How to behave in the heat, so as not to fall ill

How to behave in the heat so as not to get sickDoctors say that having stayed some time in the sun, under any circumstances, be immediately immersed in water. This can result in severe ENT disease. What you should always keep in mind in order to avoid the common cold and cough year season?

Nikita from Irkutsk was in the hospital room through the main joys of summer — ice cream. He had the one portion that had he started swelling of the larynx. It turned out that the prerequisite for this was the sharp temperature drop — boy ate ice cream in the 3o-degree heat, and so abrupt cooling of his body could not move.

"We are not under any circumstances do not prohibit swimming or eating ice cream in year warm period, but the urge to know the measure. After all, it is clear that a lot of kids are already experiencing acquired the common cold "- said Natalia Stoyanova, Head contagious — box office at Children's Ivanovo — Matreninskoy clinic.

in fact, particularly in very hot weather in clinics greater influx of patients. Most vserasprostranennye diagnoses during this period — cold, tonsillitis, otitis, of pneumonia. Doctors associate drunk one glass of ice water with a piercing blade throat. A cool shower, adopted immediately after exposure to the sun is a real shock to the body.

"Usually, the most vserasprostranennoy prerequisite catarrhal diseases plague is drinking ice cold drinks on the beach, in the parks well and in all other places of leisure. Another cause — Stay in a room equipped with Kondyukov. Kondyukov Hitachi, like any other, located in the premises or vehicles — an obvious cause Summer colds "- said Nadezhda Chernyaeva the therapist.

Lena V., mother of 5-year-old Xenia, satisfied these words on his experience. She told: "There was a 30-degree heat, and worked at home kondyuk, and it was very cool and fine. But on the same day daughter seriously cold. Now I try not to include kondyuk. "
Summer colds, contrary to popular opinion, is often tolerated even harder winter. According to statistics, in the heat of summer, with unhealthy weights in clinics, even more than in the winter. This occurs because the heat makes the extra strain on the body, and means and beat him with the illness becomes much more difficult.

Valentina, 76, a resident of Ulyanovsk, at the height of the summer season grabbed a seemingly ordinary cold. already for the next day she was lying with severe pain and weakness throughout the body. Because of the pain became severe drop in blood pressure occur.

So in order not to get sick in the middle of summer, it is necessary to clarify some rules that must be followed to avoid the heat.
1) Resting by the sea, do not dive dramatically into the water. Before entering tarry ye at least 5-10 minutes in the shade.
2) Ice cream should be eaten malehankih pieces.
3) Kondyukov must be configured so that the room temperature does not exceed the outdoor heat by 6 degrees. With all of this air flows should be focused not on the people, and in the ceiling.

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