How the U.S. planned to beat and democratize the USSR

] Plan of the Third World from 1951

Since 1945 and the beginning of the 60's the United States has developed about 10 programs to attack the USSR. In particular, intense anger plans against our country were developed in the period of so-called "McCarthyism." With all of this ideological basis of the applets was founded in America in 1918, when Colonel Gauz, under the influence of mind of the scientist, the researchers' plan Monroe "Isaiah Bowman, began to develop plans for the dismemberment of Russia. According to the plan Gause, Siberia was to become a colony of the United States and European Russia "should be separated into three parts." Apparently, according to the plans of the Russian Federation Gause had to fall Caucasus, Ukraine and other national republics.

A late 40's — early 1950 according to the plans, "Halfmoon", "Fleetwood" and "Double Stars" scheduled to hit a series of nuclear attacks on major towns and strategic companies of the USSR. Thus, during operation "Double Stars" was foreseen to throw off the Soviet Union about 120 atomic bombs. Americans meant that after such impact on the management of the USSR will surrender and the occupation forces would have to set for 5-8 years, the latest power. And only after that period of "progressively control can be sent Russian elected bodies." As in terms of Gause, the results of this operation was planned to dismember the Soviet Union — but already in 22 countries, including "Russian North", Volga Tatar — Finno-Ugric education "Idel-Ural" republic "Cossack", etc. . Far East had to get under the protectorate of the United States.

But a more detailed plan of aggression against the USSR and the establishment in our country of a new order has been registered in the popular South American journal Collier's, in its issue of October 27, 1951. This special issue was published edition of 3.9 million copies, its volume was 130 pages. The magazine contains articles by leading American journalists and writers since then — Arthur Koestler and John Priestley, economist Stuart Chase, union boss Walter Reiter … She headed a group of journalists from Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith.

Obviously, this plan was not official, but was later recognized journalists Collier's, they used to write articles "brain of the U.S. administration." A South American magazine "Nation" and the German "Der Spiegel" then this forecast was characterized as "almost an official plan of the South American World War III."

Special issue was described as "a documentary report of 1960."

How was the war

War of the Soviet Union and the West was scheduled to begin May 10, 1952, when the Russian agents have made an attempt on the life of Marshal Tito, the Yugoslav favorite. On the same day in Yugoslavia invaded by the troops of the USSR, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. After one day
Stalin moved tanks into Western Europe and in the Near East oil-producing areas. With the help of the American Communist Russian secret services
began to carry out acts of sabotage and acts of sabotage in the United States.

In response to the U.S. sanctions the UN resorted to nuclear weapons. May 14, 1952 from airfields in the UK, France, Italy, Alaska and the land of the rising sun rose strategic bombers B-36. They threw in the Russian Alliance first atomic bomb. The bombing of areas of the USSR lasted for three and a half months.

In response, Russian troops have planted in Alaska, developed coming in Western Europe and the Middle East, and Russian bombers Tu-4 took off atomic bombs on London, New-york, Detroit and the nuclear center at Hanford (Wash.).

By the beginning of 1953, the coming of the Russian Army in Europe was stopped. May 10, 1953 Russian bombers have caused the most massive nuclear strike on the South American towns. Washington and Philadelphia were razed to the ground. In retaliation, the South American commanders decided to subject the atomic bombing of Moscow. U.S. aircraft are scattered over Moscow advance warning leaflets. The town started to panic. Around one million Muscovites were able to escape from the town, but the authorities with internal troops soon stopped total flight peaceful inhabitants of the town.

At midnight on June 22, 1953 South American atomic bombs were dropped on Moscow. The whole center of the town, including the Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral was destroyed.

At once south american Special Forces landed in the Urals. With the help of the Gulag prisoners released from the Americans were able to kill the Russian strategic assets. In the upcoming cons deployed Russian troops in the rear of a guerrilla war.

First, in 1954, U.S. forces and their allies fled to coming across the board. On the outskirts of the state USSR a guerrilla war: the Cossacks, Dashnak bandits, Balts were cut Russian party and an asset to let the train derailed. At the same time from Europe to the Soviet Union began to throw thousands of snow-white immigrants and the Vlasov. Guerrilla warfare under their control spread to large areas of the town to the European country.

Against the backdrop of the languid defeats in the Soviet Union the municipal revolution. Stalin was removed from power and fled in an unknown direction (may be stuck in one of their own hidden bunkers and there died in a prison volunteer.)

The head of the Soviet Union became Beria. The mass uprising broke out in the gulag. In Kolyma appear first free republic of the USSR on the ground — "Autonomous Republic Zekov." Management of the Republic signed a peace treaty with the United States.

First, in 1955, U.S. troops and allies come to Moscow. Beria signed with them an act of surrender of the USSR. "

Advent of Freedom

Post-war in the Soviet Union in the journal devoted 10 articles. Their name for themselves they say: "Out of the ruins — Russian newcomer", "Free people at work", "We pray to God again", "free thought, free speech," "In the family of European nations," etc.

2 months after the surrender of U.S. forces and their allies over the power to internationalist contingent of the United Nations. A special resolution of the UN appointed Provisional Government of the Russian Federation (the word of the USSR was abolished). It includes the White Russians, the collaborators who fought on the side of Hitler and prominent political prisoners released from the gulag.

Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States are immediately are independent states. Vladivostok, Kamchatka and Sakhalin fall under the South American protectorate. Living in the country of the rising sun get the Kuril Islands. The composition of independent Lithuania
cut one of East Prussia (Kaliningrad region).

The Communist Party, as well as the communist ideology outlawed. Elsewhere glow execution: Russians gained their freedom, are caught lurking Communist functionaries of the NKVD executioners. UN troops are trying to stop the lynching.

The land is distributed free of farmers at the rate of 5.10 hectares per person, depending on the region. Factories restitution given to former owners who lost them because of th
e revolution. Small businesses are cooperatives. By 1970, when he grows a new class of property owners, should be privatized companies established after 1917 in the country by 1960, the ninth year there are about 100 foreign concessions — in the main in the extraction of natural resources, railways and communications.

Evenly RF registered political parties. By the end of 1956, these parties are about 20. The most numerous are monarchical, the Social Democratic Party and the Farmer. But to free elections Russian scored Stalin and Beria, are not ready. Most of the voters waiting for orders from above — for whom and at what rate. "It must be replaced by at least one generation, that these boats were again people" — sorry state the Americans. Because the legislature as the experience of acting solely in a few large cities (Nizhny Novgorod and Sverdlovsk) and in a number of peasant provinces.

To speed up the process of democratization of the UN accepts plan by sending a Russian kids in the U.S. and Western Europe. They are determined by a special lottery, which enjoys great popularity among the people. Kids live in the western families by 1-2 years. Adult population to help democracy take up the portable radios. These devices have a fixed setting for the "Voice of America" and the Russian occupation authorities distributed free of charge.

Restored the independence of institutions. In Russian teachers in universities to work 'Western scholars. Americans forge Russian cinematography. Magazines about the movie become the most popular in Russia. The second most popular — musicals. Mikhail Sholokhov writer learned to write in English, and his novels about life in the Russian Federation are liberated in the West blockbusters. Writer Ilya Ehrenburg published his memoirs after the war under the title "great deception", where he describes the fears of the Stalinist regime.

"Dynamo" stadium becomes the center of the fashion show. Because of the lack of boys in Russia (in the war fell about 10 million Russian fighter) UN administration encourages marriage Russian women with Westerners. By 1960, the ninth year of about 5,000,000 ladies RF marry foreigners. Through ethnic Russian family also instilled democracy.

Another third Global

It is interesting that the U.S. plans to forceful "democratization" of the Russian Federation is now. Namely, such a plan is developing late Samuel Huntington — a prominent scientist and consultant geopolitics of the Republican Party of the USA. Namely, in his book "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" in 1996, he carefully outlined the scenario of World War III. Battleground again to become our home.

In his view, China zateyschikom act of war (under the pretext of protecting the lives of the Chinese living in Blagoveshchensk and Khabarovsk, Russian and murdered by the Nazis.) He will begin a military intervention and occupied Vladivostok, the Amur River valley and other major regions of Eastern Siberia. Military action between Russia and China will encourage NATO to welcome the entry into its ranks of. With all this, NATO will maintain Russian control over the Muslim countries of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan), which owns oil and gas, and promote Tibetan uprising in China, Uighurs and Mongols against Chinese rule, equally mobilizing and deploying Western and Russian forces in the east Siberia for the final attack — majestically through the wall in Beijing China.

In the end, the West, including the hands of the Russian Federation, China will overcome. Our country will be bled dry (in the fighting against epidemics and malnutrition will kill 40 million Russians) and the South American will accept a recovery plan — a new Marshall Plan. The prototype of a role model for the Russian will be the United States. As planned Huntington, about 60-80 years old Our homeland will be able to own, without outside help, to support democracy in the country.

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