How to become a hero of Ichkeria

How to become a "hero" of Ichkeria"March 17, 2012 in Copenhagen, the official awarding of the descendant of the old Cossack kind of Sergei Melnikoff the highest order of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria" Koman Turpal "(Hero Civilization) "- according to the web site of" Chechen Press "- defunct news agency of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

"Sergei Melnikoff — one of the most popular and most expensive photograph of the planet. Its exclusive works decorate the houses and villas of many celebrities. Among them are Sir Elton John, U.S. President George W. Bush, Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei, the ruler of Nepal Birendra, Charles Aznavour, Vladimir Bukovsky, Tom Cruise. " Stated — absolute heresy "master" of his own person. There is no 'ancient Cossack kind Melnikoff, "photographer with the naming of the world, whose work" decorate houses and villas of many celebrities. " Like no king Birendra of Nepal — he was killed in 2001, and declared Nepal a republic. Biography of the hero, his exploits — a fantasy Melnikov (or Melnikoff, as he calls himself).

"Hero of Ichkeria" he really was. For something else. They created their own one-of-kind information website calling for the destruction of the Russian people. It surpassed all Melnikoff: "Kavkaz-Center", "Chechen Press" and the "Left Front" taken together.

"Russian animals! We will forgive you, litsezrev just dead. Russian kill — not a sin but a blessing at least some religions of the world. " This is part of what is broadcast, "a descendant of an old Cossack family".

«Free Speech / Freedom of Speech. Sergei Melnikoff. Website Chevalier of the Order "Hero Civilization "of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Sergei Melnikoff and his associates. You went to the personal website of head pathologist Russia. Here gutting Russian soul" — read by those who comes to an information portal. Website released a video: "The atomic bombing of Moscow", " Russky russkogo kill, "" People's criminal. "

All — dirty PR. In particular, the method of implementation of Melnikov's own photographs. As with pictures of Adolf Hitler. Works of art, they are not. Funds are paid for what they wrote man's hand on his conscience millions. With the difference that Hitler to destroy the Germans did not call.

Now a like-minded Melnikov. At the forefront of Akhmed Zakayev, with its fabulous "Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria." He personally handed the award "hero." On the "Chechen Press" and "Free Speech" photo of the crowd. Among the "hero-order-bearers" of Ichkeria, in line with Melnikov: terrorist Shamil Basayev Amir Khattab (Samir bin Saleh al-Suveylim) and Anna Politkovskaya. Everything is already dead. Apart from the latter-day "hero."

Other supporters themselves do not hide Stomakhin Boris, Vladimir Kotenko. Andrew Immortal-Anzimirov with the latest opus on the website: "Nine grams in the Russian neck." There are others. They were simply to behold on "freedom of speech". They are alive. Write articles, participate in the filming of false Russophobian videos. Including in. Melnikoff on your own Web site to thank for his role in an exhibition in London Taras Canuck, Sergei Bondarchuk, Roman Tumanov. With like minded litsezreem, no problems.

Filth Melnikova, Zakayev them similar to that calling for violence, cowardly hiding themselves in the United States and England. At the tiniest hint of a squeal of a sacred responsibility as a political refugee or citizen of a foreign country. Zazhirevshie ferrets living in luxury in Europe and America. They prefer to "chestnuts out of the fire" dragged them gullible idiots. Of those who believe in nonsense "Kavkaz-Center", "Chechen Press" and "Freedom of Speech".

Julius Streicher, editor of the newspaper «Der Sturmer», was hanged in 1946 by the decision of the Nuremberg trial. For inciting ethnic hatred, anti-Semitic propaganda and incitement to murder Jews. This was recognized crime against humanity. Melnikoff — U.S. citizen. The server is located in the same place. His propaganda defeat a whole people in the United States is not a crime. This freedom of speech is absolute as regards Russia.

Melnikoff and his campaign with Nazi minions are incomparable. Those were criminal, but the principles. Here — the scum of scavengers own production. New Nuremberg is not needed. Very melkovato squalor. Principled people's response to raging against impunity photographer from the United States. Especially since the "hero of Ichkeria" travels around the world. There are even pictures of him in Bishkek. "Like-minded" Melnikova to destroy the Russian elderly, women and kids are living in camps in Western Europe and Russia.

Russians do not need to ask permission from the country to the protection of their own country, close to Melnikov and other geeks. Customary law is valid when the formal silent. It is a law of nature. But fear Melnikov should own more like-minded "order-bearers of Ichkeria."

"Sometimes I call the Messiah" — Melnikoff about themselves. The statement "the prophetic content" makes it perfect candidate for the role of "sacred sacrifice." Assist ascend "hero" of Ichkeria to heaven is only "a matter of technique" for his friends in England. Especially since they have experience in this, as indicated by the story of Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko, enormous.

Chechens are deeply despise Melnikova, whatever its not a cheap trinkets uveshivali. Even among the so-called opposition. Renegade can take advantage of, but respect — never.

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