How tamed Hitler menagerie

Kill the T-VIH "Tiger" and T-VIB "royal tiger" was not far commonplace. To see this, compare the tactical and technical characteristics:

Tank Weight, t Armor mm gun, mm
"Tiger" | 55 | 82 — 102 | 88
T-34 | 28,5 | 45-55 | 76,2

"Tiger" was a long-barreled gun and could hit the "Thirty" from a distance of 1.5-2 km, and the T-34 — a distance of 300 — 500 m, and even then only in the side-piercing projectile.

Tank T-VIH "Tiger"

Encountered from time to time in the front print words that "tigers" were burning in the battle as a match, only aphorism less. And later, languid German tanks were often confused with upgraded medium tanks T-IV, in which in 1942 "stretched" gun barrel, reinforced armor, to somehow equate with the T-34.

Tank T-IV

T-VIH "Tiger"On the Soviet-German front was used massively in July 1943 in the Battle of Kursk. During the six months they resisted heavy tank KV-1 (KV-1C) with a strong 76-mm gun barrel length of 41.5 caliber, with an increased up to 105 mm frontal book covers, medium tank T-34/76 and T-28 entered service in 1933. Crews Russian cars to win the duel with the "Tiger" had to show great skill, to act in the main ambush. rescued and outstanding maneuverability, "Thirty." Yielding "tigers" on the power of fire, it is in experienced hands frequently confronted them perfectly.

The heavy tank KV-1

In winter 1944, the Guards armored units began to receive more massive tanks T-34/85 (the tower with the increased width of armor had a long-barreled 85mm gun). Appeared in the armed forces and the IS-2, then admitted of strongest tank second world war. Installed on it 122-mm automatic cannon standard in 1943 had a muzzle energy is 1.5 times more than the 88-mm gun T-VIH. At a distance of 500 m projectile weighing 25 kg and initial speed of 790 m / s pierced the armor of width up to 140 mm. Himself IS-2 had reservations 120-90 mm. Baptism of fire tanks, "Joseph Stalin" were under Korsun-Shevchenko in February 1944, where he showed his unmatched fighting properties.

Average tank T-34/85

The heavy tank IS-2

So who are these aces-tankers, to pacify Hitler's "Menagerie"?

Championship crews divide "tridtsatchetverok" of the 1st Panzer Army, General Katukova Misha, who got hold of the real glory hunters 'tigers' in the Battle of Kursk.

July 7, 1943 .. Oboyansky highway in a small village defended by the company Yakovlevo Guard Lieutenant Vladimir Bochkovsky of the 1st Guards Tank Brigade.

At dawn on the highway there were 7 "tigers" and a regiment of infantry. A little later — another 3 armored columns with the "Tigers" in the head. It did not bother defending. The whole day 8 "tridtsatchetverok" repulsed the attack.

Because shelters are aptly thrashed the cars of the enemy. Resolve the Nazis diminished, the battle began to wear a confused character. That's when the crew of the Guard lieutenant ZHoru Bessarabova opened his own expense languid destroyed German tanks. T-VIH was the third car, which he burned to noon. Basarabians killed in an ambush her when she held up the board. And then the crew won the duel even at 2-"Tigers."

By evening, the Germans seem to have guessed that against them is only a handful of tankers, and resumed the attack on a company Bochkovsky — remember then commander Mike Katukov. Hung over the village "Messer". One of the bombs exploded near the machine Guard Lieutenant Sokolov. The tank, careening, slid into a deep hole. Bochkovsky took lined "Thirty" in tow. Escape was getting close, but the German shell hit the car — she was thrown the gun barrel, the flames leaped over the motor. Sokolov died. Under a hail of missiles blew off the tank with caterpillar Bochkovsky. The company commander ordered his own crew to pull the caterpillar, but still a blast — Vehicle ran Bochkovsky flames. Crews lined tanks and infantry 4, until recently defending its own limit, climbed to the armor vehicle Bessarabova, and maneuvering in the middle of tears, she left the village. "

In the morning, in the company of 5 cars again got in the way Germans. Only 2 per day or tankers fighting killed 23 enemy tanks, including several "tiger." In the upcoming Lieutenant Bessarabov destroyed Hitler brought the score to 12 tanks, four of them — "Tigers". Unfortunately, December 29, 1943 in the battle of Kazatin he died.

7 "Tigers" destroyed the al 1st Panzer Army (200th Tank Brigade), Lieutenant Mike Zamula. 6 "Tigers" and 1 "panther" knocked out commander company of the 53rd Guards Tank Brigade, Lieutenant Alexander Milukov. On the front, he arrived in 1942. Waged war mechanic driver for KB, moved to the "Thirty," which soon became the commander. In February 1943, in the battles for Kharkov his crew won the first victory, while on the "tiger." In the midst of the battle of Kursk in the acute bout burned "panther", and then another 3 "tiger." In 1944 he graduated from the Saratov Milukov tank school. 2 more "Tiger," he wrote on his own account as early as 1945. For courage and heroism was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union.

Among the aces-tank for the destruction of Hitler's "zoo" includes also the commander of the T-34 Lt. Gregory Brajnikov and the commander of the JS-2 Lieutenant Ivan Khitsenko.

Gregory scored Brajnikov of Kursk. At first his crew destroyed medium tank T-III and one T-V1H "tiger." But then, in one of the battles Brazhnikov able to shoot from a distance of 350 — 400 m 4 "tiger", spending their 8 rounds. However, the lieutenant was carried away in the heat of battle he saw the fifth, who managed to deal a fatal blow to his "Thirty." Fortunately, the crew was unharmed.

Lieutenant Khitsenko participated in the breakthrough in the area of Różan (Poland). January 15, 1945. crew entered into an unequal battle with the enemy tanks languid 10, and 5 of them knocked out. In the same battle brave tanker died. 4 tanks T-VIH destroyed a tank commander of the 12th Guards Tank Brigade Guard Lieutenant Vasily Yermolaev.

He broke out in a fight. Zanko Zhitomir Region 7 December 1943. At dawn, the Germans attacked their tanks of strongest T-VIH "tiger."

…Half an hour after the attack began bef
ore the crew Guard lieutenant Vasily Yermolayeva were 3 more fighting vehicles. Peel them head-on? Vasily thought for a second. No, it did not work, let a closer. Waited for one of the "tigers" fills the board, and opened fire.

A few shots, and Hitler came on predator. Later, another broke out. Fortuna. And what a fortune. But the firing of the third there was nothing — ran piercing shells. Only they could break through a thick armor "tiger." Now he could deal with the T-34 with no effort. Thundered a shot and took possession of the flame "Thirty" Yermolayeva. But crew got out of the car. T-34 at full speed rushed towards the "tiger" and slammed him into the boards. Both vehicles exploded. Later, the tank commander Guard lieutenant Vasily Yermolaev and driver Guard Sergeant Andrew Timofeev Hero of the Russian Union posthumously. Out of the 6 crew killed in the battle tanks were 4 tanks of strongest Nazi Germany — T-VIH "tiger."

In December 1943, in the battle near Zhitomir tank commander of the 13th Guards Tank Brigade Guard Lieutenant Ivan Golub destroyed 3 T-VIH "Tiger" and 2 T-VG "Panther". 3 "Tiger" on account of the commander of the T-34 Lieutenant Gregory Chesakov of the 10th Guards Tank Corps Ural voluntary. The same number of cars on account of severe platoon commander of the 14th Tank Regiment, Lieutenant N. Layzeykina. From 9 killed in one of the battles of Kursk tank — 3 were T-VIH. 3 "tiger" and 2 medium-sized T-III in 3-hour battle of Kursk crew killed Lieutenant M. Frolov of the 178th Armored Brigade. 3 "tiger" of the 18 tanks destroyed on account of the platoon commander and crew of the T-34 45th Guards Tank Brigade of Guards Lieutenant Vladimir Maksakova.

August 1944 .. Sandomierz bridgehead.

In the front lines, near the Polish village oglenduv for earlier cordoned SS men arrived German 501st heavy tank battalion with the latest stealth techniques — Heavyweight tanks T-VIB "royal tiger". Before the battle, the German commander set up his own tank:
-"King Tiger" impenetrable. We just hunt for Russian tanks.

But the hunt was not necessary.

…In tank crew "Thirty" (T-34/85), there were five of them. Commander — Lieutenant Alexander Oskin, a driver — Sergeant Alexander Stecenko, commander of the gun — Sgt Abubakir Merhaydarov, shooter radio operator — Alexander Grudinin and loader — Junior Sergeant Alex Halychev. In the evening, they were ordered to reconnoitre.

Oskin gave the command, and "Thirty-Four" ran in a westerly direction. On the armor machine located Troopers. In oglenduv enter failed: on the outskirts of the crew saw the German tanks, they were above the 10-ka. Engage in — folly.

Under cover of darkness the ensuing "Thirty-Four" stuck in the grain field in front of the Community Sat. He separated from the deepest ravine, followed by oglenduv dragged on the road to the east, it could just be kept under control. Crew members disguised car sheaves. Later did hornblende — piled huge stacks of the same in other places of the field. The night passed calmly. At dawn Oskin saw that from the column oglenduv seemed languid machines. In their view was unusual and severe.

— On the "tigers" are similar — see Merhaydarov. — But they do not. Maybe "Panther"?
— "Tigers", "Panther"? We will peel without asking surname — Oskin said resolutely.

The commander of the crew knew to peel on the sides. This will have the opportunity to — the tanks will certainly on the way. And he was right. Soon column stretched along the ravine, moreover, for some reason it braked. 14 cars at once framed the board under 85-mm gun "Thirty." Oskin decided to peel on the head tank. Shot rang out. Hit — right up to the tower.
— Excellent! Bridging below! — Commanded Oskin. — Fire!

Second shell hit the board. Destroying armor, he set fire to the fuel tanks. The flame was ferociously devouring the new brainchild of "Henschel". A Os'kin yelled:
— According to the second!

And a new flare erupted on the reverse side of the ravine.

Nazis enveloped panic. Their tanks began to withdraw in oglenduv. It was only the third giant, standing right in front of "Thirty," readied for battle by giving the Soviet machine gun. Now every second counts.

— Do not see the goal! — Excitedly reported Merhaydarov.

Disguise sheaf closed lens sight. Oskin leaned to the waist of the tower, a bundle was thrown to the side. Shot rang out, and the third torch flashed in the darkness before dawn.

By the time reinforcements arrived in time. Russian tank crews defected in coming. "Thirty" Oskina chasing Nazis stormed into oglenduv. Again, surprise: in the village stood motionless three royal "Tiger". Crews apparently preparing to attack, but was expected to adopt them into battle in the second place, and so tank was not there. The SS men who were guarding the tanks did not have any significant resistance. In short, the tanks were in the hands of our soldiers.

Broken and the captives of the "royal tigers" were the commander of the 3rd Panzer Army Pavel fishing. He marveled at their size and was very surprised that the "Thirty" was able to deal with these harsh machines. Soon, one of the giants in the capital put the Park of Culture and Rest named M.Gorkovatogo on display Muscovites.

From the memoirs known and such an episode. During the fighting on the same Sandomierz bridgehead tank Guard Battalion Major Vladimir Zhukov during a night attack in one of the villages Fri ran for 16 unknown tanks. Their crews were sleeping in the village houses. The attack was so sudden that only three crews managed to jump into the hatches of their own tanks and carry out what is called, the feet. Guards seized 13 tselehonkim "royal tiger."

These machines were made by "Henschel" in response to the emergence of our IS-2. All she has produced 489 tanks. For the first time, as we already know, they went into action in August 1944 — at the Sandomierz bridgehead. Any configurations on the Soviet-German front did not cause.

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