How to build NASA

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) — The United States National Aeronautics and space gallakticheskogo — agency owned by the U.S. federal government, specifically subordinated to the vice-president of the United States and funded at 100% of the municipal budget, is responsible for civilian clothes gallakticheskuyu program from the country.

Construction of the center of research in the field of electronics in Massachusetts.

Construction of the wind tunnel in the center of Langley.

A two-dimensional tube of low turbulence, it was supposed to be used for research on the effects of aircraft icing.

The construction site for the study of the lunar descent vehicles.

Construction hangar number one on the Air Force base in Sunnyvale.

Construction of the hangar number one on the Air Force base in Sunnyvale.

Air Force Base in Sunnyvale (sort of).

Construction test A-2 site.

Construction test site A-2.

Reconstruction of military test sites Redstone, Jupiter and the moon to the needs of programs from gallakticheskom in the center of them. Marshall.

Construction pump system for cooling test site, which tested stage Saturn V.

Construction of the test area, which tested stage Saturn V.

Construction gallakticheskogo Center. Kennedy (1964).

Construction of a missile assembly gallakticheskih specifically here connect TTU tank and the shuttle in our days are.

Construction of the hangar to store and work with reusable gallakticheskimi apprat — gallakticheskimi shuttle, X-34, L-1011, and others (1999).

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