How to attract young professionals to the defense sector?

How to attract young professionals to the defense sector?Often we discuss the problem of that is that the Russian defense industry can not fully cope with the duties incumbent upon them. With all of this earlier if the main problem is the lack of funding and the lack of a systematic approach to the loading state defense companies, but now, as it were, and the financing of things is much better, well, none of it is sometimes such that it only remains to roll up their sleeves and virtually immerse themselves in the long-awaited work.

But, as it turns out, for the near future in the field of defense and still had time to show up, the very small, one hitch, which hinders the development of the industry. Hitch This is the complete lack of trained professionals who could be able to apply the acquired knowledge in educational institutions to implement them in a particular industry. The fact is that now the most tentative estimates, in the defense industrial sector of young professionals does not exceed 20% of the total number of employees. With all of this tendency, to the chagrin of the majestic, aimed at reducing this and shred. The average age of the professionals of the defense industry — far beyond 40. More than a third of employees of companies of the military-industrial production are pre-retirement and retirement age.

The situation looks even more confusing by the fact that often the very establishment kept specifically for those employees who, because of age is not always gush creative thinking in terms of those solutions or other technical problems. As they say, experience in any field is a thing, certainly, blissful, but when the whole industry and directly promote the development of national defense, is torn between the generations, and when the accumulated experience even if they wanted to just give some, it becomes a threat to the survival of the industry is flat in general.

Well, you see, is not to solve the problem of defense personnel companies using the same kind of guest workers, which would, of course, enthusiastically took up the case, not even having to do rovnenky account and technical training …

This discrepancy is now attended to, and members of the Public Chamber. Namely, his vision of solving the problem associated with the lack of trained young professionals in enterprises of the military-industrial sphere, laid the head of the Commission on National Security OP Alexander Kanshin. It must be recognized that the proposals Alexander Kanshina in addressing issues related to the provisions of national security and protect the interests of the military and their families have always been original. Namely, it is worth recalling that the chairman of the Commission referred to the Public Chamber is not so long since offered severance servicemen in store did not provide them with flats and ground plots of 5 ha in any region in which they wish. The new proposal by Alexander Kanshina looks also quite unusual, but, together with those who have a certain logical platform beneath them.

So here, to equate the status Kanshin offers another civilian service for the young people of draft age and work in defense plants. In his view, young people who have received appropriate education in a special state program of training of scientists and other professionals in the field of defense, and then entered into a contract with an employer can be fully referred to as alternative service.

Offer sensible. His underwater stones in it, but still get around them. The fact is that under the law of another civilian service itself AGS is a career for the benefit of society and the country. And if work nurses in the homes of veterans and civilian service to another is equal, then why not take a job on the status of this military-industrial enterprise? Here in the presence of appropriate education and jobs scarce, and manpower will always be needed.

These stones in the matter may then look as follows:

the fact is that in expressing the idea of the probable identity of the AGS and work in defense enterprises, Alexander Kanshin mentions the need to implement the latest state program to fund training of young professionals, who then come to the defense factories. But all this has not explained how much of the budget funds for new municipal plan is useful because it is not clear how many young people will be prepared to respond to such a proposal. And will not it, that when signing the contract now the defense sector so called young special this plant will only be enrolled, and all the work it performs all the same gray-haired veteran of the industry … After all, unfortunately, at the level of corruption, which Now we have in our country, many young people see in a similar offer another loophole to skillfully avoid the draft.

One option which help solve this dilemma, is that work Young spices in the defense system may not even be related to another service, and with the most that neither is the military. Such an option, in principle, to a certain form has already been implemented in our country athletes who once were and are the soldiers of the Russian army conscripts. In such a situation, a person will be able to more effectively help the motherland than one which subconsciously aware that the "alternative history" does offer a lot more indulgence than the real conscription, although the term AGS 21 months instead of 12 months 'deferral'.

Given that we are called once a year 10's of thousands of graduates of technical universities, colleges and specialized schools, then it would be entirely possible knowledge and skills of these young people to apply in terms of the development of the military-industrial sector. With all this young spices, which is an agreement, the salary paid to an ordinary, so then he could stay on the defense enterprise, and was not eager to get away "for demobilization" and once and for all forgot about the defense.

Such a proposal, too, of course, is not a panacea, but if it is to work, it is fully able to solve two problems at once: to raise the prestige of military service for people with high-quality technical education and get new engineers and personnel for defense companies to profitable for both of these criteria young people, and for the companies themselves.

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