How to choose a wallpaper

When choosing wallpaper for the apartments must be taken into account many aspects, among which and the dimensions of the room, and the degree of illumination, and its purpose.

How to choose a wallpaper

Apartment or private house is the room where people can move freely, because then you can turn all their imagination. All wallpaper for the walls should be selected in accordance with the style of each room. If you want to buy wallpaper for the living room, then you should know that will be more appropriate wallpaper with huge patterns and even the color of all the colors. Very beautiful and aristocratic look huge wall-sized rooms, which are decorated with stucco. It is recommended to choose wallpaper for the living room, taking into account the color of the furniture, you fundamental subjects of paintings, carpets. Thus, if in your living room a lot of pictures, it is best to choose for this room-colored wallpaper. If you have carpet in the living room, the selected wallpaper should serve as a backdrop for the carpet.

Convenient for the kitchen will be the introduction of vinyl wallpaper, as they differ gidrostoykostyu good, durable. If you have suspended their own choices on the orange, yellow, on the wallpaper with pictures of vegetables or fruit, they will enhance the appetite. Light wallpaper optically widen the room, appropriate sense of open space. To your room was comfortable and comfortable with a positive attitude sense, you need to choose the right combination of colors, comfortable furnishings arrange themselves, to distribute the light, to use the successful design solutions.

Bedroom furniture often pick wallpaper black colors that soothe, relax and make better sleep. Can the brakes on green or purple wallpaper with low-contrast sketch. Very well suited for the bedroom textile wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper, that bear velvet, give your room unique.

In the children's room is better to choose light-colored wallpaper, with joyful sketch made from paper or narrow vinyl.

If your rooms are poorly lit, then in that case it is better to choose light wallpaper warm, sunny colors. If you have a perfectly lit room, it can be wallpapered bluish-greenish-brown palette.

If you decide to wallpaper paste over all the rooms in the apartment, then you need to choose wallpaper with the approximate color palette. When all this is necessary to avoid monotony.

Hallway can elect more black wallpaper, than in the other rooms, because there wallpaper frequently come into contact with the top of the clothes, which is the dust of the streets thronged cars.

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