How to choose right TV

How to choose the right TVAt least some families there is a question as to elect the telly? What should it be? No matter what the family or the child who grew up when away from their parents at first decides to take telly. An old TV set or change to a new more modern, for example, with laptochnogo on the LCD.

The modern world is characterized by the fact that the 1st tele in an apartment is not much, in most cases acquire Tele 2: one for the kitchen, where it can be nice to look at food or cooking, and the other in the living room to enjoy watching movies as a family. Regardless of where located telly he should own near-specific features, such as the kitchen telly in most cases has a small screen and mount shelf or refrigerator. In addition, such a TV set to be shock-resistant, with a special cooling system and over-protected from the water. Because the kitchen is a conglomeration of different vapors, the screen must be coated with a special film that does not allow him to sweat.

To select a TV set in the living room, bedroom, children should focus, first, the size and image quality.

In the vastness of the Web at the moment are a wide number of different options TVs for every taste. On these websites you can find out the technical features, price range, color quality, and many others. All information provided will help you to make choice in favor of one or another tele. On many websites, it is written in a language that will be understood by ordinary consumers do not understand the technical parameters of the TV. Because the question of choice tele would not be as complex and, if you know what to check and how to look.

Selection Rules tele, focusing on the main features

Production technology televisions have stepped too far forward. Analyzing the functionality of the TV can be concluded that they are so diverse that sometimes find advantages and disadvantages tele very difficult.

The market is very wide television producer. According to statistics, there are about 300. The spectrum is also very broad and ranges from 3,000 to several hundred thousand rubles. That is, it is better to choose the right to elect a number of similar models from different manufacturers, and later analyze them explore their technological documentation, ask the seller about the goods.

On our website you can compare several TV models from different manufacturers are not going into their technical characteristics. No web site is not given an exact description of the models, but it is possible to answer the main question — how to choose a TV set? After reading this article you will know what to do when buying a TV set in the store of your town, how to find the right model for you, and more.

To elect telly from a wide model range, you need to determine several important parameters. First you need to choose a place where your TV set will stand and the purpose of its use (introduction of karaoke, watching TV, viewing DVD, home theater, etc.). It is also the place where he will stand (living room, kitchen, children, etc.). Many other fundamental characteristics when choosing a TV set — is the type of TV set, the sound quality of the display, the ability to connect additional equipment.

Useful tips when choosing a TV set

More significant parameter when choosing a TV set is a place to place your television set. From this will depend on several characteristics: the contrast of the screen, ie degree screen illumination (light penetration to the screen), The degree of lighting the screen — this is important when you connect additional equipment being ventilated back cover of the television set, which helps it from overheating.

Subsequent many fundamental parameter — it's kind of a television receiver. At the current time, there are 4 main types of televisions:
• liquid-crystal (LCD, TFT);
• projection;
• Plasma (PDP (Plasma Display Panel) — plasma panel).

Currently intensively used new modern teles with LED backlight. They are fellow teles with LED backlight, because the method of forming images on display in their uniform. In addition, constantly included in the turnover of 3D-TV, which is not based on the formation of images, and the projection of images on the basis of modern monitors. These teles produce a projection and plasma.
These teles among the best in quality output figures and they are all more expensive. To determine the properties of the displayed image is possible even without knowing its technical features is quite easy to include a TV set in a network and have a look. This aspect is quite simple, because you can check it out in the store.

The fundamental consideration before purchasing a TV set needs to be given such features as tele, image format, screen size, vertical frequency. The recommended frequency for Tele is 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz. To determine the type of sound system you need to determine what you'll be connected to a TV set. You must also determine the design and installation location tele.
When buying more than their trust disgusted, not the data sheet or the merchant. After all, with the number of producers bolshennom many characteristics may vary. This is due to the fact that the tests in the art are various criteria, in most cases, in the laboratory. But the fact that the actual performance criteria will be the same. For example, when testing contrast LCD TVs define two methods: static and dynamic. With all this measurable readings will be different.

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