How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

Inspired by the here is the news, precisely by some quotes from there and commentaries to it. Quote intrigued follow:

"Our guys from" Kazbrig "around the tighter the Yankees, said the journalist edition. They would only shoes benign, not Chinese.

— Previously, we were referred to as "wood" ankle boots — recognized sergeant "Kazbrig" named Erjan. — Durable were tough. That's why we call them "wooden". And at the moment leatherette issue. From the water, they creep along the seams. Although the tape is rewound them. "

In all the comments immediately began to admire the American snaryagu. And here the hunt to clarify a couple of points. In 1-x, tylovikov, which provided "KAZBRIG" substandard ankle boots, you need to find and declare him a serious reprimand to the chest cage. That's the minimum. Until the investigation. And, in-2, you need to look dispassionately at the clothing allowance in other armies of the world. Well, at least in the same American.

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

Everyone has long been clear that the Pentagon — there is nothing else like a tremendous machine drank on the treasury bubble. Examples include car and a small cart, a failed project from the F-35 (well, and F-22) and the non-flying hypersonic vehicles, ending the theft of supplies to Afghan fuel and drinking water, but we are speaking specifically about the uniforms. A few years back there was a scandal in Afghanistan. Well, as a scandal, because — scandal. Another military supplier, the company «TenCate» tried their best — has delivered a belligerent army completely bad shape. Everything there was disgusting — and the seams and fabric, and accessories. In the end, after two weeks the men flashed naked thighs. Oh, so it was:

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

And here also began to receive complaints from the command of the ANA (Afghan National Army), which was completely and one hundred percent of the South American administration provides. It turned out ankle boots, which are shod in Afghans did not keep a couple of months.

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

Moreover, the ANA soldiers said that small cannon which they are delivered from the United States — there is a complete and absolute, but also more scary and antiques. A helmet and all — are covered cracks. Fighter named Abdul the Brown said that he would prefer to change his M16 rifle, a 30-year-old Kalashnikov. Moreover, the Americans themselves do not change their vintar fool on the old good Kalash. Marine Corps recruits even specifically to retrain the usual tool — always need:

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

It is interesting that this whole snaryagu immediately turns to little market, which has at least about what a great base. Here's journalists have opened themselves that any Afghan black market, a lot of South American military odds and ends. Previously, these were called Bush Market, at the moment Obama Market. In Soviet times, such places are called Brezhnev bazaars. There freely sell not only food rations and odezhku (digital camo — $ 40), and most stranded gear — Kevlar helmets, body armor, laser sights, and even special digital tablets for officers (two thousand dollars). The gun is not sold freely (though the problems do not buy), but the South American rifles of success have not.
And all this despite the fact that to equip the Afghan army Pentagon exclusively in 2010-2011 officially spent more than 20 billion dollars. That's where gallakticheskie scales drank. In general, in fairness, I note that high-ranking corrupt officials in uniform is not there a catch:

"In the U.S. four-star general is suspected of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in budget funds for personal purposes. Inspector General of the Pentagon ended an investigation against William Ward, which lasted 17 months. He is suspected, namely that the use of military aircraft for travel of members of his own family immensely and squandered vast sums on luxury hotels. If the charges against him the address is confirmed, then it shameful to threaten resignation, reduction in rank and a partial loss of pension accumulations. In the worst case against him could begin criminal prosecution. "

Note that the prosecution is seen as something that is not very possible. In the meantime, the tribunal so the case can be isolated (and later cut) a whopping sum for a very unique things:

"The U.S. Army has issued three million bucks School of Medicine Institute of Indiana to develop a nasal spray, which discourages thoughts of suicide. The research grant was given after the army broke the record — only in July 38 fighter self-destructed. Until now, in 2012, the army found 66 suicides and is investigating 50 more, for a total of 116 cases. "

And it's a real pain in their head. «The New York Times» writes that for every dead in today's battlefield, the South American fighter for 25 veterans who committed during that period of time suicide.

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

The English press, reviewing acts US Army, and just exaggerating:

"Gone are the days of the heroic past of the American army. Now the South American army chronically applicable and more like a den of racists, and its soldiers — members of a gang. "

And it's absolutely true. Here for example:

"The FBI has issued a new assessment of gang activity, declaring that in the U.S. there are 1.4 million gang members (40 per cent increase from 2009), and that many of them were leaked to the U.S. armed forces. The report said that the troops are members of 53 gangs of 100 regions of the United States, which are in every kind of American troops. Members of every major street gang, some prison gangs and illegal biker gangs. They are all as in military facilities inside and outside the country.

Being translated into zabugornye duty station, the military — gang members spread their culture and operations to new regions around the world, undermining the war crimes trials to establish safety and the law. Gang members with military training pose a very significant threat to law enforcement agencies because of combat abilities and ability to pass on his own experience to other members of the gang. The report notes that while gang members are represented in all military branches, most of them in the U.S. Army, Army reservists and national guard. "

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

And it's still about one category of fighter they have forgotten to say. According to official (apparently underestimated) to the Pentagon number of drug addicts in the Army from 2005 to 2009 increased by 50% to almost 40,000. If in 2003 the number of junkies who had hospitalized, there were about hundreds per month, then in 2009 — already 250 fighters a month. Here there because of the men who are addicted uparyvatsya dope after the injury. With all of this the number of drug addicts in the army continuously growing. And to squander loot on healing ozhirelyh fighters. Yes, yes, and there are many. It's still a billion bucks. In addition, echoing the coin correctly allocated for the rehabilitation of victims of violence. A foraged these American soldiers, be healthy:

"The Pentagon, in its yearly report to Congress, said about 3,192 cases of reported violence sexy in the U.S. Army against the guys and ladies in 2011. Noting roct of rape, the Pentagon said that according to the views of the officials at the Pentagon only 14% of cases of violence in the U.S. Army made known to the public and how they are under investigation. So Makar, the total number of cases sexy violence in the U.S. military may be close to 20,000 only in 2011. "

And there, too, in the command of the gangsters are still sits. Only a much more high flying. They were very upset when the bulk of the Iraqi forces withdrew. For there is a serious case could be revisited — to conclude a contract for the supply of equipment and purchase simple electronic switches, 7 bucks at the cost of 5 cents, at cost — please! — 900 bucks apiece!

And all of this economy is in such a Makarov for years and decades. The volume of theft only grow with age. Here is a quote on the same topic from the book "The USSR has 100 questions and answers" distant 1981 year:

"- Why do you adjust their military sometimes far apart? If there is an approximate military parity between the USSR and the U.S., and the cost should be approximately equal. "

"- In the U.S., every now and Pentagon customers achieve the highest prices for their products: pay-what Treasury (more precisely, taxpayers)! South American Senator Douglas leads are funny facts for each socket for light bulbs standing in a store only 25 cents, naval department pays to suppliers 21.1 bucks, electronic cable per yard price of 3.6 dollar U.S. Air Force is paying 50 bucks. Etc. "

These fraerov also occasionally caught. For reporting:

"The U.S. Justice Department has filed three individuals and one company charged with fraud and bribery. They are charged with negligent in the competition, which was to use disk imaging secret to reap the benefits in the contract with the state to perform in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Justice said that with this company, in its own application to specify the value that is close to the value expected by the military, signed a contract for 6 months, which extended more than once. In accordance with this agreement AISC has received about 54 million dollars, and those who conspired Tipo, divided among themselves over $ 20 million. "

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

In Iraq, for popilschikov general expanse was. Here's a traditional event:

"After the South American invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the Government of the occupied country was to get from the Congress of the United States about 61 billion dollars. According to the auditors, the 6.6 billion dollars of this amount, without any trace of missing and is likely to have been stolen. "It naikrupneyshaya stealing donations in the history of the United States," — said the inspector general for monitoring the expenditure of funds for Iraq reconstruction Stuart Bowen. On the conduct of this financial reporting from the Yankees often had neither the time nor the professionals. Millions of dollars just pounded to satchels and transported in pick-up trucks on the Iraqi recipients. In the past 6 years, members of the Pentagon has repeatedly asserted that they can report on all these amounts, if they are given enough time to process all the files. But repeated tests to find, in fact, all of these documents, and even better — for yourself means have failed. "

Or, here's the latest example. Amer's own statistics Afghanis always shamelessly lying. With a variety of purposes. For example, in the case of the MRAP — sawn due budgets. In the past year, according to official figures the Pentagon's MRAP-s (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) rescued the life of forty thousand soldiers. And now a senior bureaucrat of the Ministry of Defence has admitted that this figure was shamelessly exaggerated. And in fact saved lives of about 2000 (nekislo lied, right? 20 times). Feature is that the generals izderzhali on MRAP for 45 yards of green. A sense of them, as it turns out, it is not the one that had been promised.

It's funny and can not believe it, but even in the U.S. strategic procurement enjoy spending so that decision-makers got a little bucks. Because of this funny things happen later:

"In South America found the weapons million counterfeit Chinese parts. As a result of the investigation it became clear that counterfeiting in the main electrical chips are involved in night vision systems, radios, GPS-devices, helicopters, transport planes, and in the computers that control the interceptor missiles. "

And newspapers have on their uniqueness frankly, but doomed state:

"A significant part of the 400 million dollars allocated by the U.S. administration for infrastructure projects in Afghanistan in 2011, may be lost due to shortcomings in the planning, coordination and execution."

s is referred to generally easier — because of the indiscriminate razdolbaystva and chaos.

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

And the most fascinating that all of this perfectly. With amerskoy bubble and the Taliban are good. For example, private security companies, funded by the Pentagon, plotyut Taliban for non-hazardous passage of supply convoys. At the same time, when Pakistan closed transit, the Taliban fell sharply income that has even led to a decrease in the number of attacks in the southern and eastern regions of Afghanistan. As the Associated Press news agency said one of the commanders of the Taliban in Ghazni province — "Earnings fell significantly. Because the rebellion was not as strong as we had planned. " Another commander of Kandahar province, was that the means of private security instrument is bought and paid for the work of militants. According to U.S. military in the past year, 360 million U.S. dollars of the hands of the Taliban, criminals, corrupt officials. More on this read FoxNews:

"Security offices often negotiate with the Afghan insurgents on the Protection of the U.S. system of funded projects. Sadly recognizable own irrationality Project 64-mile Gardez-Khost road, presumably, will cost taxpayers a total of 176 challenges million bucks. More than 43 million of them took security firm, just hire a person who was in the list of favorite South American rebels, who want to capture or destroy. They paid jihadists to 160 thousand dollars a month, that he was guarding the construction of himself. "Taliban" all means remove the foam from the American taxpayer. Responsible for contracts South American bureaucrat told me that the structure of contracts for expensive Afghan government army base in the south of the country get only contractors associated with the Taliban.

Rebels get even with their small and, at first glance, the beneficial operation of projects sponsored by the United States — such as the construction of dams peasants delay. Jihadists first shake Afghan contractor, and later get another piece, when the South American bureaucrats allocate money to peasants. Our taxpayers are, in fact, paid for the coordinated terrorist attacks that have met this week, rebels of the Haqqani Network, which funds its operations and equipment acquired through a South American contract packages for road construction. This pernicious system negates the efforts of the U.S. counter-insurgency. South American bureaucrats usually quiet stare that means U.S. taxpayers go to the Taliban. "

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

But a military family own nishtyakov not receive. This is not, of course, about the Pentagon generals. Here is what the South American press:

"The financial crisis and got to the families of the U.S. military: more than a third of families are experiencing difficulty in paying bills kazhdomesyachnyh every fifth tries to take money on the side to avoid problems with the bank, since 27% of the other families of credit card debt exceed 10,000 dollars. Family soldier from Fort Stewart, Georgia, consisting of his wife and 2-kids, can not afford for themselves izderzhat $ 300 on a new set of forms. Veteran from St. Louis with his wife and 2 babies need help paying bills. Military Spouse explorer from San Diego with 4 babies lost her job. There are laws to protect military families from being evicted for non-payment of bills, but some look over their observance. "

Heartbreaking knows enough about some families of soldiers and the magazine «Time»:

"For people who can not afford to pay the rent itself, the car is the final step where you can still maintain the dignity and sanity, but it is only one step higher than the despair of people who find themselves on the street. Homes have become an American classic, from the carts and the first settlers to the campers. Not so long ago you podymali rapidly up the social ladder, and at the moment the financial depression forces you to reincarnate back seat to the bedroom. "In December, during a patrol we found six people sleeping in their cars at night," says John Edmund, chief assistant Dee Andrews, a member of the city council of Long Beach. "One of them was a widow who lived in a four-door car. She and her husband were veterans of the Air Force. She did not know where to turn for help. I have tears came to our eyes. "

But ahead of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Already at this point the U.S. Army destroys built base and destroy property, which is very problematic or impossible to remove. And blow up everything, right up to the printer (below the photo). And Hamid Karzai almost personally creeps before the Yankees, trying to persuade them to give up what-ever nibudt. A amers, know their bend. One local police even tried to prevent the next demolish the structure, saying that they belong to the Afghans. In response, officers from the base silly stuffed his face. Imagine how much good under this topic will be written off?

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

And for what were all those billions spent? No, but, in addition, to make the region an extensive intelligence network, train terrorists to our corners and kill young heroin. In the after Afghanistan, after eleven years of occupation affairs — full seams. In bourgeois newspaper published an article under the title "Karzai. The Mayor of Kabul. " Perfectly captures the essence of what is happening. Corresponding rode a few kilometers from the capital and ofigel. First, the fact that almost every province of concrete surrounding Kabul controlled by the Taliban: Logar, Wardak, Parwan, Kapisa, Laghman, plus 70 percent of the province of Nangarhar. Local residents there despised Karzai — they say that even the title of Mayor of Kabul for him — this is a cool search. The maximum that he is in control — own palace.
In general, there is an area in which Gia confidently achieve some success. In 1-x, is the protection of poppy plantations. The last player Pat Tillman, who threw a career for the sake of serving in the army, so straight and wrote in letters: "All that are engaged in Afghanistan, the Americans abandoned — is guarding poppy fields and transportation of raw opium." Man, by the way, in the end its the same and destroyed. With 3 shots in the back of the head.

Second successful field of GIs, it is killing innocent people. Here only the freshest cases:

— South American soldier in Afghanistan, shot 17 civilians inhabitants.
— In Paktia province as a result of NATO airstrike killed eight civilians inhabitants of their — six children.
— In the province of Logar, NATO aircraft attacked a house where the wedding took place. In the middle of 18 victims — five ladies and seven children.
— One child died, and two others seriously injured
as a result of a joint military operation in Afghanistan and NATO in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar.
— In the course of the next NATO operation ISAF soldiers killed four civilians, including two children.
— The Americans had bombed Chapa Dara district in Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan. Killed 10 civilians inhabitants.

But most of all, as we know, the soldiers love the Army of Light to kill from a distance, without direct contact with the victims. Sit for itself with Coke at the airbase «Creech» in Nevada, click on the button and kill people — ladies, kids and old people. Indiscriminately. And even for services it receives. That is just the most recent examples:

— as a result of the South American drone strike on the house in the capital of the province of North Waziristan, Pakistan, killing 5 people.

— as a result of the South American drone missile attack on a residential house near the town of Miramshah (North Waziristan, Pakistan) 4 people were killed.

— the Philippines shock south american drone killed 15 people.

— South American strike in Yemen stormed the car drones. 4 people died.

— in Somalia Where the islands South American drones attacked a village. 6 people died.

— near the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu, as a result of U.S. drone attacks, 25 people were killed and 40 wounded.
— as a result of U.S. drone missile strike in the city of Mogadishu killed 7 people and injured 17.
— as a result of U.S. drone strike in North Waziristan (Pakistan) 4 people were killed.
— in Yemen south american UAV killed 5 people.
— 20 One person has died as a result of the South American drone attacks in Somalia.

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

Are you impressed? But this is a very stressful job — fellows on the monitor to kill, like a computer game. Fall ill later butchers. Tired as much:

"More than half of American operators of unmanned aerial vehicles suffer severe mental and physical disabilities. This conclusion follows from the first study of its kind conducted by the U.S. Air Force Institute of honey. The research covers 1500 man, of which 840 operators UAV Predator, Reaper and Global Hawk. According to the BBC, with more than 46% of operators Predator and Reaper drones and 48% decipherers images acquired with these UAVs, there is a "high level of work stress."

A quarter of analysts is suffering from "chronic stress", which is reflected in the level of anger or depression, which can affect the properties of the professor or family affairs. Have been named the two main prerequisites of stress: the long duration of the operations and the frequent changes in the work schedule because of the shortcomings of qualified personnel. One of the most striking results of a study conducted by the U.S. Air Force, is the fact that excessive stress levels observed in those operators who participated in the operation, during which people were destroyed. "And so to the general public from the war zone reached only accurate information, Pentagon again highlights the considerable funds that are ruthlessly sawn:
"USA Today reporter Tom Vanden Brook (Tom Vanden Brook) and editor Ray Locker (Ray Locker) released an article in which it was reported that the Pentagon paid hundreds of millions of dollars to contractors on personal awareness-raising campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Namely, in the period from 2005 to 2009 year, the costs of promoting increased from 9 to 508 million dollars a year. In the process of investigating journalists also learned that one of the contracting companies, Leonie Industries, did not pay taxes to the state in the amount of 4,000,000 dollars. With all of this the company received from the Pentagon over 120 million dollars since 2009. "

But the likely consequences or responsibility murderers … like to put it mildly … no, better portray. That's what they do with the responsibility and morality;

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

But this is not konurka in the basement, and the room is an intelligence officer while serving in Iraq. Well, the officer himself — James Douglas

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

In legal terms, the process of hammering bolt on simple rules of decency and what is happening is this:

— Former U.S. Army sergeant escaped the bullpen for the killing of 24 Iraqis.
— Command of the Armed Forces of the United States has decided to release from the responsibility of the military involved in the death of 24 Pakistanis.

But the Afghans in their ability to retaliate. Moreover, the occupants of firearms even knocked 13-year-olds and 70-year-old men. Exceptionally this year's South American troops sent home from Afghanistan 243 coffin. Total War Pentagon loss amounted to more than three thousand people.

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

In conclusion, several new cases of disasters, army aviation. And then some because I think that it is only in the CIS planes and helicopters drop. Well, it is a disaster for technical reasons, whipping machines, also fell for some reason in a combat zone, I do not consider: — Seven Marines were killed in a collision of 2-helicopter in the United States.
— U.S. Air Force crashed in Djibouti, died entire crew of 4 people.
— In the crash tiltrotor in Morocco South American soldiers were killed.
— In the fall of fighters in the United States suffered 7 people.
— U.S. Navy helicopter crashed in Oman.
— Along the coast of the Russian Federation emergency landing South American fighter.
— Combat aircraft crashed into the ground at an air show in the United States.

And all of these difficulties, as well as the flow of zinc coffins from across the world, awesome theft budgets and poverty Veterans extensive open a discussion is not welcome. For panelists include other topics. Well, for example, whether women soldiers breast feed babies in public. And people might and main discussions are. In fact, foaming at the mouth.

How sawing budget in the U.S. Army

Well, will not fail to recall that in Kazakhstan this whole pack of murderers, rapists, thieves, flayers and officially represents the sovereign Kenneth Fairfax. I beg to ador
e and favor.

But due to the fact that it is still the anniversary of one the most excellent geopolitical RESOLVED all time, it is appropriate to share the details of by some as a catch bin Laden. Observation immediately recall Chechnya mid-90s:

«Hank Crumpton, who served 20 years in the CIA and held the position of deputy. director of the Counterterrorism Center, disclosed in a television interview, a few facts about the events of 9/11, namely, that the CIA did not once could destroy a favorite of Al-Qaeda and bin Laden before and after 9/11, but each time came orders not to touch it . "In 1998, in 1999, right up to 2001, we had an extensive network of informants in Afghanistan, we know where Bin Laden is doing what. One of our agents took us to the village — not far from Kandahar.

We have seen a group of people from the security services, and then bin Laden, leaving the mc. Have seen clearly. We immediately notified the whitewashed house. And the response of the Clinton administration was followed by, "Well, the impact will take a few hours to prepare the submarine, cruise missiles, and do many more things. Tell us where bin Laden will be a 5 or 6 hours later. "Was a big disappointment. Crumpton said that he desired to destroy the terrorists and then there personally, but "it just was denied permission to do so."

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