How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

June 22, 1941 by winning the thunder of guns and optimistic "Horst Wessel" 5434729 Breivik ran across the Soviet border, so bring on the tips of their own civilization light infantry shovels rednecks.

West, weighed down by radiant thoughts of universal love tolerant nations among themselves, constantly trying to bring the fire of euros education where he could get. Over the last millennium the light of civilization niskolechko not changed by its consequences. Changed only means of delivery uncivilized peoples.

As usual, ordinary Russian savages who had no guns, every last one drove to a local church, stables or large shed, along with the ladies and babies — and lit the fire of enlightenment on all 4 sides. This allowed us to enlighten the right of all the inhabitants of the village or even an entire city district.

With all of this, no animal of horses, cattle and goats do not torture while under the supervision and protection of designated grooms and shepherds, is the prototype of animal rights.

Svobodolyubivaya Latvia is not left out of the process of education of the Slavic savages squad for the missionary work more difficult ideologically prepared and Nordic persistent "Lāčplēsis." In the annals of the glorious deeds of men of education foreigners can be found by reading, for example, the report of Lieutenant V. Baltinsh (May 26, 1944, Riga, Colonel Pozdnyakovu, ROA representative in the town of Riga).


In 1928, the French Minister of War André Maginot began full-scale construction of fortifications on the border with Germany at the cost of 7 billion. francs — an astronomical sum even by today's standards.

"With the kind of innocent babies Western historians presently claim that the construction of the Maginot band needed to repel a German attack and redirects in the" what if "direction of their head blow to Belgium, where they were to be expected according to the plan of French Defence Staff.


German Army at the time just was not — pathetic defense forces of 100 thousand people. The Nazis in the elections in May 1928 gained only 2.5% of the vote and were only a bunch of political clowns with a total circulation of Nazi newspapers 23 thousand copies, and the management of France (and by the way, the UK) have reliably understood that by 1936, Germany be strong and brutal power, and therefore shrewdly squanders astronomical funds to build the most equipped in the history of defensive zone. How curious, right?

Allow me to imagine that the purpose of this band was one — to force strong Germany to go fight a war in the East. Germany was a gun hanging on the wall, which just needed to be charged at the appropriate moment and fire in the USSR in 1928 — such as gnarled and dismantled, as Germany itself. A Maginot Line — natural detachments in the rear "Drang nach Osten", that the Germans did not appear bad thoughts about the direction of motion.

The Soviet Union at that time was entirely state land, industrial giants, or just in general were laid only in the project, but the production facilities in Germany were already present and during the First World War and the revolution was not significantly affected.

And at the right moment, when the United Kingdom and the United States has provided loans to Hitler, production capacity turned into kinetic. At this point in the West pretend that South American business elite had no idea what used languid industry, and that Hitler was going to do. Not even funny. This is the question about the "historical guilt".

And then the Anglo-Saxons were worn with the Fuhrer as glamorous lady — a lap dog. "The expressive part of the historian Marabini in summer 1938 in Berlin, did not show the usual greeting" Heil! ". Two months' standing on the edge of the coin, "and how the conspirators confessed before his execution in 1944, only" Munich summit, "the chief foreign and domestic political bargaining chip, helped Hitler … more — all the British handed Hitler Czech gold after a torn Czechoslovakia — 130 million reyskhsmarok gold right out of the UK banks, where it was stored Czechoslovak Municipal gold in store. Czech funds were surprisingly way, as in the accounts of Germany was only 70 million Reichsmarks. "

On the ill-fated Poland:

Until the last days of Russian alliance with Poland tried to sign a pact of non-aggression and mutual defense against an aggressor. Poland, in principle, is not going to do it for a very simple reason — she was going to at least what the best ally of the Soviet Union and poruha wanted for possession of "from sea to sea."

January 5, 1939, Hitler declared the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Beck on the unity of Germany and Poland to the USSR. (Hitler's record of the conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Yu.Bekom. Source: Documents and materials eve of the second World War, 1937-1939. 2 vols. Moscow. Politizdat. 1981).

After consultation at the end of January 1939 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Ribbentrop arrives in Warsaw, where he Beck has openly stated that Poland will join the Anti-block, if Germany would support Poland's desire to take over Ukraine and to get access to the Black Sea.

"We could find a place on the side of the Reich is almost the same as Italy, and probably better if Hungary or Romania. In the end, we could be in Moscow, where Adolf Hitler, along with Rydz-Rydz would perceive the parade of the victorious troops of the Polish-German "- is at the moment, in the XXI century, lust Polish patriots.

The result was predictable: the allies Poland and guarantee its integrity — Great Britain and France, just "threw" the Poles. Nothing particularly unusual about the "strange war" declared Hitler was not — was just plain cheating ally quite ordinary for the Western elite. The Minister of Aviation UK when he was approached with a request to parliament to strike at the factory objects Nazis brazenly declared: "What are you, it's unreal. This is private property. You may ask me to bombard the Ruhr! "(I beg you to drive silly Association. Currently — an entirely different matter. Currently, the Anglo-Saxons of their own NATO allies will defend to the last bullet, the last man …)

By the way, what about the partition of Poland between with 2 … dictators Hitler, if you remember, UK & France though unusual war, but was announced. It is reasonable that if the Soviet Union was the aggressor, they would have to declare war and the Soviet Union, even formally, as they created it with Germany.

But it is not only not work, but more than that, Winston Churchill said on October 1, on the radio: "Russian army had to get up on the strip, it was absolutely necessary to the security of the Russian Federation against the Nazi threat." So who still participated in the division of Europe?

"Brought up in recent years in the media screeching around the" division of Europe between the tyrants with 2 "raised for two reasons:

— First — the real Nazis partners and organizers of the 2nd World War, so try to cover up their complicity makarom the sins against the people of the land;

— Second — so makarom try to make an ideological basis for the partition Russian Federation — the largest fragment of the USSR. One of those "well, how you can make agreements signed when the Soviet Union was such a monster."
All this has neither the smallest business to the historical truth and justice. "

Was the allies and "Plan B":

"The idea of attacks on oil development in the Soviet Union — wrote the French explorer Jean d'Oop — was formulated at the outset of the war." In late October 1939 the Joint Chiefs of England considered the question of "positive and negative sides of the war, Britain offers Russia."

Around this time, the Minister for Coordination of Defence, Lord Chetfild sent to the Joint Chiefs of Staff developed in the government report "On the vulnerability of the oil-producing regions of Russia." Here are some more substantial excerpts from the document:

"… In the USSR there are three main centers of oil production in Baku, Stern and Maikop. If you kill the Russian oil fields (and they all are spouting the type of development and therefore can be easily destroyed), oil will lose not only our home, and at least some ally of Russia, who hopes to get it in this country. "

Next is a list of Russian centers of mining and processing of oil and "the most suitable places" based aircraft for bombing oil fields of the Caucasus regions, indicating the distance to them. "

But later everything went totally according to plan in the Entente allies. Hitler had not desired to be "cannon fodder" and cut through a window in Russia, leaving at the rear of a strong military forces have already declared war on Germany and finished in every moment to knock in the back, as the Wehrmacht crush the Soviets and / or bogged down in the sixth part sushi. And France is not it …

"Third Reich went to one hundred percent whole industry of Czechoslovakia, Belgium, France, powerful industry, the developed industrial regions of western Poland. As a result, by 1941 the industrial potential of the Reich 2.5-3 times higher than that in the industrial potential of the Soviet Union (according to the most conservative estimates — 1.5 times). In fact, the Soviet Union is not at war with Germany, and the combined forces of continental Europe. "

"A great place … the theater of operations, from the white sea to the Dark. And in this space are fighting our German soldiers, and their ranks along with them — the Italians, Finns, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks. Already fit Croats, Spaniards for the campaign. Belgians, Dutch, Danes, Norwegians, French, or even already going to the front, or soon will be collected. "

Hitler's speech October 3, 1941

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

Cursed savages …

Suggest that factor out the background defeats the Red Army in 1941-1942. Was it a betrayal, or it was not, and it was ordinary Russian carelessness, or just Germans waged war better … Or maybe just strength in Europe was more. I am personally of the view that it was a set of circumstances, among which there were all listed and completely anecdotal, when tanks and guns were in the same town, and Ammunition of them — for 300 km — in the other.

But there was another truth, which is in the enlightened civilized Europe was not — namely, Sergeant Nicholas V. Sirotinin, which is associated with a tolerant democratic europeytsev faceless, soulless, ignorant (?) Bomzhik in the cap.

"It was a real hell. The tanks were lit one by one. Infantry, armor to hide behind, lain down. Commanders at a loss and can not understand the source of heavy fire. It seems that a whole battery of pounding. Fire sighting. In the German convoy — 59 tanks, 10's gunners and motorcyclists. And all this power is powerless before the fire Russian. Where did this battery? Intelligence reports that the path is open. The Germans did not know that their way is the only one fighter as a soldier in the field, if he is Russian. "

Lieutenant 4th Armored Division Henfeld wrote in his diary: "July 17, 1941. Falconer, near Krychau. In the evening buried unknown Russian fighter. He was alone at the gun, shot the long column of tanks and infantry, and died. All were amazed at his courage … Oberst (Colonel) in front of the tomb was that if all the men were fighting Hitler, as this Russian, that would capture the whole world. Triple-fired volleys of rifles. All the same it is Russian, there is a need to worship? "

Now, after 71 years old, intelligent M.Ed. popularly explained to us all. It turns out that Comrade Sergeant Sirotinin conducted himself so simply because they do not know that it is very shameful when "associate us with Lenin and reddish star." A Lieutenant Henfeld not even think out that "somewhere along the way on the route," Russian — Russian people — the Russian-speaking "at the time of 22-year lost principal components of Russian identity" and "rehabilitation of the main components of a Russian identity, once on It walked the crowd Bolsheviks, did not happen. "

The fact that Russian waging a war "against the rules", can be read in all the memories of at least some German general. Politically incorrect uncivilized hordes of Asians without evaluating educational goal generous Europeans undemocratic slapped kicks and punches, driven educators in their lair, where he strangled. Well, that'll take them, the barbarians! But could an amicable as Vikings …

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

Yes, yes — that on such and in that way ..

Now, after the advocacy of liberal tolerance graduate theological faculties, I hope everyone understands that specifically because of a fatal nepolitorektnosti and only due to the "loss of Russian self-identity" of the U.S. to the Soviet Union laid the responsibility for World War II — well, not imbued with savages thoughts of tolerance, which , exhausted from the burdens of civilization, pulling on his own shoulders democratic Guard planet, which is very worried about the education of uncivilized peoples.

Modern brave GIs are well aware of these Aryans. They, too, were in their shoes in Russia, and so too upset by barbarism of the local population, that "could not sleep, not even killing someone." In short, the raven crow does not eat dog (do not know how to say the same tolerant).

But they are also young, cheerful, mischievous, persistent Nordic own disposition, because, as they did 70 years ago, willing to democratize nezadorogo any number of "them." Maybe then look specifically and common European values? And now, 70 years ago …

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages

How to carry the Slavic civilization and other savages


No 22 June 1941 did not realize that after all this say Russia May 9, 1945-go, when there was the greatest Background on which one had the legitimate right to kill, and others — to send to death and thousands of millions of people. And after all the killing and were sending! Happily, with a sense of absolute right to such action … Every day — just imagine — to 30 000 people!

Every day for 6 years the population perished small town … Until May 8, 1945 was such a reason, and the 9th she died. Specifically, it seems to me, was the main prerequisite jubilation of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Everything else they have left us. Statistics, analysis of the contradictions, rigorous calculation of the circumstances and reasons to kill one and the other side … As at times it reminds me a Post-match analysis soccer championship …

And then it was easier and more frightening. I think I even realize that they are exactly the ones who removed his hands reason for the mass extermination of people came later. And then there was a satisfaction that can no longer be afraid of being killed themselves, and not to kill more, however rasposlednih scoundrels as these enemies.


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