How to become a target

Information war. Now this expression leads to shudder not one political force in the world. Information war able to suppress the power of at least some of the enemy. Its main goal — the formation of public opinion, which will deliver information and disinformation precisely the basis of the military imbalance. As the attack information can be used a variety of means.

How to become a target

In the first half of the XX century, the theory of military public relations developed by Sigmund Freud's nephew Edward Bernays sir. He decided to make heavy use of the so-called motivated PR (public relations) for introduction of conviction or uncertainty fighter warring parts. Many could not believe it, but this practice is working. Now the practice of information warfare is used by many countries in the world. We, Russians, remained in the memory of many cases where the validity of an iota does not coincide with the news spreads on the country of television receivers. Just consider the case of a military conflict around 2008, with Georgia. Then, as the Western media broadcast and Georgian agencies controlled by Misha Saakashvili, Russian invaders destroyed the peace Georgian people, until the entire global community followed the events of the Beijing Olympics.

Frankly, I personally have teeth grinding out from that injustice, because we have something you knew exactly who started this adventure Straseni. But the matter of Edward Bernays went leaps and bounds. Russian television stations showed a Georgian armored vehicles moving through the deserted streets of Tskhinvali and shoots catches the eye of the military people. At this time, without exception, the international media broadcast as Russian helicopters to put the missile strikes on Georgian 'peacefully' fortified positions. In such a situation, at least some people in the TV screen will be disoriented and pronounces that, say, in the West, where the press is freer of our home, and because trust is specifically Western TV channels. And that person will be one of the countless victims of information warfare. Had he been more active everyday average Russian, and poster can grab and clicks the "Hands off Georgia!", Which will run to collect the same "injured" information bulletins from the scene of hostilities. In Russia itself, fortunately, on a large scale was not observed, but in Europe and the U.S. people just seething with indignation against Russia. And it's only later vsesuschie French journalists showed to the world the truth about who is in fact brewed this Caucasian porridge.

Now there is a similar situation in Syria. People who live and work in this country, frankly do not understand about what big protests about what millions of disaffected regime of Bashar al-Assad's speech is coming! In the Syrian capital, all is quiet, people are also the usual stroll through the streets, sit in cafes and restaurants, young people are not hiding in the corners and doorways. But it is necessary to include telecom, broadcasting from one of the main "telepiarschikov" channel Al-Jazeera, as fear for peaceful Syrians. They are here, it turns out, are shot in the streets of the government, allegedly, for the fact that they speak the words of disapproval at the address Assad. They are made to specifically pro-government demonstration, and for those who did not deem it necessary to take part in them, in the middle of the night come "men in black" and being taken away in an unknown direction. In general, if the trust correspondent channel Al-Jazeera, in Syria at the moment so dangerous that even a stone on the neck and …

Technology information warfare is justified for its own customers. Sow confusion and uncertainty in the middle of the people, the internal strife in the country, point to external or internal enemy "fifth column" — and go spinning gear mechanism which able to turn at least some political system.

By the way, information warfare now — it's not only a global policy, and not only the field of military operations. A situation in which the world has now landed recognizable ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn, striking example of preventive dark (in his case, the "black" in the truest sense of the word) PR. Information military actions have been carried out so subtly that almost a couple of days this man has lost almost everything: office, presidential ambitions, respects people and even family members.

Information warfare — it's not a bad makeup of military action by NATO. Destructive peaceful town bombers that kill women and babies South American and British troops — all of this will be justified if the cause of journalists come under their control. Any unsuccessful operation against militants in the virtual liquidation of an entire school, along with students in the Afghan town, these people represent a heroic feat fighter Her Majesty's Special Forces with the stars and stripes banner on the sleeve. Tripoli, which lies in ruins, the bombing of Belgrade in 1999, complete destruction of Iraq's infrastructure — and it paid off. In this case, 99% of all of this is done for the sake of democratic achievements, for the sake of this democracy. With all of this in the people one way or the other country, which receives NATO, and no one thinks to ask whether he wanted it or not.

In general, the modern world does not have to be afraid of tanks, not nuclear bombs and multiple rocket launchers, and misinformation Straseni extent, because of it may suffer even those who currently sits in its own heat and Myagenko chair.

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