece

Breakthrough external bypass the defense of Belgrade on Mount Avala started October 14, 1944. The troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, together with the forces of the 1st Army Group, the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia began to attack German positions.

Having broken through the German defenses, attackers came to town. So that Belgrade was not very damaged, Russian commanders gave orders to use artillery, bombers and ground-attack aircraft, tanks and self-propelled guns exclusively in the most recent cases.

As usual in such cases, the Nazis prepared the city to destruction, mine all and sundry. But Marshal Tolbuhin prepared for such a development. Our engineer battalion had to defuse the 1845 buildings, bridges, factories, palaces, prepared by the Nazis in an explosion. There were three thousand and defused mines and about 30 tons of explosives.

By the final on October 20 fell Kalemegdan fortress — The last stronghold of resistance to the Nazis in Belgrade. In the fierce street fighting the enemy lost more then 15 thousand killed and nine thousand prisoners.

After the capture of Belgrade, the Germans quite rapidly expelled from all areas of Yugoslavia.

Another side "effect" are great difficulties with the withdrawal of German troops from Greece. Plan of the German High Command, who sought to take up the defense forces of Army Group "Serbia" on the Yugoslav-Bulgarian border and take on the highway Athens — Nis — Belgrade troops from Greece to northern Yugoslavia was torn down. Hitler's troops could depart now only awkward roads through areas where troops were NOAYU and Yugoslav partisans.

At the time, as Russian soldiers sacrificed their lives to free Yugoslavia, our British allies began a day landing … in Greece. The first air assault British Army were planted here Oct. 4, 1944. The main objective of the British was not the defeat of the German group in Greece, and rapid progress towards the troops of Marshal Tolbukhina. Unopposed German troops, they took the time to occupy the vacated area to keep the Russian in Greece. The Germans were leaving, the British were coming.

After their "arrival" in the Greek world to come. On the contrary, war broke out with the latest acts of force. The British opposed the powerful movement of the communist guerrillas ELAS. In the end — "liberators" British began fighting actions against the Greeks.

Here Only a few facts of this, now quite hushed, war

— In noyabre1944, the commander of British forces in Greece, General Scobie ordered the disarmament of ELAS units. Representatives of the Communists in the government refused to sign the decree dissolving the ELAS and 2 December came out of his composition. The next day in Athens accomplished 500000th demonstration against the acts of the Government and the British command. The authorities have used against the demonstration tool. 4 December 1944 fighting broke out between ELAS formations on the one hand, and the British and government forces on the other, the power of Athens and Piraeus defected to the representatives of ELAS. The seriousness of the battle states that failed to clear from Piraeus units ELAS Only 12 December 1944. In Athens, the British troops were surrounded, from which they managed to free until the end of the month. In Greece were further deployed two divisions of the Italian front.

Here's what he wrote in his book "The Second Global war"Winston Churchill. Fold in the direction of sensible assessment of Sir Winston and read just the facts. In the capital of Greece, ELAS supporters are not so small that they just grabbed whole city. English troops opened fire on the demonstrators, acting on one side of the conflict. Recall that for such acts specifically condemns London nowadays Gaddafi and Assad:

"December 3, Sunday, between the supporters of the Communists participating in an illegal demonstration, and the police came clash and plainclothes war began. On another day, General Scobie ordered ELAS immediately evacuate Athens and Piraeus. Instead of their troops and civilian population by armed groups tried by force to seize the capital. At this point I started to make a more specific management of this case. When he learned that the Communists have seized all police stations in Athens and destroyed much of the trapped people out there that do not agree to support them, and that the Communists are within a half-mile from government offices, I gave the order to General Scobie and British troops, there were five thousand people who 10 days earlier were enthusiastically greeted as liberators population, to intervene and to open fire on traitors aggressor. In such cases, these measures should not be half-hearted. "

— During the period from 3 to 15 g dekabrya1944 yanvarya1945, British planes made over Greece in 1665 sorties, destroyed 455 vehicles, four artillery pieces and 6 locomotives.

— The British managed to more or less to establish control over the territory of mainland Greece after only 6 weeks of languid fighting. 12 fevralya1945, in Varkiza signed an agreement to terminate civilian war, under which all form ELAS were derived from parts of Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.

— Most of the ELAS fighters folded gun, and gone home. But representatives of the democratic government and humane civilization of the "free world" in violation of the agreement were hundred square meters of their arrest and shoot without trial.

— Quite the situation in the country undermined so called "general" elections held on 31 marta1946, the Communists and the number of democratic parties have accused the government of rigging the results and their pressure on voters. It is appropriate to see what ves1945 city police terror in Greece is not abated. The elections gave rise to the latest confrontation. First open clash came in iyule1946, when government troops tried to clear areas from the communists Vermion mountains and Olympus. Despite the fact that the support of the advancing tanks and "Spitfire" Attack of success had not. ELAS units had broad support among the population of the country, a lot of experience of guerrilla warfare against the Germans, and of the army in Greece there were many sheltered allies. The country has begun a new round of civilian war.

— The war in Greece lasted until the beginning of 1949, in other words only (with breaks) 5 years!

— According to official figures, the government troops lost during the war, civilian 12,777 people killed, 37,732 officers and men were wounded, pro-form — 38,000 dead and missing data on the wounded. And how many were killed and tortured peaceful inhabitants? The country lay in ruins, the Germans retreated from Greece, did not have time to seriously damage the railways, they did it for the Greeks themselves — of course, not without the help of the Briti
sh and the Yankees.

PS History of Yugoslavia and Greece in particular — vivid testimony of misery black-and-white eye on the story: in which around povinet Stalin and the Soviet Union, and the West is always right in all their actions.

For information: Stalin's USSR did not take any role in civilian war Greece. Specifically, this fact was the main prerequisite for future quarrels of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Josip Broz Tito, Stalin's policy is not considered a communist policy, which should always help other Communists, and an Imperial Russian policy, for which the main thing — the interests of Russia. And then this enthusiasm was — DO NOT carry on a war with Britain and the United States.

In what has been a nuclear weapon. (Details are in the book "Stalin. Remembering together")

Well, we …

Must be kept in mind and know that the Anglo-Saxon "democracy" always comes in most countries over the bones of her people.

Exception to this rule is almost no …

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